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What are we all playing this weekend?


While E3 2022 is cancelled, NotE3 2022 is starting to take shape and... oh thank god, so far it's looking clustered around one week. For all E3's faults, two years of NotE3 stretching one week of event content across two months was agonising. Please, NotE3 2022, stick to that early/mid-June cluster of the Xbox show and Geoff Keighley's Level Up Megazone. Please, for your old pal Alice. But enough about the future: what are you playing this weekend?

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I started playing Ravenous Devils as kind of a joke but I looked around and suddenly it was 1am. Murdering people, turning them into sausages, and reselling their clothes. It's reduce, reuse, recycle in action! Although it is less fun now I have put tables in my pub. That means I have to take specific orders and it is way easier to just slap a big load of human pies on the counter.

I'd like to finish up the puzzle game that's just Resident Evil 4 inventory Tetris this weekend, rotate those final guns and combine those final herbs. And while my own road bike needs a little maintenance, the Italian three-week race Giro d'Italia started on Friday and usually offers some very pretty scenery to watch (though technically it is going through Hungary right now).

I've been dipping my toes into Age Of Empires 4 lately, which I really bounced off when it launched last year. It makes me want to play Age Of Empires 2 but I figure I should persist and give it a proper chance. My partner and I started playing The Raven: Remastered together last weekend and finished the first episode, so we'll carry on with that too. Oh, and the kids'll probably be pestering to play Kirby some more.

Incredibly, Fortnite's No Build mode will be back on the agenda. Seeing as me and my pals aren't really into Warzone or Apex, Fortnite is filling the battle royale gap right now. I desperately want this skin which is like a blue alien dude with surf shorts on. If not, Naruto will suffice.

Last week, I mentioned that it was time to dive into my backlog. This week, I bought far too many new games on Steam, extending the list massively. Do I regret my purchases? No. Will I play all of them? Absolutely not. I am eager to jump into Deep Rock Galactic Season 2, though, after Ed mentioned that the robots look like killer Toblerone. I don't even remember the last time I ate Toblerone, thinking about it.

Blasting bugs in a Deep Rock Galactic screenshot.
Rock and stone!

A few WAWAPs ago I expressed excitement for an incoming Deep Rock Galactic update, specifically for its dwarf-abducting new robot boss. Sadly, he's turned out to be more aggravating than funny, and there's generally a greater emphasis on the bullet sponge drone enemies that I never liked in the first place. I'm still going to play it, though - the robot stuff is just something I'll learn to dodge while enjoying the rest, like eating around the bruise on a crisp Fuji apple.

As I continue turning my Steam Deck into the ultimate visual novel machine, I think I might finally give Danganronpa a go this weekend. I've had the first and second games of Spike Chunsoft's murder mystery series hanging around in my Steam library for ages, but have never quite felt the urge to play them sitting up at my work desk. Now, though, I have no excuse.

I have NO PLANS this weekend which means precisely two things. 1) I'm going to eat loads of those Kinder chocolate bars until I give myself a tummy ache before 2) crawling into my computer chair to play a load of games. I think I'll restart Monster Hunter Rise on PC, despite rinsing it on Switch last year. Riding around on my Palamute at 60fps sounds like a dream. Also, I'll no doubt find myself donning the ol' Quest 2 to smash through some more of Resident Evil 4 VR's recent Mercenaries update, which is potentially the best thing I've played so far all year. What a game.

This weekend I'll be dipping back into Apex. In preparation for the release of Season 13, my brother and I have started playing it again after a while away. At first we were pretty terrible, all our muscle memory having been leached away by the onward march of time. But then we got a great 14-kill win, which made us feel quite a bit better about ourselves.

Man, I'm so bored of my PS5 already. That's a lie: in just over a week of ownership I've glutted myself on several games I'd been waiting to experience on the platform. I've already double-dipped on Ghostwire: Tokyo and Deathloop, and next I'm eyeing up Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One and/or Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. In other words, I've gone and given myself choice paralysis (not to mention a heaping dose of guilt over all the unfinished games I've left sitting sadly neglected on PC and Switch, just waiting for the shine to wear off my latest technological affair).

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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