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Elden Ring Regal Ancestor Spirit boss fight walkthrough: How to beat the Regal Ancestor Spirit

How to beat the Regal Ancestor Spirit

Want to know how to beat the Regal Ancestor Spirit in Elden Ring? The Regal Ancestor Spirit is the more difficult of the two Ancestor Spirit fights, and the one you’ll need to beat to earn the Regal Ancestor Spirit’s Remembrance and its associated boss weapons. While this is an optional boss, it is one of the most thematically tragic fights in Elden Ring. Like most of the game, it’s worth it just for the experience. Put the wounded beast to rest with this Regal Ancestor Spirit boss fight guide.

Elden Ring Regal Ancestor Spirit boss fight walkthrough

The Regal Ancestor Spirit fight starts off about the same as the regular Ancestor Spirit. However, you may notice the arena is full of adorable spirit critters prancing about. This is a FromSoft game, so those cute little spirit buddies are about to die.

Once you get through about a quarter to half of the Regal Ancestor Spirit’s health bar, the boss will glow an ethereal blue and start absorbing the other spirit animals. This heals the Regal Ancestor and grants it some new attacks you may recognize from Elden Ring’s various forest creatures. These include a front-hoof slam attack, a powerful antler charge, and a more deadly version of the rolling attack used by goats.

All bosses in Elden Ring are easier if you just kill them faster, but this is particularly true of the Regal Ancestor Spirit. It can only use the spirit-absorption healing until all the spirit creatures are gone, but it is entirely possible to just kill the boss after one heal or even faster. Use the tips below to optimize your damage and make this a quick, clean fight.

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How to beat Regal Ancestor Spirit: top tips for success

Here are our top tips for victory in the Regal Ancestor Spirit boss fight.

  1. Stay under the Regal Ancestor Spirit
  2. Aim for the head
  3. Swap magic damage for fire or holy damage

1. Stay under the Regal Ancestor Spirit

Like when fighting dragons, the safest place to be while fighting the Regal Ancestor Spirit is usually directly underneath it. Most of the Regal Ancestor’s close-range attacks involve some forward momentum, and it just seems to have a hard time tracking targets that are below it. If you can stick near its legs, you’ll have an easy time dodging attacks and getting damage in. This also plays into our next tip.

2. Aim for the head

Another similarity to dragons and other beastly monsters in Elden Ring; the Regal Ancestor Spirit’s head is a weak spot. While it can be hard to reach at times, the head is usually close to the ground after attacks and open to a retaliatory strike. This is a simple bit of strategy, but one worth emphasizing. Hit the head as much as possible to deal more damage, cause more poise breaks, and minimize the Ancestor’s opportunities to use spirit-charged attacks. Jumping attacks with the Claw Talisman are particularly potent.

3. Swap magic damage for fire or holy damage

The Regal Ancestor Spirit doesn’t have any massive resistance for immunities to worry about, so any weapon will do. However, it is particularly weak to fire and holy damage, and slightly resistant to magic. If you’re using sorceries try to use physical-damage-based gravity spells or fire spells like Gelmir’s Fury or Roiling Magma instead of Glintstone sorceries. If you’re already playing a faith build, fire incantations and the Blasphemous Blade flat-out melt the Regal Ancestor Spirit and can trivialize the fight.

That’s everything you need to defeat the Regal Ancestor Spirit! Atmospherically, this fight is just gorgeous. Don't stress it too much and enjoy the show. If you’re trying to find the Regal Ancestor Spirit or another optional boss check out our full list of boss locations in Elden Ring. We've also got a guide to the best weapons in Elden Ring and best armor in Elden Ring to help you prepare for the late game.

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