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Get two Razer Halo-branded peripherals for a crazy 75% off at Currys in the UK

A mechanical keyboard and high-end mouse for £57 is ludicrously cheap.

Right, this is a bit of a weird one - a potential misprice at Currys sees two Halo Infinite branded peripherals made by Razer going incredibly cheap. Right now, you can pick up a full-size mechanical keyboard with Halo branding for £32 (was £120!) or a high-end gaming mouse with Halo branding for £20 (was £70).

Two important notes here:

You can only see these prices in the basket and to get the lowest price, use code FNDDGAMING. I ordered both items, just as a kind of trial, and paid £62 for the lot delivered with fancy designated day shipping - you'll pay £57 if you go for the free click-and-collect option.

These are way deeper discounts than we'd ever expect to see, and effectively lower what are usually premium products to bargain basement levels. Neither item is particularly old - Halo Infinite only came out late last year - so I'm clueless as to why these discounts are in force.

The DeathAdder V2 and BlackWidow V3 are strong options in their field, and these Halo Infinite paint schemes are pretty snazzy in a NATO green kind of way. The DeathAdder V2 is a good choice for average to large-ish hands, with a wide stance and quite high-end components. Meanwhile, the BlackWidow V3 is Razer's latest edition of its full-size mechanical keyboard, with clicky mechanical switches that sound great to use (and may potentially annoy your family / flatmates / cats).

a screenshot of a Currys order confirmation
Here's what a successful order screen looks like - although it may well be cancelled later!

In any case, I'm a bit scared this deal will disappear, so I'll post this now and check in with you all later. Let me know if it worked!

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