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Get the best MMO mouse* for £55 after a 45% discount

The Razer Naga Trinity has three side panels, making it three times as good.

The Razer Naga Trinity is a rather brilliant mouse for MMO gamers, or anyone really that likes or needs to have plenty of buttons right under their thumb. The Naga Trinity's key feature is that it comes with three interchangeable side panels, each with a different amount of layout of buttons - so you can have a regular two-button side layout for FPS titles, a seven-button layout for more complex games (MOBAs?) and a 12-button calculator-style layout when things get properly exciting (MMOs). Or you can just figure out which one is your favourite, and keep it on forever more.

The Naga Trinity's UK RRP is £110, but it normally goes for about £70 or £80. Today, it's down to £55 - a nice discount!

Former Hardware Boss (and current Big Boss) Katharine reviewed the Naga Trinity back in 2018, and she found it an entirely agreeable prospect - in fact, the subtitle of the review was 'the holy trinity of gaming mice'. She reckoned it was a great value, given the Naga's flexibility, comfortable shape, relatively light weight, powerful software and overall performance - and I should mention that this glowing review was based on a mouse that was being sold for a full £100, nearly double today's sale price.

Happily, it's not just Katharine that rates the Naga Trinity. It pops up again and again on message boards and best gaming mice guides, with some folks ultimately preferring other mice but basically everyone attesting to its quality. That doesn't happen very often - the world of mice reviews is surprisingly cut-throat and divisive - and speaks to the quality that Razer has crafted here.

So - if you like macro buttons and/or MMOs, then this is the ideal gaming mouse deal. Take a look at some reviews, like the ones linked above, then search your heart - you know it to be true.

*Okay, okay, it's not our current top MMO mouse recommendation - the Razer Kone XP is. But still, it's a damn fine mouse and "a top MMO gaming mouse" sounds a bit clunky for a title, don't you think?

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