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Slitherine are making a new ancient kart racing management game

Plus a sequel to Field Of Glory: Empires

Brutal ancient horseracing game Ancient Arenas: Chariots and grand strategy sequel Field Of Glory: Kingdoms and have been revealed during Slitherine’s Home Of Wargamers stream today. Both games are still a way off from release, but public betas are quickly charging into view for each of them, with one set to arrive in the summer for Ancient Arenas, and one in the autumn for Field Of Glory. Have a watch of their reveal trailers below.

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Ancient Arenas: Chariots is being developed by the original Hard West devs Creative Forge, and looks like it will be a balance of managing your chariot-racing enterprise with racing the death carts themselves. The full Ben Hur experience, then, spread across four classical regions: Rome, Greece, Egypt and Hispania. You can spectate on races or micromanage to your heart’s content, but watch out for the health of your charioteers and horses. You’ll also need to keep their equipment like armour for riders and horses up to code using your blacksmiths too.

Meanwhile, Field Of Glory: Kingdoms is a follow-up to AGEOD’s 2019 medieval grand strategy Field Of Glory: Empires, and it has big Crusader Kings 3 energy. The whole UI and look of the map has been themed around illuminated manuscripts and tapestries this time, brightening up the colours compared to Empires. Slitherine senior producer Neil McKenna said that the way Kingdoms plays will be close to the feel of Empires, but that there’s a new emphasis on religion – mainly the conflicts between Christianity and Islam. The Europe of Kingdoms is split into more than 400 controllable factions at the start, and any smaller faction can unite a larger one, like the whole of France. Slitherine also say it’ll ship with more campaigns and a more rounded tutorial than Empires did.

Watch on YouTube

Other details are still thin on the ground at the moment, but Field Of Glory: Kingdoms and Ancient Arenas: Chariots will both be available on Steam and GOG when they eventually launch.

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