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Gotham Knights shows off Night Wing and Red Hood in latest gameplay trailer

Knighty Knight

I'm not really a superhero guy, but I'd say Batman is my favourite of the bunch. He's gruff and edgy and wears a cape well. He's also dead – in open-world action RPG Gotham Knights, at least. "Gah", was my initial reaction, but that's changed to "Oh well" having seen 13 minutes of new gameplay footage showing Night Wing and Red Hood stick it to some thugs. What about four-player co-op? Nope, sorry; it's confirmed only to be two-player, as that's what Batman would've wanted.

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Yeah, Gotham Knights looks strong! The new gameplay footage flits between superheroes Night Wing and Red Hood as they engage in fisticuffs and do some investigating. Night Wing is the gymnastic one, who bounces between enemies with flips and spin-kicks. Red Hood is the buff one, who shoots people in cool ways and can bound across Gotham's rooftops with strong Crackdown energy.

It seems like Gotham will have plenty of activities to crack on with, as we get a glimpse of a big map and its many markers. Then you've got the RPG side of things, with coloured gear and rarities and suits that make numbers go up, a bit like your Assassin's Creed nowadays. But hey, if they get the gear side of things right, it's a surefire way to reel me in for those rewards.

Gotham is gloomy and gorgeous too, with some lovely lighting. It's particularly noticeable in Night Wing's lair, with shafts of light cutting across the floorboards in a way that can only be described as delectable.

Perhaps the strongest part of the whole video is Night Wing's stealthy raid on an enemy hideout. A Witcher-sense-esque button lets you scan the environment for clues like blood trails and hidden buttons. And while it's not groundbreaking stuff, it works and it's something that I'm a sucker for. The devs also switch to Red Hood's perspective on the level later, and it seems like he's tackled things differently which should appease fans of replayability.

Red Hood fires off a shot as an explosion goes off behind him.

The game looks like it would fit right into Rocksteady's Arkham series, what with its open-world Gotham, and combat where you're pinging between fellas who encircle you. Even just the mixture of combat and investigative stuff too. I suppose it's a lot more RPG, though, with all the stats and numbers popping out of enemies when you hit them. I reckon the mix of RPG and open-world could be great here for Arkham fans looking for added depth.

And finally, the vid clears up the four-player co-op confusion. No, that's not a thing – sorry. The game only supports two-player co-op, after all.

Gotham Knights is due out on October 25th and will be available on Steam. It's also on the way to PlayStation 4 and 5 and Xbox One, Series X and S too. If you need the lowdown on what the heck's going on, our everything we know about Gotham Knights guide has you covered.

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