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Gotham Knights' Denuvo DRM was removed then quickly re-added to Steam version


Around 24 hours ago, Gotham Knights on Steam received its first patch. Among fixes for was various bugs, the game was also updated to remove Denuvo's anti-tamper DRM from the game. Sometimes games remove their DRM after the launch window, but not normally just five days after release, making its removal from Gotham Knights a surprise.

Well, now Denuvo has been re-added.

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The patch notes for the update make no mention of Denuov's removal. Instead, they focus on the fixes to UI and localisation issues, some crashes, and problems with joining co-op partners.

Over on Twitter there was no mention of Denuvo, either. The account did tweet that they are "aware that players on both PC and console have been experiencing performance challenges," and that they were working on "a large patch to improve performance overall".

While Denuvo's inclusion in games is often thought to affect performance, DSO Gaming reported that the version of Gotham Knights without the DRM still suffered from framerate drops at the same in-game locations as the version with it.

Denuvo's re-inclusion in Gotham Knights so soon after it was removed suggests its removal was a mistake, but who knows. WB Games, probably, who I've contacted to ask for clarification.

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