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Gotham Knights headlines Humble’s Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Relief Bundle

The money raised is split between three different organisations

Humble Bundle’s latest is raising money for relief efforts in southern Türkiye and northern Syria due to the earthquakes which have killed over 50,000 people and displaced thousands more. The bundle compiles over 60 games, including some heavy hitters such as Gotham Knights and XCOM 2, alongside some smaller gems like Backbone and Cris Tales. The Earthquake Relief Bundle is available for £25/$30 (or any higher price) until March 8th and all proceeds will be going to charity.

Cover image for YouTube videoGotham Knights - Official Gameplay Launch Trailer

The bundle has already raised over £600,000 for relief efforts, split between three organisations: Direct Relief deploying emergency supplies to healthcare facilities, International Medical Corps providing critical services to affected communities, and Save The Children who are assisting vulnerable children.

Altogether the bundle is worth over $1000/£900, so £25 is a steal. It’s especially tempting because last year’s Gotham Knights is still going for full price on Steam at £50/$60. So, you’re essentially getting the open-world, Bat-filled adventure for half the price, with dozens of other games thrown in for good measure, and all for a great cause.

In her review, AliceB called the detective adventure Backbone “quite possibly the most beautiful game you’ll play this year,” although it’s not all style with this one. There are plenty of other highlights, but I’m interested in checking out the cosy dioramic puzzler Harmony’s Odyssey. There are also a couple of books like the first ten volumes of the comic book series Saga, as well as over 20 games from Turkish teams and creators including Mount & Blade: Warband. My Turkish reading skills are a little dusty, but I still understood the joke behind Stikir - one of the bundled games.

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