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Wordle answer (Tuesday 17 May 2022): Wordle #332 solution and hints

Here's the answer to Wordle #332

A close-up of part of a Wordle grid. The letters spell "what is the answer".
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Looking for the Wordle answer for Tuesday 17 May 2022? No matter what you've got planned for today, there's no better way to start the morning than with a quick Wordle. This puzzle game tasks players with guessing a 5-letter word each and every day, and those who guess fastest get bragging rights until midnight, when a new puzzle drops.

Whether you like the daily challenge or you're just here to figure out the answer so that you can guess correctly on your first try, we've got you covered. In this guide, you'll find 3 clues for today's Wordle solution, along with the Wordle answer if you want to skip the puzzle entirely.

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Wordle hints for Tuesday 17 May 2022

If you're not content with just jumping straight to the answer, we've got some clues that you can peruse to get you on the right path. Below, you'll find 3 helpful hints for today's Wordle solution:

  • The first letter of today's Wordle is "B".
  • There are two vowels in today's solution.
  • The final three letters are a common suffix in English
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Wordle answer for Tuesday 17 May 2022

For some, Wordle is not a relaxing puzzle game. No, for some it is a race. Whoever gets the answer first wins, right? If you really need that win, take a look at today's Wordle answer below.

The answer to today's Wordle is: BEING.

Being. Makes you think, doesn't it? There are lots of things that bring our very being, our existence, into question. Stare up at the night sky for too long, and you might start to wonder whether there are other beings out there. Are they the aliens, or are we? Maybe we're being silly now, eh? It's only Tuesday, no need to get all existential this early in the week. Now that you've got the answer, remember not to spoil it for others. Many enjoy figuring out the solution themselves, so keep this one between us.

That wraps up today's Wordle answer, but you can always spend more time brushing up your Wordle skills. If you want to practice before tomorrow brings another puzzle along, check out our list of the best Wordle starting words. Make sure to also take a look at our list of past Wordle answers to avoid repeating previous Wordle answers in the future.

Use our Wordle Solver tool to help you figure out the answer to any Wordle in moments! Just pop your current guesses in the grid and watch the tool instantly give you all the potential answers.

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