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Apex Legends Saviors update is out now, adding new defensive Legend Newcastle

Plus changes to Apex's latest map, Storm Point

Nothing says "family" more than banding together to slaughter a giant sea creature, then using its corpse as a venue for killing each other repeatedly in your bloodsport tournaments. Yes, Apex Legends' 13th season, Saviors, is now live, bringing with it changes to the Storm Point map, and the newest Legend, Newcastle.

Here, have a trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoApex Legends: Saviors Gameplay Trailer

Newcastle looks to add a refreshing twist of mobility to the standard defensive character template. Rather than placing down static defences, which require allies to reach you to benefit from them, Newcastle can leap to target allies and slam down a defensive wall as he lands. He also has access to a mobile shield wall that moves along with him, and he can revive downed teammates while dragging them out of danger. For full details, be sure to check out our Apex Legends Newcastle guide.

The hollowed-out corpse of the sea creature defeated in the Season 13 Launch Trailer is also now a permanent coastal point of interest on Apex's newest map Storm Point. The largest map yet seen in Apex, Storm Point was always intended by the devs to be an evolving map, which is why it's receiving some love just one season after its release.

The creature's arrival also prompted the emergence of a series of IMC armouries dotted about the map, which provide players with a wave-based PvE minigame during matches in exchange for valuable loot. The doors of these armouries close off while the waves of enemies are released and fought, making it the first minigame in the Apex Games which actively prevents third-partying. Read more about them in Respawn's post about the map changes.

An aerial view of Storm Point, the largest map in Apex Legends, with the Season 13 addition of the Downed Beast point of interest on the beach.

Those are the major headlines of Respawn's Saviors update, but they're far from the only changes. Take a look at the Apex Legends Saviors patch notes for full details. Some highlights include: tier demotions and a new Rookie tier in Ranked; nerfs to all LMGs; a nerf to the Kraber; and a couple of small but powerful buffs to Rampart's abilities.

If you're planning to jump into Apex Legends tonight to view the changes for yourself, you'd best arm yourself first. Check out our guide to the best guns in Apex Legends Season 13, or our Apex Legends tier list of best characters to see how newcomer Newcastle stacks up against the other Legends.

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