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Wordle answer (Monday 9 May 2022): Wordle #324 solution and hints

There are two answers to today's Wordle!

A close-up of part of a Wordle grid. The letters spell "what is the answer".
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Looking for the Wordle answer for Monday 9 May 2022? At times it seems like the entire internet plays Wordle every day. It's a stunning success story, particularly when one considers just how simple this little daily word game actually is.

But today's Wordle is far from simple, with users reporting two different answers. We'll explain everything below, revealing both possible answers to today's Wordle, along with some hints you can take onboard to arrive at the answer yourself.

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Wordle hints for Monday 9 May 2022

Here are some hints to help you on your way to beating today's Wordle:

  • Today's Wordle answer is related to light.
  • The first two letters are a common double-consonant pair.
  • The final letter is "E".

However, due to the confusion around today's multiple possible answers, it might be that the above clues don't apply to your game. In which case, use these hints:

  • Today's Wordle answer is a biological term.
  • The word ends in "S".
  • There are two vowels, neither of which is an "A".
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Wordle answer for Monday 9 May 2022

If you're after today's Wordle answer, look no further. We shall elucidate both the solution words and their meanings just below.

The two answers to today's Wordle are: SHINE or FETUS.

Yes, today's Wordle has two answers. Originally the solution was "fetus" - the name for an unborn animal (including humans). But to avoid association with recent news surrounding the controversy around the rights to abortion in the US, the New York Times changed the answer to "shine".

However, for some users, the update appears not to have taken place. So the result is that some people will get the answer "fetus", and others will get the answer "shine". Bit of a mess, really, but there you go!

Despite all the confusion, as always we ask that you please don't use this newfound knowledge of today's Wordle answer to spoil other players' experiences and fun. Many players like to work the day's solution out for themselves, so don't go spreading the answer(s) around the interwebs for those who haven't yet played the game, or you'll rightly be branded a twit.

If you need some more help beyond using our hints for each day, it's a good idea to check out our Best Wordle starting words guide for good starting word ideas. You can also consult our archive of past Wordle answers to get an idea of how the game works.

Use our Wordle Solver tool to help you figure out the answer to any Wordle in moments! Just pop your current guesses in the grid and watch the tool instantly give you all the potential answers.

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