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V Rising map: Every region in V Rising

Learn about every region on the current V Rising map

Looking for info about the V Rising map? Your opening hours in V Rising might be spent trudging around the Farbane Woods, but the world of Vardoran stretches much farther. If you want to become a powerful vampire in Stunlock Studios new survival MMO, you’ll need to understand the map so that you know where to find key resources.

In this guide, we’ll break down the V Rising map, covering each region that’s currently available in Early Access and what you can expect to find there.

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V Rising map overview

The V Rising map is currently split into five main regions: Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, Cursed Forest, Silverlight Hills, and Hallowed Mountains. Farbane Woods is the largest region and likely the busiest area in terms of player population, as it is the starting area for new players in V Rising. As you progress, you’ll venture further North into the other regions to gather better materials and slay more powerful enemies.

Across every region, you’ll find various points of interest to explore, such as caves, bandit camps, and ruined structures. These are home to specific resources, which you can see by hovering over the locations on your map, but will also house plenty of enemies. Every fight can prove dangerous in V Rising, no matter where you are in the world of Vardoran, so make sure you know how to heal.

If there’s an area that you regularly visit for a resource that you need, consider building your base nearby so that you don’t have to travel really far to get back if you die. Just keep an eye out for other player bases, which are represented by small castle icons across your map.

Below, we’ll break down each of the five regions in V Rising, explaining what makes them unique and what resources you can expect to find.

Full V Rising map, showing all four main regions: Farbane Woods (South), Dunley Farmlands (North), Cursed Forest (northeast), and Silverlight Hills (northwest).

Farbane Woods

  • Notable resources: Animal Hide, Bone, Paper, Coarse Thread, Copper Ore, Whetstone

As mentioned above, Farbane Woods is the starting region in V Rising. This makes it the easiest to survive in for new players, but that doesn’t mean it is without danger. A variety of dangerous fauna and flora roam this wild expanse, with murderous moose, poisonous plants, and other such creatures roaming around looking for a fight. There are also lots of bandit camps scattered around, with their inhabitants ready to leap from the shadows at a moment's notice.

Those shadows are maybe the most noteworthy part of Farbane Woods, as the towering trees provide plenty of shade from harmful rays of sunlight. Your vampiric nature makes the sun a particularly dangerous rival, so the constant cover provided throughout the Farbane Woods make it a safe haven for fledgling thralls to explore. You’ll still need to consciously think about the sun during the day, but you won’t struggle to find shade nearby.

You’ll also uncover a plethora of important early-game resources in the Farbane Woods. The abundance of trees and rocks will provide endless amounts of wood and stone, while frequent copper deposits will allow you to quickly improve your gear score. You’ll also gather plenty of animal hide, bones, and other basic materials that you can refine at various crafting stations. This will allow you to get lots of planks, stone bricks, leather, and other key items that you’ll need to build your first castle.

Two V Rising players on horseback ride past a field of cows.

Dunley Farmlands

  • Notable resources: Iron Ore, Cloth, Sunflowers, Quartz, Wool Thread

As you gain power, you’ll want to use it against new victims. That’s where the people of the Dunley Farmlands come in. Their endless toil has turned the Northern fields into liveable land, with towns, villages, and monasteries dotting this region. They’re guarded by the militia, a troupe of soldiers who stand ready to protect their homes.

While these homesteads may prove easy targets, the main attraction for any vampire visiting the Dunley Farmlands is the large iron mine. This is a heavily fortified stronghold guarded by countless militiamen. However, those who manage to infiltrate the mine can retrieve plenty of iron, which you may use to upgrade your gear score even further.

Since the Dunley Farmlands are known for, well, farming, you'll also find plenty of horses scattered around. You can steal these horses to use as a mount, which will allow you to quickly travel around Vardoran. If you want a horse of your own, take a look at our guide on how to get a horse in V Rising.

V Rising image showing a murky forest with mushrooms growing across the ground

Cursed Forest

  • Notable resources: Ghost Shroom, Ghost Crystal, Ghost Yarn, Spectral Dust

The Cursed Forest lies far to the North past the Dunley Farmlands, but it’s much less hospitable. Between the twisted roots and dark shadows lie cackling witches and wandering corpses that will combine to make your life a lot more difficult. Who said being a vampire is easy? Those brave enough to fight the denizens of the Cursed Forest will find plenty of magical resources that are impossible to get elsewhere, but you’ll need to come prepared.

It’s also worth noting that the current map seems to show a currently inaccessible area stretching down from the Cursed Forest. In a pre-release blog post, Stunlock Studios mentions that they currently have ideas about future content for V Rising, saying that it “could mean adding new places to explore”. This suggests that we may see this location expanded post-launch.

V Rising image showing a stone stairwell rising up to the left towards a large steel statue outside of a temple. Red and orange plants surround the staircase.

Silverlight Hills

  • Notable resources: Silver Ore, Gem Dust, Highland Lotus, Imperial Thread

The Silverlight Hills are far more beautiful than other regions, but just as dangerous. This autumnal landscape is full of life and colour, and home to the largest city in V Rising: Brighthaven. It sounds lovely, but, like everywhere else in V Rising, Brighthaven is steeped in hidden horrors.

Venture out of the city and you’ll find a wealth of resources in the Silverlight Hills, including prominent veins of Silver Ore that you can mine throughout. You can use Silver to produce incredibly powerful weapons, but carrying the ore and ingots around will prove harmful. Vampires are weak to Silver, so make sure you’ve got plenty of healing potions around.

Another key location in the Silverlight Hills is the Fortress of Light, a bastion of the Church of Luminance. There, you can test your mettle against a powerful end-game boss, Solarus, with your new Silver weaponry.

Hallowed Mountains

The Hallowed Mountains are a late-game area found just to the northwest of Farbane Woods. This snowy mountaintop is much smaller than the other regions, but it has a few terrifying bosses that you can fight. They're incredibly difficult, so you'll need to spend a long time preparing, but they should prove a fun challenge for those who've spent dozens of hours powering up their vampire.

Like the Cursed Woods, the devs suggest that we may see the Hallowed Mountains expanded later on in the previously linked dev blog. They state "you might even get the first hints of what’s to come if you visit that little area just northeast of Farbane", indicating that we can expect the Hallowed Mountains to grow in a future update.

That covers everything that we know about the V Rising map. For other useful information, check out our V Rising tips and tricks to get a strong start to your vampire adventure. If you want to use your vampiric powers in combat, take a look at our guide on how to find bosses in V Rising.

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