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How to farm Astrite in Wuthering Waves

Everything you need to know about farming Astrite in Wuthering Waves

A detailed description in the in-game menu of Astrite and what they offer to players in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

Are you looking to farm Astrite in Wuthering Waves? In Kuro Games' open-world RPG Wuthering Waves, Astrite is one of the most important currencies that you'll want to get your hands on. No surprise then that you've stumbled upon this guide, detailing how to farm Astrite in the fastest ways.

Collecting Astrite will ultimately lead you to the crux of the gacha game, banner pulls. Luckily, while you're farming Astrite, you'll also be getting to grips with your Resonator from the combat system including your Intro and Outro Skills, to farming Echoes, to navigating the Waveplates system.

In this guide, we'll answer your key questions about Astrite, including what it is, how it works, and how to farm Astrite as quickly as possible in Wuthering Waves.

What is Astrite?

Astrite is a very important currency in Wuthering Waves because it allows you to buy Tides, converting into both Lustrous Tides and Radiant Tides. Tides is the gacha currency that will buy you banner pulls, unlocking new characters and items. So, if you want to get your hands on the Wuthering Waves' current and next banner, you'll want to first farm yourself some Astrite.

One important thing we'd recommend is to save up your Astrite for limited banners, rather than using them on the standard ones. When the opportunity comes, you don't want to be short of Astrite because you've spent them all already.

Astrite can also be used to buy Waveplates, but given that Waveplates regenerate over time, we'd highly recommend waiting for more Waveplates, rather than wasting your hard-earned Astrite on them. Patience you must have.

A character in Wuthering Waves stands on a rock after defeating an enemy with the text box saying items obtained and the Astrite symbol featured inside a box below it.
Farming Astrite is key for getting more banner pulls in Wuthering Waves. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

How to farm Astrite in Wuthering Waves

There's a variety of things you can do within Wuthering Waves to get Astrite; ranging from easy to hard. One simple way to farm Astrite is by completing your daily Activity Quests. They renew daily (as you may have surmised), and everyday you have the opportunity to complete them and earn up to 60 Astrite. In fact, completing daily, weekly, or monthly Guidebook missions all reward you with Astrite. Plus, these quests also reward you 2000 Union EXP, meaning you can gain Union Level fast too through daily Activities.

In fact, focusing on raising your Union Level is another way to farm Astrite. As you work your way up in levels, you'll be rewarded with rare items and character options, but you'll also receive a whole load of Astrite when you reach level 45.

Next up, exploration. In Jinzhou, there is a Pioneer Association that rewards you for exploring different regions of the map. The more you explore, the higher the reward of Astrite you'll receive, with level 10 gifting you 500 Astrite.

As you explore, you'll also come across supply chests. When you open these chests, there's a chance they'll have Astrite in for you to collect.

Other ways to farm Astrite include:

  • Complete Main Quests and Side Quests
  • Redeem codes
  • Open in-game mail
  • Defeat bosses for the first time
  • Complete events
  • Search for Tidal Heritages
  • Complete tutorials and clearing character trials
  • Unlock and collect trophies
  • Activate Resonance Nexuses and Beacons
  • Collect Sonance Caskets and hand them in
  • Kill Blobflies
  • Open Level Bundles in the in-game store
  • Complete stages of the Pioneer Podcast
  • Buying the premium Pioneer Podcast
  • Buy Lunite
  • Complete Tower of Adversity challenges
  • Complete Depths of Illusive Realm challenges

There's clearly a wide range of activities you can do to farm Astrite in Wuthering Waves, but figuring out how best to use your time is something you'll need to think about. When you're not busy Astrite farming, you might want to spend some time looking over our Echoes tier list to further build your Resonator team.

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