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Wuthering Waves: Waveplates system explained

Here's how to use the renewable Waveplates system in Wuthering Waves

A detailed description in the in-game menu of Waveplates in Wuthering Waves and an image to accompany the item.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

Wondering what Waveplates are in Wuthering Waves? In-keeping with the gacha genre, Wuthering Waves runs a rechargeable energy system for players, similar to your Trailblaze Level in Honkai: Star Rail. Your chosen Resonator has a daily limit to spend, with a max limit of 240.

To keep your grinding in check, but also work towards a steady progression, it's important to understand the Waveplate system by making sure you use your daily energy every day by converting it into rewards. Here's everything you need to know on Waveplates.

What are Waveplates in Wuthering Waves?

As mentioned, Waveplates are an energy-like consumable in Wuthering Waves that can be spent on rewards. With a daily max limit of 240 Waveplates, the game regenerates 1 Waveplate every 6 minutes.

While it takes 24 hours to regenerate your full Waveplates capacity, there are other ways to restore Waveplates that don't require just waiting around. We'll jump into more on that below.

How to use Waveplates in Wuthering Waves

The other important thing to know about Waveplates is how to use them. For this, there's two different things you can do along your main quest journey.

Firstly, you can spend 40 Waveplates to carry out Simulation Training in Jinzhou city. In successful training sessions, you can earn Resonance Potions, Shell Credits, and Energy Cores, by selecting specific Simulation Training that rewards such things. Costing 40 a day means you can do this six times a day, if you wish.

Or, you can spend 60 Waveplates by challenging the Tacet Field (world bosses). For this, you'll be rewarded with more materials and the opportunity to level up when battling, defeating, and cleaning up the Tacet Field. There's four world bosses in total, and while at 60 Waveplates a boss, you could battle all four, they're separated by element. If you're leveling up and focusing on a specific element with your Resonator, then defeating the bosses with the same element as you is a way of gathering relevant materials.

It's worth noting that some bosses need to be unlocked by carrying out additional quests, if you haven't unlocked them already. Also, some bosses won't let you fight them more than three times a day. So, you can always use your fourth chance on another boss with another Resonator.

A text box in the in-game menu shows how to replenish Waveplates in Wuthering Waves.
Quickly replenishing your Waveplates comes at a cost, and we'd recommend against it. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

How to regenerate Waveplates

We mentioned earlier that outside of just waiting for time to pass to regenerate Waveplates, there are also other things you can do within Wuthering Waves to get them.

Firstly, you can consume Crystal Solvents. To do this, either consume it directly from your backpack, or interact with the plus sign next to your Waveplate count. This will instantly restore 60 Waveplates (enough to take on a Tacet Field). To gain Crystal Solvents, you'll need to redeem gift codes or complete the Pioneer Podcast missions.

You can also spend Astrites, using 60 Astrites to gain 60 Waveplates. But, we'd recommend saving both your Crystal Solvents and especially your Astrites for higher levels and other things. For Astrites, being a rare and extremely valuable item, you're better off using them to buy Tides to get banner pulls.

So, when it comes to regenerating your Waveplates, you'll really just want to focus on waiting, logging in at least once a day, and spending your Waveplates wisely.

That's everything there is to know on Waveplates in Wuthering Waves. If you're focusing on spending your Waveplates in Tacet Fields, then learning how to use the use it alongside the Echo system to farm Echoes and collect the 50+ Echoes in Wuthering Waves is a great idea.

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