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How to defeat Feilian Beringal in Wuthering Waves

Slay the massive mutated monkey and enjoy the rewards

Feilian Beringal stands in the middle of a grassy area waiting to attack Rover in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

Want to defeat Feilian Beringal in Wuthering Waves? There's multiple World Bosses to defeat in Wuthering Waves, each one daunting and ferocious in its own way. For Feilian Beringal, it's the strength of this terrifying mutated ape that will be sure to challenge you. But don't worry, there's plenty of tips and tricks below to defeat Feilian Beringal and absorb its Echo.

You can take on World Bosses time and time again, so alongside Feilian Beringal, you might also want to work out how to defeat Tempest Mephis or Impermanence Heron to build your collection of Echos and take advantage of their Echo Abilities. For now, let's focus on some monkey mayhem.

Where to find Feilian Beringal in Wuthering Waves

To find Feilian Beringal, you'll need to head to the Giant Banyan, in the Dim Forest region. To locate it, you'll want to open your Map and head to the most southern part. As with any of the World Bosses, such as Lampylumen Myriad or Crownless, their location is symbolized by a Boss marker. For Feilian Beringal, this is at the center of the Giant Banyan.

The Map in Wuthering Waves shows a Boss marker for Feilian Beringal in the center of the Giant Banyan.
You'll locate Feilian Beringal in the middle of the Giant Banyan. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

Beware, when approaching the area where Feilian Beringal resides, you'll notice a status effect, known as Toxic Gas. If you're exposed to the Toxic Gas for too long, you will start to take damage. So, move swiftly. You'll find an opening under the enormous tree situated near the Resonance Beacon that'll lead you to Feilian Beringal and start your battle.

How to defeat Feilian Beringal in Wuthering Waves

Feilian Beringal is a formidable beast. He'll plough you down with heavy attacks featuring a combination of swipes, kicks, jumps, and rolls. Before we get into the other tips and tricks for defeating him, you'll need to know one of the most important things - do not take an Aero Resonator into battle against him. While he's not immune to any attribute, he is certainly resistant to Aero. So, if you want to find any advantage you can in the fight, check out our Resonator list to establish which characters you might want to avoid.

As with any of the World Boss battles, the combat is fast-paced. Feilian Beringal will often swing his left arm and appear to be facing away from you. Beware though, he'll come swinging in with his right arm immediately after. What you'll want to do is wait, dodge, and plan well-timed counterattacks when he stops moving following these two swipes.

Feilian Beringal pulls back his enormous fist ready to unleash an attack on Rover stood in front of him.
Feilian Beringal may be slow, but his strikes are mighty. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

Another one of Feilian Beringal's moves is some quite aggressive jump attacks. While they can cause significant damage if you don't dodge out of the way, if you let him land, he'll land heavily and sometimes slip. When he's downed on the ground, unleash your attacks.

Dodge and parry are your friends. Don't try to be a hero, the Feilian Beringal is large and his attacks can be devastating for your team. For example, the lunge and grab. All of a sudden, you'll see him lean back and outreach his arms. If he manages to grab you, he'll keep hold of you and slam you into the ground. For this, as we suggested, dodge and parry to your heart's content… or, at least when it's time to.

Every single time he attacks, be prepared. He'll slam the ground and send out shockwaves, he'll jump around aggressively, and he'll try and grab and swipe at you. To defeat Feilian Beringal then, you must continue to dodge. Then, wait for your moment, and attack. He's a slow World Boss and he'll give you plenty of opportunity to do so. Just don't try and do it while he's also about to unleash an attack. Often, you won't be able to counterattack or parry. Just wait and he'll give you the chance.

Reward for defeating Feilian Beringal in Wuthering Waves

Every time you defeat Feilian Beringal you'll receive the following rewards when you consume 60 Waveplates:

  • Intimacy
  • Medium Energy Core
  • Medium Resonance Potion
  • Medium Sealed Tube
  • Roaring Rock Fist
  • Shell Credit
  • 450 Union EXP

If this is the first time you've defeated Feilian Beringal, or for any World Boss, you'll also receive the following additional rewards:

  • Advanced Energy Core
  • Advanced Resonance Potion
  • 20 Astrite
  • 12,000 Shell Credit
  • 500 Union EXP

That's everything there is to know about defeating Feilian Beringal. If you're farming rewards, you can fight any of the World Bosses over and over again. They'll respawn after a minute, so you don't even need to wait long. Once you beat Feilian Beringal, you'll be able to absorb its Echo into your Echo Terminal and level up your Data Bank. All great achievements in the world of Wuthering Waves.

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