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How to defeat Impermanence Heron in Wuthering Waves

Take down the three-headed bird as fast as possible

A screenshot from Wuthering Waves showing the Impermanence Heron boss.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

Wondering how to beat the Impermanence Heron boss in Wuthering Waves? Located in Desorock Highland's Camp Overwatch, the Impermanence Heron is a three-headed Havoc bird that's likely one of the first bosses you'll take on in Wuthering Waves. It's definitely an easier boss to get the hang of, but if you're underprepared or unfamiliar with its attack patterns, it can be a tricky fight.

Whether you're taking on the boss for the first time or just trying to deal the most damage possible to set your new record, there are a few strategies worth getting the hang of to defeat the Impermanence Heron. In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about the Impermanence Heron boss in Wuthering Waves, including where to find it, how to fight it, and what loot it'll get you.

Where to find Impermanence Heron in Wuthering Waves

You won't be able to find the Impermanence Heron until you've hit Union Level 10, which increases your SOL3 world level and causes many of the game's bosses to show up on the map.

Once you've unlocked it, you can find the Impermanence Heron boss in Camp Overwatch. To get there, your best bet is teleporting to the Resonance Beacon to the right of Camp Overwatch, which conveniently overlooks the boss. If you're heading in from the beacon to the left instead, it's worth noting that you'll spawn in on top of a large cliff that the Impermanence Heron is under, making it a much longer trip despite its seemingly equal distance on the map.

A screenshot from Wuthering Waves showing the location of Impermanence Heron on the map.
Here's the exact location of the Impermanence Heron boss in Wuthering Waves. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

How to fight Impermanence Heron in Wuthering Waves

First up, you'll want to note that the Impermanence Heron is a Havoc boss, which means it'll both use this attribute against you and be pretty resistant to it. To do the most damage possible, you'll want to avoid having any Havoc users on your team. Like most of the game's other bosses, however, it's not weak to any specific attribute, so any team composition should do the job (as long as you've leveled your characters enough!).

Once you've started the fight, paying attention to where the Impermanence Heron is will be key. When it flies, this normally means it's about to use a ranged or swoop attack that can be countered by attacking when the circles overlap. It's also worth having at least one team member with ranged attacks (or a pistol) to hit the boss as it flies away.

Some of its attacks are quick and harder to parry or just won't give you an opportunity to parry at all, so it's best to dodge these. You'll also want to try your best to outrun the heron's pull attacks, which will move you closer to the boss, by sprinting in the opposite direction.

You can luckily land a few hits whenever the heron is walking across the battlefield. Attacking it repeatedly will eventually wear down its white Vibration Strength bar, opening up a crucial window for you to use your team's best attacks and efficiently deplete its main HP bar.

Impermanence Heron rewards in Wuthering Waves

Beating Impermanence Heron for the first time will net you a bonus of:

  • 500 Union EXP
  • 20 Astrite
  • 1 Advanced Resonance Potion
  • 1 Advanced Energy Core
  • 12,000 Shell Credits

After that, you can redeem 60 Waveplates for a chance to get the following rewards, the quantity and quality of which will scale based on your SOL3 world level:

  • 450 Union EXP
  • Gold-Dissolving Feather
  • Medium Resonance Potion
  • Medium Energy Core
  • Medium Sealed Tube
  • Intimacy
  • Shell Credits

You can also absorb the Impermanence Heron Echo, which gives you access to a flame-spitting Havoc attack that also restores your character's Resonance Energy. This is a great fit for any character whose Resonance Liberation (or burst) you want to use more often.

That's all the tips we've got on beating the Impermanence Heron! Looking for more tips on getting the most out of your Wuthering Waves playtime? Master the game's gacha system with our next banner and pity system guides, or learn how to farm Echoes here.

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