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How to defeat Mourning Aix in Wuthering Waves

This Spectro Echo isn't the trickiest World Boss, but you still need skills

Rover glides into battle with Mourning Aix, one of the World Bosses in Wuthering Waves, stood in the middle of water.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

Want to defeat Mourning Aix in Wuthering Waves? Amidst the nine World Bosses in Wuthering Waves is Mourning Aix, a 4-Cost Overlord Echo with a specialty in dealing Spectro damage to its enemies. In flashes of light and flurries of aggressive attacks, Mourning Aix is quite the competitor in battle.

Have no fear though, there's plenty of tips and tricks to read about below before you face your own battle with Mourning Aix. While we've rated Mourning Aix as a B-tier Echo on our Echoes tier list, it's still a worthy addition to your team. So, onwards to defeating it and reaping the rewards.

Where to find Mourning Aix in Wuthering Waves

To find Mourning Aix, you'll need to head to the Whining Aix's Mire. To locate it, you'll want to open your Map and head to the southernmost part of Huanglong, near the Fallen Grave. As with any of the World Bosses, such as Lampylumen Myriad or Crownless, their location is symbolized by a Boss marker and utilizing fast travel will get you their the quickest.

The Map in Wuthering Waves shows a Boss marker for Mourning Aix in the Whining Aix’s Mire.
You'll find Mourning Aix lying in wait in a canyon in Whining Aix's Mire. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

When approaching the area where you'll find Mourning Aix, you'll need to avoid the storm, shown as a swirling vortex on your Map. Once you're nearby, you'll have to glide down into the canyon where Mourning Aix is waiting for you. Battle will automatically begin when you get close enough.

How to defeat Mourning Aix in Wuthering Waves

As an Echo dealing Spectro damage, it'd be wise not to take a Spectro Resonator into battle as Mourning Aix is resistant to Spectro attacks. For example, your starting character, Rover is Spectro so you'd be wise to pick another. To establish the best character to use, check out our Resonator list for suggestions such as Chixia or Yangyang.

You'll quickly notice that the majority of Mourning Aix's attacks are forward-facing with a fairly narrow range. So, you'd be smart to sneak up, or at least stay, behind it, as well as using your dodge attacks and counter attacks to move to the side and plan your return move.

While Mourning Aix operates in flurries and flashes of light-filled attacks, there's a certain beam that the Mourning Aix will make when it's readying to unleash a specific attack. When you begin to notice this concentrated glow, you can prepare to dodge the attack as soon as it's unleashed.

Mourning Aix encompasses Rover with a devastating attack in Wuthering Waves that brings hit markers up around the player.
Mourning Aix is resistant to Spectro damage, so choose your team wisely. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

On the subject of dodging attacks, unlike a lot of the World Bosses available to fight in Wuthering Waves, parrying isn't a great choice for taking on Mourning Aix. You should instead stick to dodges and utilizing your Intro and Outro Skills. Mourning Aix, like Feilian Beringal, is a fairly slow moving Boss, so timing your attacks and making sure you avoid standing directly in front of it is your best bet.

The Mourning Aix you take on in the canyon is a Lamenting Shadow. If you've decided to take on the Tactical Hologram Challenge in a bid to obtain even richer reward, Mourning Aix possesses a wider range of more aggressive attacks. For this, you'll need to plan even better timed attacks, dodges, and parries, because you'll be severely punished for your efforts if you get your timing wrong.

Reward for defeating Mourning Aix in Wuthering Waves

Every time you defeat Mourning Aix you'll receive the following rewards:

  • Elegy Tacet Core
  • Intimacy
  • Medium Energy Core
  • Medium Resonance Potion
  • Medium Sealed Tube
  • Shell Credit
  • 450 Union EXP

If this is the first time you've defeated Mourning Aix, or for any World Boss, you'll also receive the following additional rewards:

  • Advanced Energy Core
  • Advanced Resonance Potion
  • 20 Astrite
  • 12,000 Shell Credit
  • 500 Union EXP

That's everything there is to know about defeating Mourning Aix. While Mourning Aix isn't one of the hardest World Bosses you'll come against, you still need to be prepared. And defeating Mourning Aix means more rewards with currencies to spend, leveling up of your Echo Terminal and Data Bank, and ample items to use at the Synthesizer. All great additions to your arsenal in Wuthering Waves.

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