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Wuthering Waves: Tactical Hologram Challenges explained

What you'll find in all 4 different modes

The main Rover character (both female and male) in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: Kuro Games

Wondering how Tactical Hologram challenges work in Wuthering Waves? Tactical Holograms are optional challenges hidden throughout the world of Solaris-3 in Wuthering Waves. Interacting with these holograms will initiate some type of challenge, whether it's a parkour course, a set of targets to hit, or a massively challenging boss. Completing these will grant you access to a chest with a handful of Union EXP and usually some Astrite, Shell Credits, Wood-textured Shards, and even weapons, making them a relatively straightforward way to get these resources if you're at a standstill in the game's story.

There are four main different types of Tactical Holograms that you'll encounter, with some being available right off the bat and others taking a bit of effort to unlock. In this guide, we've explained how to find each type of Tactical Hologram as well as what challenges and rewards they'll contain.

Tactical Hologram: Challenge

Challenge Tactical Holograms are marked by holograms of purple sword icons you'll find throughout the world. Interacting with these will summon a set of enemies that you'll usually need to defeat within a given time limit. They look like holograms, but they'll do a decent amount of damage like their typical counterparts, so make sure you're properly leveled before taking on one of these.

Tactical Hologram: Overdash

Indicated by a purple running icon, Overdash challenges are movement-based challenges. There are a few different types, but some include reaching the top of a building without climbing, making your way to a finish line without touching pavement, collecting a certain amount of Target Points, and reaching a goal on a parkour course while collecting different types of tokens. Some of these have time limits, while others don't.

In most of these challenges, you'll run into movement modules that'll impact the way your character moves. Running over a Module: Jump (a white circle on the ground) will make your character jump, stepping on the Module: Speed (arrows on the ground) will propel your character in the direction of the arrows, and entering the Module: Slow (a darker, foggy-looking circular field) will reduce movement speed and consume stamina.

Tactical Hologram: Detonate

Detonate challenges are marked with a purple icon that looks like a target. Once these holograms are activated, a set of targets is summoned and you're given an explosive ball to throw at them. To beat these challenges, you'll have to destroy every target with your newfound explosive powers (or just with your usual attacks) within the time limit.

Tactical Hologram: Calamity

Tactical Hologram: Calamity is a type of Tactical Hologram that's a lot more difficult and considered more of an endgame mode — you won't find these until you've hit Union Level 27. Instead of the usual small purple hologram, these challenges are indicated by massive blue holograms representing their respective bosses.

These are boss fights that get progressively more difficult — each boss has six difficulty levels and different abilities from its non-Calamity counterpart, and the later difficulties will really begin putting your characters' builds to the test. After beating Tactical Hologram: Calamity bosses, you'll earn a set of rewards that's completely different from other Tactical Hologram challenges, including the boss' Echo and Data Sets to exchange in the Shop's Simulation Training Store.

Need to beef up your team before taking on a harder Tactical Hologram challenge? Head to our Resonator leveling guide or Echo Terminal guide. Or, if you're wondering how to make it to the next hologram, read our guide on fast travel.

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