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Wuthering Waves: How to gain Union EXP and Union Level fast

All the best ways to earn Union EXP and increase your Union Level in Wuthering Waves

A close-up of Yangyang in Wuthering Waves, with a city in Solaris-3 in the background.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

Looking to find out how you gain Union EXP and Union Level fast in Wuthering Waves? Increasing your Union Experience (EXP) and Union Level in Wuthering Waves is how you unlock the full potential of the game. Your Union Level is the progression system in Wuthering Waves, and the only way to increase your level is to gain Union EXP.

In Kuro Games' epic open-world gacha RPG, players are keen to progress quickly. Fortunately, there's plenty of ways to gain that all-important Union EXP. Here are the best ways to gain Union EXP fast and, in turn, increase your Union Level as quickly as possible.

What is Union Level and Union EXP in Wuthering Waves?

Your Union Level in Wuthering Waves is the game's progression system. By increasing your Union Level, you'll unlock new features, items, and quests. You'll notice your Union Level affects your gameplay from the very beginning and that continues throughout, especially as it also increases your SOL3 Phase, which is the World Level.

Your SOL3 Level is the level of difficulty that you experience the whole world. As you increase your Union Level, at every 10 levels, your SOL3 World Level will become harder, meaning more challenging enemies. But, as a result, you gain more impressive rewards such as rarer echoes to collect from our list of all the echoes in Wuthering Waves.

As you progress your Union Level, you will also unlock different rewards during in-game events. Wuthering Waves' permanent Awakening Journey event gives you rewards based on your Union Level. So, when you reach level 5, 15, 25, 35, or 45, you'll be able to claim an impressive 1,600 astrite and 40 standard Banner pulls on the Wuthering Waves 1.0 Banners.

You have to spend Astrite, the in-game currency, to pull on Banners. Luckily, you'll also earn lots of astrite every time you increase your Union Level. You can spend astrite in the in-game shop buying Tides that will allow you to pull Banners for new characters and weapons.

Two Wuthering Waves characters stand facing a dragon-like beast rising from a large tower, emitting a purple light which covers the entire scene.
Completing quests, particularly Main Quests, is a great way to earn Union EXP quickly. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

How to gain Union EXP fast in Wuthering Waves

Union EXP is primarily earned through completing in-game activities, such as quests and events, as well as spending Waveplates, the game's stamina system, and more.

Complete quests

The more quests you complete, the more Union EXP you'll get. In Wuthering Waves, there's an assortment of quests you can carry out including:

  • Main Quests
  • Companion Quests
  • Side Quests
  • Exploration Quests
  • Activities

The main quest will grant you the most substantial EXP, so if you're trying to level up fast, playing through the main quest is your best option. Companion quests are your second best option, and the other three options earn you less Union EXP, but do still earn you some.

Complete tacet fields or simulations

Target and defeat bosses in tacet fields or simulations around Wuthering Waves to gain lots of Union EXP. You can then spend your Waveplates to receive even more rewards.

Explore the open-world

Wuthering Waves' world is expansive and full of surprises. As you traverse the landscape either by foot, by the glider unlocked in the first few minutes of the main quest, by grappling, or by climbing, your exploration will be rewarded with Union EXP. On your travels, you'll stumble upon puzzles, hidden treasures, crafting items, and trials, all of which will help you gain Union EXP fast.

That's everything we know so far on gaining Union EXP and Union Level fast in Wuthering Waves. In such an expansive world, there's a lot to figure out. Luckily, we've got a complete list of all the Resonators and their attributes, as well as a Resonator tier list to use alongside it. The best way to level up in Wuthering Waves is to be as clued up as possible.

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