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How to defeat Thundering Mephis in Wuthering Waves

Another Electro boss, another good Electro Echo

Wondering how to beat the Thundering Mephis boss in Wuthering Waves? Guarding the Withering Frontline in Wuthering Waves' Desorock Highland, the Thundering Mephis is an Electro boss similar to the nearby Tempest Mephis. The Thundering Mephis teleports frequently, though, making it a harder boss to predict. However, if you know what's in store after it teleports, you can easily avoid its attacks and get its HP bar down efficiently to grab its powerful Echo.

In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about the Thundering Mephis boss in Wuthering Waves, including where to find it, how to fight it, and what loot it'll get you.

Where to find Thundering Mephis in Wuthering Waves

Before you head to Withering Frontline to take on the Thundering Mephis, take note of your Union Level — this boss won't show up until you've hit Union Level 10.

Once you've met this prerequisite, you can get to the Thundering Mephis quickly by teleporting to the Resonance Beacon to the bottom left of Withering Frontline in Desorock Highland. From there, fly down to the northeast until you've found the boss.

A screenshot from Wuthering Waves showing the Thundering Mephis' location on the map.

How to fight Thundering Mephis in Wuthering Waves

First, you'll want to note that Thundering Mephis is an Electro boss, meaning it'll both deal Electro damage and be resistant to your team's own Electro damage. It's best to avoid having Electro Resonators on your team at all because of this.

Once you've prepared your team, head down to the battlefield to start the fight. The Thundering Mephis teleports around the arena a lot, making it hard to track. However, it usually turns transparent and flashes before teleporting, so when you notice this, you can prepare for a melee attack. Usually, when it teleports toward you, it'll charge attacks that you can parry by hitting when the circle indicators overlap.

The Thundering Mephis also has a few other attacks that are worth keeping an eye out for so you can dodge them at the right time. It'll fling lightning that quickly creeps across the battlefield toward you. Whenever you notice this, dodge the lightning in time. Also, when its eyes flash red, it's about to unleash a combo slash attack. Back up when it does this!

You can luckily find helpful windows to attack after the boss uses these abilities as well as when it walks across the map for a few seconds at a time. These windows also double as good moments for safely healing (depending on what your chosen method of healing is), which you'll likely need a bit of when fighting the Thundering Mephis.

Like other bosses in Wuthering Waves, you'll want to focus on getting its Vibration Strength bar (the white shield bar under its HP bar) down to temporarily immobilize the boss. Once it's down, use your most powerful attacks, including your Resonance Liberation and Intro/Outro skills, to deal as much damage as possible within this small window.

Thundering Mephis rewards in Wuthering Waves

Beating Thundering Mephis for the first time will net you a bonus of:

  • 500 Union EXP
  • 20 Astrite
  • 1 Advanced Resonance Potion
  • 1 Advanced Energy Core
  • 12,000 Shell Credits

After that, you can redeem 60 Waveplates for a chance to get the following rewards, the quantity and quality of which will scale based on your SOL3 world level:

  • 450 Union EXP
  • Thundering Tacet Core
  • Medium Resonance Potion
  • Medium Energy Core
  • Medium Sealed Tube
  • Intimacy
  • Shell Credits

You can also (of course) absorb the Electro Thundering Mephis Echo, which does Electro damage while increasing its Resonator's Electro damage and Resonance Liberation damage stats. This is a great fit for any Electro DPS character, like Calcharo or Yinlin.

Done fighting the Thundering Mephis? We've got guides for the rest of Wuthering Waves' bosses, including Mourning Aix, Feilian Beringal, and Mech Abomination.

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