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Wuthering Waves Chixia best build

The best weapon, Echoes, and team for Chixia

Chixia's character sheet from Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: Kuro Games

Wondering how to build Chixia in Wuthering Waves? Chixia is a patroller from Huanglong who you'll meet right when you wake up in Wuthering Waves' world of Solaris-3 (and who will join your team shortly after for free). This Fusion Pistol user isn't considered one of the best characters in the game, but her guaranteed availability right away makes her a great DPS option to lead your first team while you hold out for stronger Resonators.

In this guide, we'll explain everything you should know about Chixia, including her best build, her skills, and how to use her on your team.

Wuthering Waves best Chixia build

  • Best weapon: Static Mist or Thunderbolt
    • Static Mist is a 5-star Pistol that's great for ensuring that Chixia's attacks crit more often and increasing her Energy Regen. However, since Chixia is best for early game players, it's likely you won't have Static Mist. In that case, Thunderbolt is a great 4-star alternative that can increase your Resonance Skill DMG Bonus stat by 7% up to 3 times upon landing hits with Basic or Heavy Attacks, which you'll be using a lot with Chixia.
  • Best main Echo: Inferno Rider
    • Tailor-made for Fusion DPS characters like Chixia, the Inferno Rider echo will let you deal consecutive strikes that deal Fusion DMG, all while increasing your current character's Fusion and Basic Attack DMG. This is hands down your best bet for Chixia!
  • Best Echo Sonata Effect: Molten Rift
    • Since she's a Fusion DPS, you'll want to increase Chixia's Fusion DMG stat as much as possible, and Molten Rift is the best way to do this. As a set of 5, this effect will increase Fusion DMG by 30% after using your Resonance Skill, which will help Chixia do consistently high damage for a decent period of time. Because of this, pairing this Sonata Effect with others isn't recommended — your best bet is just focusing on Molten Rift.
  • Best teammates: Rover, Baizhi
    • Chixia is best used as a main DPS character early in your playthrough. At this point, you likely won't have a diverse set of Resonators to choose from, so pairing her with Rover as a sub DPS and Baizhi as a support character is a great team, as you'll unlock all of these characters through the main story. Later on, replacing Baizhi for the 5-star Verina and swapping Rover out for another sub DPS like Sanhua or Taoqi can be a good way to utilize Chixia within a more premium team.

Chixia skills in Wuthering Waves

Chixia active skills

Chixia has access to the following active skills:

Skill Type Name Effect
Basic Attack POW POW Chixia fires up to 4 consecutive shots which deal Fusion DMG. Using Heavy Attack enters her aim mode and gives way to a more powerful shot. Charging this fully deals Fusion DMG. Using her Mid-air Attack consumes Stamina to attack with shots that deal Fusion DMG in mid-air. Additionally, using her Basic Attack after a successful Dodge deals Fusion DMG to the target.
Resonance Skill Whizzing Fight Spirit Chixia shoots a flurry of shots which deal Fusion DMG.
Resonance Liberation Blazing Flames Chixia quickly shoots all nearby enemies, dealing Fusion DMG.
Intro Skill Grand Entrance Chixia fires rapidly with two pistols, dealing Fusion DMG to a target.
Outro Skill Leaping Flames Chixia releases a shockwave around the target, dealing Fusion DMG (that scales based on Chixia's ATK stat) to enemies within the area.

Chixia passive skills

Chixia has the following passive skills in her roster:

Skill Type Name Effect
Forte Circuit Heroic Bullets Chixia can hold up to 60 Thermobaric Bullets, which are gained by using landing her Normal Attacks, Intro Skill, and Resonance Skill. Her Scorching Magazine skill can also increase the max Thermobaric Bullets by 10. Holding Whizzing Fight Spirit enters the DAKA DAKA! state where Chixia consumes Thermobaric Bullets to deal Fusion DMG. Basic Attack can cast Basic Attack 4, which deals Fusion DMG and ends DAKA DAKA!. If 30 Thermobaric Bullets have been fired when her Basic Attack is activated, she casts her Resonance Skill and terminates this mode. She will also end this mode when she runs out of Thermobaric Bullets. Additionally, she will deal Fusion DMG when using her Resonance Skill.
Inherent Skill Scorching Magazine Chixia's max Thermobaric Bullets is increased by 10, and the damage done by her Resonance Skill is increased by 50%.
Inherent Skill Numbingly Spicy! Each Thermobaric Bullet that hits a target during Chixia's DAKA DAKA! mode increases her attack stat by 1% for 10 seconds. This can stack up to 30 times.

Chixia Resonance Chain skills

Pulling multiples of Chixia will let you unlock nodes on her Resonance Chain, which will give you access to the following skills and buffs:

Resonance Chain Node Name Effect
Node One No.1 Hero Play Fan Chixia's Resonance Skill always lands a critical hit.
Node Two Leaping Sparkles Chixia recovers 5 Resonance Energy every time a target is defeated during her Resonance Liberation. This can happen up to 4 times during each Resonance Liberation.
Node Three Eternal Flames Chixia's Resonance Liberation deals 40% more damage to targets whose HP is below 50%.
Node Four Hero's Ultimate Move Chixia's Resonance Liberation grants 60 Thermobaric Bullets and resets the cooldown of her Resonance Skill.
Node Five Triumphant Explosions When Chixia's Numbingly Spicy! Inherent Skill reaches its maximum number of stacks, her attack is increased by an additional 30%.
Node Six Easter Egg Performance Chixia's Resonance Skill increases the Basic Attack DMG Bonus stat by 25% for all team members for 15 seconds.

How to use Chixia in Wuthering Waves

Being a pistol user, Chixia is great at a longer range at a basic level. Playing as Chixia is all about mastering her Forte Circuit, which can be a bit confusing at first, but you'll follow the same pattern every time.

First, you'll want to use your Basic Attack and Resonance Skill repeatedly to max out your Forte Gauge. As you use these attacks, you'll gain Thermobaric Bullets, which are used during her Forte Circuit. It's also good to wait to switch to Chixia until her Intro skill is charged up, since you can gain Thermobaric Bullets by using this as well.

Once that gauge is full, you can unleash a powerful barrage of bullets that deal Fusion DMG by holding her Resonance Skill. After using at least 30 bullets, you can also use her Basic Attack to deploy a finishing attack that ends this mode. Then, return to using your Basic Attack and Resonance Skill to charge up your Forte Gauge once again and repeat the cycle (or swap characters to heal, deal different damage, or stock up on buffs).

If you're planning on using Chixia in the long term, it's worth wishing for duplicates so you can unlock her Resonance Chain nodes, especially her fourth — this bonus will instantly fill your Thermobaric Bullets and reset her Resonance Skill's cooldown upon using Chixia's Resonance Liberation, which lets her deal much more consistent damage.

If you've built Chixia to your heart's content, we've also got build guides for other characters like Verina, Jiyan, and Jianxin. Or, if you're hoping to start rolling for your next Resonator, head to our Resonators tier list.

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