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Wuthering Waves: Forte Circuit explained

Everything to know about Wuthering Waves' passive ability, Forte Circuit

Lingyang in Wuthering Waves stands upon a podium amongst other warriors practicing their moves for combat.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

Want to know more about the Forte Circuit in Wuthering Waves? The combat system in Wuthering Waves allows your Resonator to unleash a variety of skills upon opponents in battle. Using a Resonator's Forte Circuit can cause devastating damage to enemies and is unique to all characters.

There's a lot to learn when it comes to Wuthering Waves' combat system, much like any gacha game, but knowing how to harness the Forte Circuit,Echo Abilities, Intro and Outro Skills, and Concerto Skills are all important weapons to have in your arsenal, when used correctly. Doing your research is most certainly advised. Here's what you need to know about the Forte Circuit.

What is Forte Circuit in Wuthering Waves?

Much like your Intro and Outro Skills, the Forte Circuit is a special skill that is available to your Resonator once you've filled up a certain gauge (more on how to do this below). Unlike your other skills, the Forte Circuit is a passive ability that provides a unique effect that will completely determine your character's playstyle.

Each Resonator's Forte Circuit works alongside their Normal Attack, Resonance Skill, and Resonance Liberation.

How to use Forte Circuit in Wuthering Waves

Your Forte Circuit is built up by carrying out attacks and dealing damage. You'll notice your Forte Gauge, allocated directly above your health bar, will fill up until you can trigger the release of the Forte Circuit skill or a heavy attack to deal devastating damage to your enemies.

Your Forte Gauge glows the color of your specific elemental ability. For example, Rover's glows yellow, while Yangyang's glows green. Each time your Forte Gauge fills up, your character will be prompted by a specific trigger button to carry out the skill.

The Forte Menu in Wuthering Waves' Resonator settings showing the skill tree of all the Resonator’s abilities.
Focusing on levelling up your Forte Circuit will help you get the most out of this passive ability. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

How to level up Forte Circuit in Wuthering Waves

In the Forte Menu under your chosen Resonator, you can view which level you are currently on for Forte Circuit. This is the middle of the five options on the screen. You must level up by using your skill, but also by upgrading at Resonator Rank 2.

Once you have upgraded, you must use basic materials, such as the Inert Metallic Drip, the LF Whisperin Core, a medium material, such as the Reactive Metallic Drip, and a card, like Unending Destruction. Each Inherent Skill unlocked costs materials and Shell Credit, the universal currency of Huanglong.

Hopefully you've learnt how to harness the power of Forte Circuit in Wuthering Waves. If you're still keen to learn more about the game's combat system, we've an in-depth look at Concerto Skills, as well as how to use Intro and Outro Skills to build your knowledge even further.

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