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Wuthering Waves Verina best build

The best weapon, Echoes, and team for Verina

Artwork showing the healing plant-lover Verina in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: Kuro Games

Looking for the best build for Verina in Wuthering Waves? Arguably the best support character in Wuthering Waves at the moment, and possibly the best Resonator in general, Verina is a small but mighty force to be reckoned with. She can heal your team to a truly massive degree and also fits in just about any party composition, making her a true standout among Wuthering Waves' roster.

In this guide, we'll explain the best build for Verina and also offer a breakdown of her skillset.

Wuthering Waves best Verina build

Artwork showing Verina from Wuthering Waves relaxing on the branches of a tree.
Don't let her small stature fool you. This is one Resonator who needs to be on your team. | Image credit: Kuro Games

Verina is a 5-Star Spectro Resonator who uses a Rectifier. Once you've pulled her, outfit her with the following gear and team composition:

  • Best weapon: Variation
    • Our top Rectifier pick for Verina is the 4-Star Variation, which restores Concerto Energy whenever Verina uses her Resonance Skill and steadily regenerates her Energy. The Variation also ups a Resonator's Basic Attack stat, which is what Verina's healing is dependent on as well.
  • Best main Echo: Bell-Borne Geochelone
    • The Bell-Borne Geochelone is an excellent main Echo for Verina, since it creates a Bell-Borne Shield that lasts for 15 seconds and offers up a 50% damage reduction and a 10% damage boost for the current team.This nicely complements Verina's already substantial support skills.
  • Best Echo Sonata Effect: Rejuvenating Glow
    • When deciding other Echoes to equip on Verina, you're going to want to use the Rejuvenating Glow Set Sonata Effect, which amps up attack damage for the entire team's Resonators by 15% whenever you use Verina's Outro Skill. Verina's all about supporting her companions, and this only adds to her boost potential.
  • Best teammates: Jiyan, Mortefi (or any other main DPS and sub DPS Resonators)
    • Since Verina's such a potent support character, she works well with almost any team composition, though Jiyan and Mortefi are particularly popular choices to pair her with. Jiyan is one of the best melee DPS Resonators in the game while Mortefi picks up the slack as a ranged sub DPS character. Verina can act as the handy third wheel in this composition, healing both Jiyan and Mortefi in a pinch.

Verina skills in Wuthering Waves

Verina active skills

Verina has the following active skills at her disposal:

Skill Type Name Effect
Basic Attack Cultivation Verina performs up to 5 consecutive vine attacks, dealing Spectro damage. The heavy attack and mid-air attack versions of this skill consume Stamina.
Resonance Skill Botany Experiment Verina creates an energy field in front of her that grows foliage and deals Spectro damage to anything within range.
Resonance Liberation Arboreal Flourish Verina causes vegetation to grow, dealing Spectro damage to nearby enemies and restoring health to teammates. A Photosynthesis mark appears on every target she hits. Whenever a Resonator attacks an enemy with a Photosynthesis mark, Verina deals Spectro damage to that target from off-field and heals the active Resonator. This triggers once per second.
Intro Skill Verdant Growth Verina tags in and attacks the target with a plant burst, dealing Spectro damage.
Outro Skill Blossom Verina tags out, healing the next character to appear for 19% of her attack per second for 6 seconds. All friendly teammates gain a 15% bonus to all types of damage for 30 seconds.

Verina passive skills

Verina has the following passive skills at her disposal:

Skill Type Name Effect
Forte Circuit Starflower Blooms Verina generates stacks of Photosynthesis energy. She gains a stack from every fifth Basic Attack, Resonsnace Skill attack, and Intro Skill attack that hits an enemy. Verina can consume stacks of Photosynthesis energy to recover Concerto Energy and heal party members.
Inherent Skill Grace of Life Verina protects a teammate from taking fatal damage, giving them a shield with strength equal to 120% of her attack damage. This shield lasts for 10 seconds, and this skill can activate once every 10 minutes.
Inherent Skill Gift of Nature When using Botany Experiment, Arboreal Flourish, or Blossom, the attack of all Resonators on a team is increased by 20% for 20 seconds.

Verina Resonance Chain skills

If you pull multiple copies of Verina, you can unlock new nodes on Verina's Resonance Chain, acquiring the following skills:

Resonance Chain Node Name Effect
Node One Moment of Emergence Blossom gives the next Resonator a continuous healing effect. They recover health equal to 20% of Verina's attack every five seconds for 30 seconds.
Node Two Sprouting Reflections Botany Experiment grants an additional stack of Photosynthesis Energy along with 10 Concerto Energy.
Node Three The Choice to Flourish The healing that friendly teammates receive from Arboreal Flourish's Photosynthesis Marks increases by 12%.
Node Four Blossoming Embrace All teammates receive a Spectro damage bonus of 15% for 24 seconds whenever Verina uses the heavy and mid-air attack of Starflower Blooms, Arboreal Flourish, or her Outro Skill.
Node Five Miraculous Blooms When Verina heals a teammate with HP less than 50%, her healing receives a 20% boost.
Node Six Wrathful Recompense Starflower Bloom's heavy and mid-air attacks deal 20% more damage. They also trigger a coordinated attack and heal all nearby characters for an amount equal to the Photosynthesis marks generated by Verina's Resonance Liberation.

How to use Verina in Wuthering Waves

A screenshot of Verina on the Convene screen of Wuthering Waves.
Verina's a character you're going to want to use sporadically to amplify the other members of your squad. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

The key to using Verina well is to make her punctuate the attacks of other Resonators on your team. She's a superb character to swap into combat, pepper the enemies with a few buff-inducing attacks, and then swap out just as quickly as she came. Slam an enemy to the ground with plants via her Intro Skill, then focus on building her Concerto Energy quickly (which should be a snap if you equip the Variation Rectifier we described above) before using her Outro skill Blossom to make a hasty exit and recover health for your next Resonator.

Using Verina also requires management of Photosynthesis Energy, her unique resource. Verina can hold up to four stacks of Photosynthesis Energy, and generates stacks whenever she carries out her Basic Attacks, Botany Experiment, and Verdant Growth. Verina's heavy attack consumes one stack of Photosynthesis Energy to recover Concerto Energy and heal all party members, so swapping Verina into combat to quickly pull off a heavy attack is a perfect way to keep all of your Resonators in tip-top shape.

Verina's Resonance Liberation skill Arboreal Flourish, which damages allies and heals enemies by tagging them with a Photosynthesis mark, should also be a constant companion when utilising this pint-sized healer. Use Verina to tag everyone in the nearby vicinity, then swap her out of danger and focus your next Resonator on attacking the hardiest enemy in front of you. Verina will continue to deal passive damage from the background, which is fantastic, and will heal your current Resonator as she does so. There's a reson why Verina's a must-have addition to every team - this is just too useful!

That's it for Verina's best build in Wuthering Waves. For more on all of the Resonators available in the game, check out our Resonator tier list and guide to all Resonators in Wuthering Waves. Also be sure to take a look at our complete guide to Echoes in Wuthering Waves, which lists all of the game's collectible monsters.

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