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All currencies in Wuthering Waves explained

What they're used for and how to get them

At Jinzhou in Wuthering Waves, the Resonance Nexus tower glows blue after it’s activated within the middle of the city.
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Confused about currency in Wuthering Waves? There's a lot to do in the massive gacha RPG Wuthering Waves, and as is the case with most similarly-sized games, that means there are also a lot of different currencies. Between currencies for rolling on banners, buying upgrade materials, unlocking certain content, and shopping in Jianzhou's shops, it can be pretty intimidating to figure out exactly what each one does.

If you're equally confused, or if you're just looking for a refresher, we've got your back. Here's our list of every currency in Wuthering Waves, along with information on what each one is used for and how to get it.

All currencies in Wuthering Waves

Here are all the currency types in Wuthering Waves:

Below, we've broken them down into sections and explained what each of them can be used for, and how to get your hands on them in Wuthering Waves.

Shell Credits

Shell Credits are the universal currency of Wuthering Waves, and they're what you'll be using for quite a few purchases. It's worth saving these, as you'll need a significant amount of these for items in the in-universe shops and those pesky, expensive late-game upgrades and possibly in future updates — in the game's lore, these are issued by Huanglong (the game's starting nation), although they're "officially recognized across many regions," possibly hinting at the fact that they'll be usable when more regions are added to the game's world of Solaris-3.

If you're looking for more, you can get more through Simulation Training (especially through the aptly named Shell Credit Challenge) and completing different kinds of quests, especially Main Quests, Exploration Quests, and Side Quests. If you're looking to stock up on Shell Credits in advance as a newer player, following the game's Tutorial Quests is also a great way to do this.


Astrite is one of the game's premium currencies and is used to buy Tides, which are pulls on Convenes, or banners. (Players have drawn comparisons to Genshin Impact's Primogems, if that rings a bell — even the conversion rate is the same at 160 Astrite per Tide!) It can also be exchanged for Waveplates, but this isn't really recommended since Waveplates regenerate on their own. Essentially, this is the game's most important currency. It is a gacha game, after all!

You'll earn Astrite through quite a few methods as you play, but if you're in search of a bunch right now, you can earn some through earning Activity Points, raising your Union Level, exploring the map, and opening chests. We've also got a handy guide on farming Astrite that lays out these methods and more in further detail!


Lunite is essentially the same as Astrite, but it's purchased in the game's Shop. It can be used to buy other bundles in the Shop or converted into Astrite (1 Lunite is worth 1 Astrite) to fund Tides.

There's no free way of obtaining Lunite — to get your hands on some, head to the Terminal menu, hit the Store button, and then hit the Purchase tab. There's also a Lunite Subscription in the Bundles tab, which grants you 300 Lunite immediately and 90 Astrite for 30 days. Be warned, though, you can earn a decent amount of the free equivalent Astrite through gameplay alone!

Lustrous Tides

Lustrous Tides, the first of the game's three different Tides, are used to pull on the game's Convenes (banners). Each Convene has its own type of Tide, and Lustrous Tides are usable on the Novice Convene, the Beginner's Choice Convene, the Character Permanent Convene, and the Weapon Permanent Convene — essentially, any Convene without a time limit or limited character.

Lustrous Tides are the easiest of the Tides to get — you'll get a decent amount through login events, reaching Union Level milestones, redeeming rewards from the Pioneer Podcast battle pass, and opening bundles without having to spend any of your premium currencies. You can also exchange Astrite, Afterglow Coral, and Oscillate Coral for them in the Shop, and Wood-textured Shards for them at the Jinzhou Souvenir Shop.

Radiant Tides

Considered slightly more premium than Lustrous Tides, Radiant Tides are used for the game's limited character banner, the Character Event Convene.

Radiant Tides are a bit harder to get than Lustrous Tides. You can occasionally grab them instantly without exchanging currency through login rewards. Otherwise, to get your hands on Radiant Tides, you'll need to exchange Astrite, Afterglow Coral, or Oscillate Coral for them in the Shop or purchase a paid tier of the Pioneer Podcast battle pass.

Forging Tides

Forging Tide is essentially equivalent to Radiant Tide, but it's instead used for the game's limited weapon banner, the Weapon Event Convene.

If you're hoping to get Forging Tides, you'll need to convert Astrite, Afterglow Coral, or Oscillate Coral in the Shop — these aren't really ever found anywhere else.

Afterglow Corals

Afterglow Coral, also known as Aftershocked Coral, is used to get rare items from the Shop, including characters' Wavebands, Premium Tuners, and all types of Tides. You can spend them in the Item Exchange section of the shop — if you're short on pulls and haven't checked this section in a while, it's worth using your Corals on a few extra pulls.

You'll earn Afterglow Corals by rolling 4-star and 5-star weapons on the game's Convenes, with more Corals being granted for 5-star weapons, and duplicates of 4-star and 5-star Resonators, with more Corals being granted depending on the Resonator's rarity and number of duplicates pulled. Losing the 50/50 on a limited banner will also grant you some bonus Afterglow Corals.

Oscillate Corals

Similar to Afterglow Coral, Oscillated (or Oscillate) Coral is also used in the Shop, although it has its own section. Aside from the usual Tides, it also has slightly less valuable resources on rotation, including the Advanced Resonance Potion, Advanced Energy Core, Advanced Sealed Tube, LF Whisperin Core, LF Howler Core, Crude Ring, and Shell Credits.

Since Oscillate Corals are used to purchase less valuable resources, they're earned on less valuable pulls, acting almost as a consolation prize. These are given out on 3-star weapon rolls.

Data Sets

Data Sets are similar to Corals. These are essentially bits of combat data from Tactical Hologram: Calamity and can be used in the Simulation Training Store found in the Shop's Points Shop tab. The Simulation Training Store sells useful resources including Lustrous Tides, Medium, Advanced, and Premium Tuners, Advanced and Premium Sealed Tubes, Phantom Appearances, and Shell Credits.

To stock up on Data Sets, you'll want to complete challenges in the game's Tactical Hologram: Calamity mode.

Hazard Records

Hazard Records are pretty similar to Data Sets but have a separate shop. To get here, click the Adversity Exchange tab in the Points Shop. Here, you can buy things like Advanced Resonance Potions, Advanced Energy Cores, Advanced Sealed Tubes, Premium Tuners, Phantom Appearances, and the usual Shell Credits. Each item in the shop has a monthly limit, though, so be careful!

Need more Hazard Records? You can earn them in the Tower of Adversity.

Wood-textured Shards

Wood-textured Shards are a bit of a weird currency in Wuthering Waves, as they're only used in one place: Ganxue's Souvenir Shop in Jianzhou. Here, you can buy a handful of items, including Lustrous Tides, Premium Tuners, Recipes, weapon and skill upgrade materials, EXP materials, and Shell Credits, but be warned — these items will sell out permanently once their stock is depleted.

Wood-textured Shards can be found in chests and Tidal Heritages around the Huanglong region.


Waveplates are Wuthering Waves' way of putting a cap on how many times you can repeat certain content. You'll spend them in Tacet Fields and Simulation Training — if you've played Genshin, this is essentially Resin.

Your best bet for getting more Waveplates is simply being patient — it refills over time. However, if you're eager to get more rewards in immediately, you can refill your Waveplates with the rare Crystal Solvent. If you're really desperate, you can exchange 60 Astrite for 60 Waveplates, but we wouldn't recommend doing this as Astrite is better spent on the game's gacha system.

That's all the information we've got on currencies in Wuthering Waves! If you're looking for something fun to do in Wuthering Waves (or waiting for your Waveplates to refill), claim a free 5-star with our Voucher of Reciprocal Tides guide — and if you can't decide which 5-star to pick, we've got you covered with our Resonator tier list. Just don't forget to level your character up once you've redeemed your voucher!

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