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Wuthering Waves: Pity system explained

How the Pity System works for all banners in Wuthering Waves

A selection of Wuthering Waves Resonators walking through a dawn-lit cloudy background.
Image credit: Kuro Games

Wondering how the Pity system works in Wuthering Waves? Like other gacha games, the combat-focused action RPG Wuthering Waves relies on quite a few different Banners, also known as Convenes. You'll roll (or "pull," as it's known in gacha parlance) on these Banners to earn new characters and weapons, and they're a vital method of beefing up your team.

If you're new to the idea of constantly pulling for new characters, Banners can be confusing. Luckily, Wuthering Waves has a Pity system similar to other gacha titles like Genshin Impact. This system ensures that you'll eventually obtain the game's best characters and weapons even if it requires quite a few rolls to do so. In this guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about the Pity system and how it works alongside Wuthering Waves' Banners.

How does the Pity system work in Wuthering Waves?

Most gacha games offer a Pity system that'll guarantee certain ranks of characters or weapons after a certain number of rolls, and Wuthering Waves is no exception. Different Banners/Convenes have slightly different Pity systems, but on most character-focused Banners, the following is true:

  • You'll get a 5-star character or weapon within every 80 pulls.
  • You'll get a 4-star character or weapon within every 10 pulls.

In other words, if you've pulled 79 times on the same Convene without pulling a 5-star character or weapon, you're guaranteed a 5-star character or weapon on your next pull. This number resets as soon as you pull your first 5-star.

Wuthering Waves features time-limited banners, dubbed Limited Event Convenes. They typically advertise a single 5-star Rarity character, such as Jiyan, who features in the game's first Banner upon launch. Keep in mind that the 5-star character you're guaranteed will not necessarily be the featured one. Luckily, Wuthering Waves' Pity System makes use of a concept known as the 50/50, which is relatively similar to Genshin Impact's 50/50:

  • Featured characters have a 50% chance of showing up when you pull a 5-star.
  • If the 5-star you pull is not the Banner's featured 5-star, the next 5-star you pull is guaranteed to be the featured one.
Artwork showcasing Jiyan's banner event in Wuthering Waves, "Prevail the Lasting Night."
Here's Jiyan, featured on the game's first Banner. Remember, just because he's featured doesn't mean you'll automatically be able to pull him as your first 5-star reward. | Image credit: Kuro Games

For example, if you roll Verina instead of Jiyan on an Banner that features Jiyan, the next time you pull a 5-star character in the same Banner, it's guaranteed to be Jiyan. This means that you're always guaranteed to get the featured character every 160 rolls or less!

Your pity will also carry over between different Banners. For instance, if you've pulled 79 times on a Banner without pulling a 5-star character, even if you wait until the next Banner with a new featured character, your next pull is guaranteed to be a 5-star character.

50/50 only applies to character-focused Banners and not weapon Banners. Instead, every time you pull a 5-star weapon, it's guaranteed to be the featured weapon.

Artwork showcasing the weapon event "Absolute Pulsation" in Wuthering Waves, with the Verdant Summit Broadblade as the ultimate prize.
An example of the sort of weapon you can pull in a weapon-focused Banner. As soon as you pull a 5-star reward, you'll get this beautiful broadblade. | Image credit: Kuro Games

How does the Pity system work on Wuthering Waves' permanent and novice Banners?

The Pity System undergoes a few small changes when looking at Wuthering Waves' permanent Banners, which have no time limit, and novice Banners, which are designed to help ease newbies into the game and bulk out their collection of characters.

Character/Weapon Permanent Convene Pity system explained

The Character Permanent Convene follows the rules for a 5-star character or weapon within every 80 pulls and a 4-star character or weapon within every 10 pulls, as we've described above. It also offers up a pool of several non-limited characters. These are the characters you'll lose the 50/50 to if you're trying to pull a featured character on a limited Event Convene. Since you don't get to guarantee which 5-star character you'll pull here, it's a bit less reliable to pull on this banner. Nevertheless, the Character Permanent Convene is still a decent option if you're looking for one of the non-limited characters - just be prepared to roll a lot!

The Character Permanent Convene in Wuthering Waves, Tidal Chorus.
Wuthering Waves' permanent character banner is called Tidal Chorus, and serves as a solid (if unpredictable) way to get 4-star characters. | Image credit: Kuro Games

Meanwhile, the Weapon Permanent Convene is a Targeted Convene, meaning you'll have the opportunity to choose your desired weapon from a pool of five weapons. Your chosen weapon will be guaranteed within 80 pulls.

Novice Convene Pity system explained

New Wuthering Waves players will have access to a Novice Convene called Utterance of Marvels that's meant to help them grab some stronger Resonators early on in the game.

The Novice Convene in Wuthering Waves, Utterance of Marvels.
Take advantage of Utterance of Marvels while you still have it! It's an excellent means to acquire powerful Resonators fairly early on. | Image credit: Kuro Games

This Convene features a very kind Pity system. You'll get a 4-star or above character or item every 10 pulls, but you're guaranteed a 5-star character within 50 pulls, which is 30 less than the normal Pity. However, you'll only have 50 pulls, and then the Novice Convene will close, with the Beginner's Choice Convene taking its place instead. This is a great resource, as it's a surefire way to get your first 5-star character.

Beginner's Choice Convene Pity system explained

This Convene replaces Utterance of Marvels and features a slightly different Pity system - you'll be able to pick from five different 5-star Resonators (Jianxin, Calcharo, Verina, Lingyang, and Encore), with the character you pick being guaranteed within 80 pulls. Whenever you pull the character you choose (even if it's before your 80th pull), this Banner will disappear. After rolling your first (or second, you lucky duck!) 5-star on the Novice Convene, this is a great way to start fleshing out your team with yet another guaranteed 5-star.

That's all the info we've got on Wuthering Waves' Convene system. Wondering what characters and weapons you can grab from the game's current Convenes? Head to our guide on the current and next Banners. Or, if you're wondering which characters to pull for, check out our Resonator tier list and list of all Resonators.

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