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Where to find the Putrid Rat in V Rising

Here's how to summon the Putrid Rat in V Rising

Trying to find the Putrid Rat boss in V Rising? Usually in V Rising you must take to the Blood Altar in order to track, find, and slaughter the formidable V Blood carriers dotted about Vardoran. It's an important part of the progression in Stunlock's new survival game, because the more bosses you slay, the stronger your vampire becomes.

But the Putrid Rat is a special case, because it cannot be tracked using the Blood Altar. So how do you find it? The answer is that you need to summon it into the world yourself. Below you can find out exactly how to summon the Putrid Rat in V Rising, which has now received the long-awaited 1.0 update, and how to defeat it once it has arrived.

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Where to find the Putrid Rat in V Rising

The Putrid Rat is unique amongst the V Rising bosses, because it does not appear anywhere on the map naturally. This is why you can't track it using the Blood Altar as you would normally track a V Blood carrier.

To fight the Putrid Rat, you must summon it using the Vermin Nest. You can build a Vermin Nest out of 360 Stone and 120 Bones. Then interact with it and you'll see the "recipe" for summoning the Putrid Rat:

  • 1x Twilight Snapper
  • 4x Fish Bone
  • 8x Grave Dust
A screenshot from V Rising, with the player's inventory on the left and the interaction panel for the Vermin Nest on the right. The recipe for summoning the Putrid Rat is highlighted.

Put these three ingredients into the "Input" section of the Vermin Nest, and after 30 seconds the Putrid Rat will be summoned at the Vermin Nest's location.

As for the Putrid Rat itself, it's a fairly straightforward fight. The Rat likes to either stay in melee range and bite you constantly, or disappear and summon a host of smaller rats to keep you occupied. A crowd-control ability like Whirlwind (a weapon ability of the Sword, one of the best weapons in V Rising) or Corpse Explosion is ideal for cutting through the smaller rats, while single-target abilities like Shadowbolt or Chaos Volley are great for defeating the Putrid Rat while staying out of its bite attack range.

That's all there is to summoning the Putrid Rat and defeating it in V Rising. If you want some more general advice progressing through the game, check out our V Rising tips and tricks while you're here. You can also brush up on your knowledge of how to get the important mid-game resources such as Iron and Explosives.

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