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How to get a Horse in Manor Lords

Here's how to purchase a Horse in Manor Lords

The key art for Manor Lords, showing a knight atop a horse observing a castle town.
Image credit: Hooded Horse

Want to get Horses in Manor Lords? When it comes to beasts of burden in Manor Lords, Horses have a relatively minor but important role to play in your growing settlement. When it comes time to export goods to merchants located off of Manor Lords' map, Horses will make the process faster and more effective.

In this guide on how to get a Horse in Manor Lords, we'll explain exactly what you need to do to get these four-legged equestrian friends on your side.

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How to get a Horse in Manor Lords

If you want a single Horse, you can purchase one by building a Hitching Post, a Small Stable, or a Trading Post Open the menu of the respective structure and select Order a New Horse. This costs 30 Regional Wealth, and a month will need to pass before you can order another Horse from the Hitching Post.

If you don't want to manually order Horses one by one, you can set up a rule to regularly import them into your town. Build a Livestock Trading Post and open up the Trade tab in the structure's menu. Select horses and put the Trade Rule to Import. Then all you need to do is choose your desired surplus, and traders will visit your town monthly to always bring you Horses. Keep in mind that ordering a single Horse still costs 30 Regional Wealth - this just automates the process so you'll always have Horses at yur disposal.

A look at the import oxen menu in Manor Lords.
Here's a glimpse of all the various animals you can import via the Livestock Trading Post - Horses, Oxen, and more. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Hooded Horse

What are Horses used for in Manor Lords?

Unlike Oxen, Horses do not assist with construction or farming, and we don't recommend that you purchase them in the early game. Instead, Horses can be assigned to a Trading Post to move larger amouts of goods swiftly via carts. If you're keen on Manor Lords' trade system and want to build your town out into a economical force, it makes sense to get Horses to ensure that trading is a quick, smooth process.

While Horses' role is limited for now, Cavalry have been hinted as possibly coming in Manor Lords' future. If this is the case, then Horses may one day serve as excellent forces when it comes time to raise an army.

That's all you need to know about obtaining more Oxen to traverse your roads and fields. For more on everything you need to know on Manor Lords, check out our guides on laying down roads, demolishing buildings, or even exploring your ever-growing town in third person Visit Mode.

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