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The best Manor Lords mods

Enhance your Manor Lords experience with these useful mods

A screenshot of a sprawling Manor Lords town looked in a green meadow.
Image credit: Hooded Horse

Looking for the best Manor Lords mods? While the modding scene for Manor Lords might still be in its infancy, there are already key mods out there that can boost a fledgling ruler's quality of life. Seeing as how Manor Lords is still an Early Access title, and one that doesn't always explain all of its intricacies, these mods go a long way towards making a player's time with the game a bit easier, doing little things like increasing the storage capacity of buildings to letting you recruit more soldiers.

In this guide to the best mods for Manor Lords, we've listed five rock solid mods that will make your city-building experience all the better.

Best Manor Lords mods

Below are 5 of the most helpful Manor Lords mods, all of which are downloadable on NexusMods. They each have slightly different installation processes, so you'll have to follow the included instructions for each. Most require tweaking Manor Lords' local files.

Storage Plus Plus

A close-up of a Generic Storage Full alert tooltip in Manor Lords.
Say goodbye to storage problems with this mod; thank goodness. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Hooded Horse

Especially in the early months of a Manor Lords campaign, you're likely to run out of storage capacity all the time. In fact, the dreaded "Generic Storage Full" alert may be a constant companion as your buildings simply become too clogged to support additional items. While this is more of an annoyance than a major problem, why worry so much about storage at all? The Storage Plus Plus mod makes storage alerts a thing of the past, giving a wide variety of buildings - from Market Stalls to your Large Storehouses - much more room.

Download Link: Storage Plus Plus

Increase Garrison Limit

A view of the Castle Planner in Manor Lords.
Time to build not just one, nor two, but four Garrison Towers... | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Hooded Horse

Garrison Towers are an excellent addition once you've built a manor in Manor Lords, since they increase the maximum size of your Retinue by 12. Unfortunately, only one Garrison Tower per territory can be built, which is a darn shame if you want to have the biggest and baddest Retinue of professional soldiers in the land. The Increase Garrison Limit mod fixes this, letting you construct up to four Garrison Towers - meaning that you're sure to build up enough Retinue members to trounce all foes in combat without a single problem.

Download Link: Increase Garrison Limit


The Trade Logistics tech in the Development Upgrades screen of Manor Lords.
So many upgrades to choose, so little time. Unlock them all with FreeSkills. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Hooded Horse

Manor Lords features a tech tree that requires you to use Development Points to open various upgrades. To get those Development Points, you need to consistently level up your settlement by upgrading new Burgage Plots. If you'd like to bypass this laborious process and just start unlocking the best upgrades from the getgo, download the FreeSkills mod. The entire tech tree will be open to you without any limits, letting you take your settlement from Settler's Camp to Large Town in relatively no time at all.

Download Link: FreeSkills

Unlock Militia Limit

A group of archers prepare to fire at their foes in Manor Lords.
For big battles like this one, it helps to have a Militia force with no limits. | Image credit: Hooded Horse

Normally, Manor Lords only lets you recruit six types of unit. Blast through this restriction with Unlock Militia Limit, which lets you build a gargantuan army that surpasses all bounds. This mod is extremely handy but a bit unstable at the moment - try reloading your file a few times if it doesn't work at first. Unlock Militia Limit also doesn't seem to play nice with the Increase Garrison Limit mod listed above. For now, you've got to choose between building out your elite fighting forces and expanding the ranks of your Militia.

Download Link: Unlock Militia Limit

Build Everything

A huge Manor Lords town with very nicely laid-out buildings.
If the intricacies of this city-builder are a bit too much for you at times, just download this mod to build it all with no restrictions. | Image credit: Hooded Horse

Sometimes, you just can't be bothered to jump through all the hoops that comes with building structures one by one in Manor Lords. Maybe you simply want everything available from the start, or hope to experiment with the visual layout of your town a little bit without having to demolish or move your buildings. The Build Everything mod is great for these scenarios. You still need to spend Development Points to build upgrades, but regular buildings are just fine to place across the map however you like.

Download Link: Build Everything

That's a wrap on the best mods currently available for Manor Lords, and we'll keep an eye out and be sure to update this guide with more mods as they become available. If you need more information on Manor Lords, check out our beginner's guide, which contains all the structures you need to build and all the strategies you need to take during your first year as a ruler. Our tips and tricks guide will also serve you well as determine the best way to rule your hardworking folk.

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