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Rumours point to Total War: Star Wars in the works at Creative Assembly

Rumours lead to hype, etc

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Creative Assembly, the studio best known for their strategy Total War series, are rumoured to be working on a licensed Star Wars title. ‘Rumoured’ is the key word here, mind. Dualshockers credit “a reliable source” with the information that “three new Total War games are currently in development,” and that “one of the three new projects is expected to be a Star Wars-themed Total War game.” There’s currently no further information beyond that, I’m afraid, although I’ve reached out to Creative Assembly for comment.

Let’s break this down a little, assuming we take the “three new Total War games” as fact. By this point, anyone would tell you that one of those titles is the heavily rumoured Total War: Warhammer 40,000. Creative Assembly have a long-standing relationship with Warhammer owners Games Workshop, one that’s proved exceptionally profitable for both sides. The Total War: Warhammer series of games was even credited, alongside Vermintide 2, for being responsible for GW bringing back an entire tabletop setting in The Old World. Twarhammer is a significant moneymaker for CA, and the setting isn’t a fraction as popular as 40k. Also, come on. They’ve already got all those orc models.

That’s two games left. Again, even assuming there’s three in development, which seems like a lot for a studio that’s undergone as much tumult as Creative Assembly recently. Out of those two, it feels very unlikely to me that the studio won’t have at least one historical title in the works. Total War: Three Kingdoms was the fastest selling one they’ve done, and fans are still clamouring for a Medieval or Rome 3. This is a studio that built their name on, and has consistently released a steady stream of, historical games. I can’t see them stopping any time soon.

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So, that’s one left, going by the rumours. What might support it being a Star Wars title? For one, the series has only dabbled in primarily ranged warfare before, a la Empire. It would make sense for them to want to build a new engine for 40K, and you could imagine they’d want to double-dip on that engine and some space game assets. The only other convincing argument I can point to is ‘Star Wars games popular’. They are though.

That said, I just can’t see the setting working well. I understand there’s lots of deep lore, but look, I played the X-Wing minis game, and there’s 3 factions in that. Rebels, Empire, and ‘Scum and Villainy’ - basically just the bounty hunters and that. Not enough for a Total War game, I don’t reckon. All this aside, I certainly wouldn’t say no for a chance to send a formation of wompas careening into rebel lines, and I can see it being a decent success for the studio if it does turn out to be in development. I’ll let you know if I hear anything else.

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