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Greenskins, Ogres, and Khorne are all coming in the next DLC for Total War: Warhammer 3

More details coming on the 26th

A screenshot from Total War Warhammer 3 showing an ork wielding a weapon
Image credit: Sega

The orcs and goblins of the Greenskins, the sizeable gourmands of the Ogre Kingdoms, and the angry Christmas ornaments of Khorne are the next three factions to get new units, lords, and campaigns as part of strategy game Total War: Warhammer 3’s next DLC. The news comes via official posts by developer Creative Assembly on both Reddit and X.

They’ll be more info on the 26th of June, when senior game director Rich Alridge will be dishing the toenail fungus on the fresh batch of toys. The Reddit post (which is where all the detail is, if your doctor told you to only click one link a day or summin) also says that Kharnak, the free canine legendary hero for Khorne, will be available at the end of the month. This irritates my soul, because I’m not going to play a Khorne campaign when I know new Khorne goodies are right around the corner, but there you go. And that’s how you find a way to complain about freebies!

As regular readers might know, I’ve been known to dabble in a little Twarhammer here and there. The broccoli-like fact portion of this news dinner is over, and now is the time for some greasy speculation. Welcome 2 greasetown, pals.

For the Ogre Kingdoms, no real contest here. Dataminers recently discovered animations, which they linked to a model, labeled ‘Golfag’. That’ll be Golfag Maneater, then. A legendary ogre mercenary, so renowned that all other ogre mercenaries took the name ‘Maneaters’ in tribute. Maneaters themselves are some of the most fun and diverse ogres out there, each adorned in the raiments of their individual conquests and adventures. As for units, both Yhetees and Thundertusks seem like reasonably safe bets.

As for Khorne and the Greenskins, I’m less certain, although the colossal squig is already floating around on Reddit as a ‘want plz’. And yes, I also want, plz. Squig but big?! What more do you need honestly. As it happens, the promise of more Greenskins were the biggest pleasant surprise for me from this announcement. The Warden And The Paunch is a well-loved bit of content, and a personal favourite. You can cook a horrible pizza that gives you melee defence for some reason! While I’m not sure if any of the potential remaining orc lords have quite the same panache as Grom, more green is certainly no bad thing.

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