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How to play Wuthering Waves co-op multiplayer

Wuthering Waves co-op and multiplayer explained

The gang in Wuthering Waves get a bite to eat in one of the game's frozen scenes.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun / Kuro Games

Wondering how to play with friends in Wuthering Waves? If you're hoping to explore Wuthering Waves' world of Solaris-3 with friends, you're in luck - the new gacha game launched with a co-op mode, and it lets you do pretty much everything with up to two friends.

You won't have access to multiplayer right off the bat, though. To get to Wuthering Waves' multiplayer mode, you'll need to hit a certain Union Level, and there are a few more things you'll also need to keep in mind as you play. In this guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about multiplayer in Wuthering Waves, including how to unlock it, how to play it, and what it includes.

Is Wuthering Waves multiplayer?

Yes - Wuthering Waves does have a co-op multiplayer mode. Up to two other players (friends or strangers) can join you in your world, or you can join someone else in theirs if they've made their world available to join. Co-op is the only type of multiplayer available right now in Wuthering Waves, so there's no PvP aspect. There is only PvE - Player vs Environment.

How to unlock Wuthering Waves co-op multiplayer

If you're hoping to play Wuthering Waves with friends, you (and whoever you're playing with) will first need to make sure you're at Union Level 22 or higher. Before you both hit this level, the game's multiplayer option will be unavailable.

If you're behind on levels, it'll require a bit of grinding to get there, but it's all worth being able to play with your friends. We'd recommend doing as many quests as possible, since this is the main source of Union EXP. If you're stuck, though, you can also gain a decent amount just by exploring the world. (If you're hoping for a more detailed breakdown of every possible way to earn Union EXP, we've also detailed other solid strategies in our Union Level guide!)

Wuthering Waves artwork showing Chixia, Yangyang, and Baizhi with flowers.
You can play with up to two other players at once in Wuthering Waves co-op multiplayer. | Image credit: Kuro Games

How to play Wuthering Waves in co-op multiplayer

If you're looking to play with friends once you've unlocked multiplayer, first head to your Friends list. To get there, tap the Terminal menu button in the top right corner of your screen, then hit the Friends button. Make sure you've added your friend first, and then you'll see a button next to their name that says "Invite to co-op." (Again, if your friend isn't at Union Level 22 yet, this button will be unavailable.) It's also worth noting that this button is a bit misleading - instead of inviting your friend to your world, it causes you to join theirs.

You can also play with strangers! To do this, head to the co-op Mode menu, either through the game's Terminal menu or by clicking the world icon in the top left corner above the minimap. From here, you can find other players who are currently hosting co-op sessions. If you want to play with one of them, simply hit the "Apply to join" button next to their name.

Up to three players can play together in one world in Wuthering Waves, so you can only invite up to two players to play with you at once. The game's SOL3 world level feature also puts a limit on who can join - if your SOL3 level is lower than your friend's, you won't be able to join their world. Additionally, endgame content and certain modes (including the Tower of Adversity and Depths of Illusive Realm) is not available in co-op.

Aside from these limits, once you're in co-op with someone, you can do pretty much anything, including fighting bosses and gathering resources (be wary, since strangers could be greedy and steal some of your valuable resources!). If you have a friend with a much higher level, they can even carry you through boss fights. (As a bonus reference, if you're familiar with Genshin Impact, the two games have pretty similar co-op modes.)

That's all the info we've got on co-op play in Wuthering Waves! If you're looking to beef up your team, head to our tier list of the best Resonators and our guide to leveling them up quickly. Or, if you're in need of some new Echoes, we've got those ranked in a handy tier list as well.

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