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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown adds boss rush mode, extra fast-travel and an outfit from the 2008 reboot (if you can unlock it)

The second of three free updates is out now

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown's Sargon dressed like the prince from the 2008 reboot in a new costume
Image credit: Ubisoft

This year’s rather wonderful Prince of Persia Metroid-like The Lost Crown has dropped the second of its free post-launch updates, adding a new boss rush mode, some unlockable costumes for surviving said mode, an extra way to fast-travel and more.

The Boss Attack update, as this latest update is officially titled, actually introduces two new modes centred around replaying bosses from the platformer’s story. Boss Revenge is a straightforward rematch against any of the bosses, with the option to test your skills against different difficulty levels and record your best efforts on a leaderboard. Your health, weapon upgrades and abilities will be set to a specific loadout for each boss, but your amulets and Athra Surges will carry over from your save.

Meanwhile, Boss Rush does exactly what it sounds like by stringing together all eight bosses into a gauntlet. Between each boss there’s the chance to switch out your gear, but you won’t have the chance to refill anything - including your health and potions - so you’ll have to manage everything carefully to do it in one run.

Both modes also offer the extra-hard test of turning on No Hit difficulty, which - as it sounds - means you can’t take even a single hit, or you’ll die instantly. Tricky!

While Boss Attack is largely for your own personal achievement, Boss Rush will offer a couple of rewards for making it through to the end. Completing the mode on any difficulty will net you a new outfit for Sargon inspired by the 2008 Prince of Persia reboot, while besting it on the punishing No Hit difficulty level will get you a costume - if you can call it that - that strips the prince down to just a few scraps of cloth wrapped around his wait, hands and feet.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown's Sargon is dressed only in some wraps of cloth in an unlockable Boss Rush outfit
Image credit: Ubisoft

Along with the headline boss modes, there are a couple of smaller additions. You’ll now be able to fast-travel around Mount Qaf using Wak-wak trees, and there’s an accessibility improvement that makes yellow and red attacks clearer in high-contrast mode too.

The Boss Attack update follows March’s introduction of permadeath and speedrun modes - plus some extra costumes - in the Warrior’s Path update, while the third and final free update (for now, at least) will be Divine Trials, adding extra combat, puzzle and platforming challenges over the summer - and, yes, more outfits too.

That won’t be it for The Lost Crown just yet, as there are plans for a paid piece of story DLC later in the year. We’re yet to hear more about that, though.

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