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How to get Silver Ore in V Rising and the Sacred Mines location

How to find Silver Ore and turn it into Dark Silver

Looking to find some Silver Ore in V Rising? Once you've tired of baser metal tools and implements in V Rising, you're going to need to start mining Silver Ore in large quantities to further increase your Gear Score. The downside to this is that Silver Ore is pretty hard to come by, only available in particular high-level areas of Vardoran.

In the below guide for V Rising, which has now received the long-awaited 1.0 update, we'll explain the location you need to head to if you want to get your hands on huge amounts of Silver Ore with ease. You'll learn what you need to mine Silver Ore, some useful tricks for taking it back home, and then how to turn it all into Dark Silver Ingots for crafting into the most powerful weapons and armour you've yet come across.

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How to get Silver Ore in V Rising

To get Silver Ore in V Rising you'll need to head to the Sacred Silver Mines in the Silverlight Hills. The Silver Mines are located in the northwest corner of the Silverlight Hills region, and they're heavily guarded by numerous powerful NPC enemies, so we'd recommend reaching at least level 60 Gear Score before attempting to mine Silver Ore from here.

Consult the map below to see the exact location of the Sacred Silver Mines.

A screenshot of part of the map of V Rising, with the location of the Sacred Silver Mines marked.

You can also find the odd vein of Silver Ore scattered about the Silverlight Hills (hence the name), but they're much rarer than earlier ore veins such as Copper or Sulphur, so the Sacred Silver Mines are your best bet.

If you want an easier time getting through the Sacred Silver Mines, you should utilise your transformative abilities to turn yourself into a Human or a Rat, so you can fool and sneak past the various human Footmen and other guards instead of having to fight them all.

You'll need Merciless Iron tools to mine Silver Ore. Maces are best because of their increased damage against minerals. To get Merciless Iron tools, you'll need to obtain research books from higher-tier enemies in the Dunley Farmlands, and trade them in at your Study to unlock the Merciless Iron recipes.

It's also a very good idea to fill yourself up with the Worker blood type ahead of arriving at the Mines, because with the Worker traits you'll be able to get more Silver Ore out of each vein.

The player in V Rising takes the form of a bear within the Sacred Silver Mines to avoid silver-based damage.

Use Bear form and Potions to avoid Silver damage

Silver is poisonous to vampires: the more Silver you carry in your inventory, the more damage will be dealt to you over time. This is a problem when it comes to gathering Silver Ore in large quantities, so make sure you come prepared to combat the effects of Silver poisoning.

A good way to avoid Silver damage while carrying large amounts of Silver Ore is to transform into a Bear - an ability you earn by defeating the Ferocious Bear boss in the Farbane Woods. While in Bear form you won't take damage from the Silver you're carrying, and you can regenerate the health you've lost from any previous Silver-inflicted damage.

While you're still mining, your best bet is to stock up on Silver Resistance potions and healing potions to limit the effect of Silver on your body. It's important to keep the Silver damage under control - it may not seem very dangerous on its own, but when combined with having to fight your way through a series of dangerous enemies, you'll be glad you brought your potions with you to the Sacred Silver Mines.

The player in V Rising stands on the wooden floor of their castle. They are taking damage due to carrying Silver.

What do you use Silver for in V Rising?

Once you've returned to your Castle laden with stacks of Silver Ore, you can turn them into Dark Silver Ingots, which will no longer poison you when held. You'll need to put 20 Silver Ore and 1 Scourgestone into your Furnace to make 1 Dark Silver Ingot.

You can find Scourgestone either by slaying Skeleton Bishops or Scarecrows, or heading to the Church Of The Damned or the Dunley Monastery, both in the Dunley Farmlands region. You can also create your own Scourgestones at the Furnace out of 1 Whetstone, 3 Glass, and 3 Grave Dust.

Dark Silver Ingots can be used to forge the next tier of weapons, tools, and armour. These weapons are a step above their Merciless Iron counterparts, so they're well worth crafting as soon as you're able so you can go toe to toe with the more dangerous late-game bosses and enemies.

A player in V Rising crosses a bridge over a river surrounded by auburn-coloured trees.

If you're getting a bit ahead of yourself in your hunt for ever-better gear and weaponry, a good way to solidify your understanding of the game is to read through our V Rising tips and tricks guide. You can also check out our guide to building your Castle, how to get large amounts of Blood Essence for your base, and even how to turn your private game into a dedicated V Rising server.

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