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Anime Fruit Simulator codes [March 2023]: Every code you can redeem for free spins, coins, and gems

Redeem these codes for free spins and more!

Looking for the latest Anime Fruit Simulator codes? Anime Fruit Simulator follows a familiar pattern for many Roblox experiences, allowing you to live out your fantasies as an anime hero in a fantastical world. This action-adventure game starts you off with a full set of gear, but upgrading your loadout is up to you. Luckily, that's where these codes come in.

Yes, Anime Fruit Simulator — like so many popular Roblox experiences — has a thriving codes scene that allows you to enter not-so-secret phrases in exchange for in-game boosts and freebies. So if you're eager to shine up your apples or whatever it is the kids do with their fighting fruit these days, read on for a complete up-to-date codes list and instructions on how to redeem.

Anime Fruit Simulator codes list

Last checked on: 20th March, 2023

  • 20MIL!!! 30 spins, 20,000 gems
  • VALENTINE<3: 25 spins, 5,000 gems
  • SECRETFRUITS: 10,000 gems
  • 1000Likes!!! spins & gems
  • 1kFollowing:O?: 10 spins
  • 1MIL!: 10 spins
  • 2000Likes:O 15 spins, 500,000 coins & 5,000 gems
  • 500Likes!!!: 25 spins, 500,000 coins & 5,000 gems
  • 20kMEMS: 10 spins
  • 500Likes!!!: spins & gems
  • 50kMEMS?!: 10 spins
  • 5kLikes!: 10 spins
  • DRAGONRELEASE!: 25 spins
  • FREETORI:O: 15 spins
  • IWantSpins:): 10 spins
  • ObtainDiscord: 6 spins, 1,000 coins & 1,500 gems
  • soundleakModeler: spins & gems
  • triffyWscripter: 9 spins, 2,500 coins & 500 gems
  • TWITTERgang!: 10 spins, 3,000 coins & 1,500 gems
  • WelcomeToFruitSim: 13 spins, 3,000 coins & 1,000 gems

How to redeem codes in Anime Fruit Simulator

Redeeming codes in Anime Fruit Simulator is very simple. Launch the experience on Roblox and you'll see a "Codes" box at the bottom of the icon menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Simply enter your code into that box and press "Enter" on your keyboard to redeem your rewards!

List of expired Anime Fruit Simulator codes

  • 100kMembers!!??
  • 100LIKES!<3
  • 10kLikesW?!

If you can't get enough of fruit-based anime Roblox games, be sure to take a look at our list of Blox Fruits codes before you go!

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