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V Rising Blood Types and Blood Quality: Every Blood Type explained and how to get 100% Blood Quality

Learn more about every Blood Type in V Rising, and how to raise Blood Quality

Looking for information on every V Rising blood type? There are 7 different blood types in V Rising, each offering different stat boosts and buffs to your character, who has a blood pool that will slowly diminish over time. If your blood pool is empty, you'll take damage until you fill it again. You can fill your blood pool by using the Feed ability ("F" key) on the various creatures and enemies in the world of Vardoran.

However, drinking blood will also change your blood type. Bandits and soldiers may give you a blood type that boosts your damage and defence, while animals in the Farbane Woods may increase your speed. The range of effects is broad, and you'll want to switch blood types often to become a V Rising pro. If you want to know more about every V Rising blood type and the effects of blood quality, we're here to help.

In this V Rising blood type and blood quality guide, we'll break down each of the 7 blood types, including Scholar, Brute and Warrior blood, and explain the various boosts and abilities they grant depending on the blood quality you have. We'll also cover how to get 100% blood quality and how to use servants for a constant supply of high quality blood in V Rising, which is now out of early access after the release of the 1.0 update.

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Every V Rising blood type explained

In V Rising, you'll spend most of your time either fighting baddies, exploring the world, or gathering resources with which you can build your castle. While you can partake in all of these activities from the start, using the right blood type will increase your effectiveness. For example, the Brute, Rogue, and Warrior blood types boost your combat capabilities, while Creature increases your speed and survivability in the world of Vardoran. Below, we'll walk you through each of the 7 blood types in V Rising:

  • Frailed: Default, no benefit. Can be regained by feeding from small rodents.
  • Brute: Increases overall healing and attack speed. Primarily gained when feeding from bandits and soldiers.
  • Creature: Increases movement speed, sun resistance, damage reduction, and healing regeneration. Primarily gained when feeding from animals.
  • Rogue: Improves crit rate, movement speed, and travel skill cooldown. Primarily gained when feeding from assassins, trappers, and archers.
  • Scholar: Improves various spellcasting attributes including spell power, spell cooldown, and life leech. Primarily gained when feeding on spellcasters.
  • Warrior: Improves physical power, damage reduction, and weapon skill cooldown. Primarily gained when feeding from guards or militia.
  • Worker: Improves resource yield, one-hit resource gathering, damage reduction from certain environmental hazards, and travel speed on horseback. Primarily gained when feeding from weaker and non-hostile humans.
V Rising player feeding on a bear with Creature blood type and 1% blood quality in a dark forest.


Frailed is the default blood type that you'll have when you first spawn in as a new player on a server. You'll also reset back to frailed when you die and respawn. Unlike the 6 other blood types listed below, frailed has no associated benefits, so you'll want to find an enemy to leech blood from as soon as possible to change to another blood type. Even low quality blood of a different type is better than frailed as they'll offer minor benefits, so make getting a new blood type one of your first priorities when you spawn.

It's worth noting that eating rodents or small animals from your inventory, which can refill your blood pool in a pinch, will also reset your blood type to frailed. With that in mind, it's always worth knowing where to find nearby sources of different blood types so that you can quickly run over and refill your blood pool without defaulting back to frailed.


The Creature blood type is the best for survivability and exploring the map. Below, we'll list the effects that you get with each stage of the Creature blood type:

  • Tier I: 3-15% movement speed
  • Tier II: 10-25% increased Sun Resistance rating
  • Tier III: 10-20% damage reduction
  • Tier IV: 150% increased health regeneration
  • Tier V: Boost all above effects by 30%

You can get the Creature blood type from animals around Vardoran. This will be a common blood type for new players especially, as they'll likely face off against plenty of bears and wolves while trying to collect bones.


The Brute blood type increases your damage and health recovery in combat, making you a tanky killer who can jump into the middle of any fight. Below, we'll list the effects that you get with each stage of the Brute blood type:

  • Tier I: 7.5-12.5% primary attack Life Leech
  • Tier II: 7.5-15% increased primary attack speed and gain 1 gear level
  • Tier III: Healing received increased by 20-35%. Heal self for 4% of your victim's health when striking a killing blow
  • Tier IV: 6% chance per relative health recovered to boost movement speed by 20% and damage of primary attacks by 25%
  • Tier V: Boost all above effects by 30%

The Brute blood type is commonly found on humanoid enemies, such as bandits and soldiers. You'll find these all over the world of Vardoran in the various towns and encampments on the map.


The Rogue blood type makes you faster in combat, while also increasing your critical hit chance. Below, we'll list the effects that you get with each stage of the Rogue blood type:

  • Tier I: 10-20% chance to critical strike on weapon attacks
  • Tier II: 8-15% movement speed
  • Tier III: 12-25% reduced cooldown on travel skill. 100% chance to critical strike on next physical attack after using a travel skill
  • Tier IV: 50% chance on critical strike to expose victim's armor, increasing damage taken from all sources by 15% for 4 seconds
  • Tier V: Boost all above effects by 30%

Like Brute, you can get the Rogue blood type by feeding on human enemies. Make sure to hover your cursor over enemies to quickly check their blood type if you're after a specific one.


The Warrior blood type is all about damage. Big damage from your weapons, reducing damage from enemy weapons, and reducing cooldowns on your weapon skills so that you can deal huge damage more often. Below, we'll list the effects that you get with each stage of the Warrior blood type:

  • Tier I: 20% increased physical power
  • Tier II: 15% reduced cooldown on weapon skills
  • Tier III: 15% reduced damage taken and 25% increased damage when striking enemies at full health
  • Tier IV: 15% chance to parry an attack reducing damage taken by 50%. Parrying an attack increases your own damage by 25%
  • Tier V: Boost all above effects by 30%

Again, the Warrior blood type is common amongst human enemies, so head to camps and fortified locations to find guards, militia, or bandits with this blood type.


The Scholar blood type focuses on your magical abilities, increasing their damage and reducing spell cooldowns. This will improve the effectiveness of many of your vampire abilities, making the Scholar blood type valuable for any player who prefers magic over swinging a sword. Below, we'll list the effects that you get with each stage of the Scholar blood type:

  • Tier I: 20% increased spell power
  • Tier II: 15% reduced cooldown on spells
  • Tier III: 10% spell life leech
  • Tier IV: 15% chance to reset spell cooldown on cast
  • Tier V: Boost all above effects by 30%

Those looking for the Scholar blood type should focus on hunting down priests and other magic-wielding enemies in the Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills. You won't tend to find this blood type in the Farbane Woods, so you'll need to venture North to get a constant supply.


While many of the other blood types focus on combat, the Worker blood type places emphasis on resource gathering. Whether you like to build, or just really need some Iron and Silver to make some of the best weapons in V Rising, this is the blood type for you. Below, we'll list the effects that you get with each stage of the Worker blood type:

  • Tier I: 10-30% increased resource yield
  • Tier II: 15-25% increased damage against resource objects
  • Tier III: 10-20% increased mount gallop speed
  • Tier IV: 3% chance to instantly destroy a resource node and trigger a burst of speed
  • Tier V: Boost all above effects by 30%

You'll mostly get the Worker blood type from NPCs that aren't hostile, so try heading into villages and towns around the Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills.

How to get 100% blood quality in V Rising

As you can see in the list above, aside from Frailed, each blood type has 5 tiers. These tiers give extra effects that unlock based on your blood quality. Blood quality is the percentage number that you'll see next to the blood type when hovering over an enemy. It'll become a lot clearer to spot when enemies reach low health and the feed ability becomes an option.

Regardless of which blood type you want to use, the different tiers are each unlocked at set blood quality percentages, as listed below:

  • Tier I: 1-29% blood quality
  • Tier II: 30-59% blood quality
  • Tier III: 60-89% blood quality
  • Tier IV: 90-99% blood quality
  • Tier V: 100% blood quality

To get 100% blood quality, you'll need to feed on an enemy who has 100% blood quality. It might sound simple, but these enemies are incredibly rare. While they can be found in every region on V Rising's map, including the Farbane Woods, you'll find enemies with 100% blood quality more frequently in higher-level areas. There's no trick to this, so you'll have to keep hunting until you find an enemy with 100% blood quality.

However, the more difficult part comes after you get 100% blood quality. As we mentioned, these enemies are incredibly rare and your blood pool needs replenishing often. This means that you'll probably find yourself with 100% blood quality, but need to feed on an enemy with a lower percentage to refill your blood pool. This may change your blood type, and will almost definitely make you lose the Tier V buff. The difficulty, then, lies in finding a consistent, renewable source of 100% blood quality for your preferred blood type.

V Rising prisons: How to extract blood from servants

If you want to stay at 100% blood quality permanently, you can imprison servants who have 100% blood quality. This essentially turns them into a blood farm that you can regularly feed on to retain 100% blood quality while filling your blood pool. This requires a few steps though, as you'll need to do the following before you can imprison a servant and turn them into a blood farm:

  1. Unlock the Servant Coffin and Dominating Presence
  2. Use Dominating Presence to get a Servant with 100% blood quality
  3. Unlock and build a prison cell
  4. Imprison your 100% blood quality servant
  5. Unlock and craft empty glass bottles

We'll go over each of these steps in greater detail below.

V Rising vampire stood inside their castle next to two servant coffins. A forge is lit nearby

Unlock the Servant Coffin and Dominating Presence

The Servant Coffin recipe and Dominating Presence ability are both locked behind quests in V Rising, so you'll need to progress through the objectives listed in the top-left corner of the screen. Eventually, you'll see a quest named "Lord of the Manor" that rewards you with the Servant Coffin recipe. The next quest, simply named "Servants", tasks you with building a Servant Coffin and rewards you with the Dominating Presence ability.

Use Dominating Presence to get a Servant with 100% blood quality

After unlocking Dominating Presence, you must then use this ability on an NPC to get a Servant and complete the "Army of Darkness" quest. While the first NPC you come across likely won't have 100% blood quality, spend enough time hunting and you should eventually come across one. When you find someone with 100% blood quality, use Dominating Presence to enslave them under your command and take them back to base.

There are other factors that you might want to consider when choosing servants in V Rising, such as their stats and perks, but those don't matter if you just want to use them as a 100% blood quality farm.

Unlock and build a prison cell

After you have a servant with 100% blood quality, you'll need to unlock the Prison Cell recipe so that you can imprison them. You can get the Prison Cell recipe by killing Vincent the Frostbringer, a level 40 V blood carrier found roaming around the centre of the Dunley Farmlands. After your fight, head back to base and build a Prison Cell with 12 Iron Ingots.

If you want more information on Vincent and other V blood carriers, check out our V Rising boss locations guide, but killing Vincent is all you need to do to get the Prison Cell recipe.

Imprison your 100% blood quality servant

After enslaving a human with 100% blood quality and building a Prison Cell, you can simply interact with the cell and select "Imprison" to lock the servant away. This will add new options to the Prison Cell interface, including a "Drain Blood" button. If you have empty glass bottles, which we'll explain how to get in the next step, then you can simply drain blood from your servant. This blood will maintain the blood type and blood quality of the servant, essentially allowing you to make little blood vials that you can consume. These will refill your blood pool without changing blood type or losing blood quality.

Unlock and craft empty glass bottles

Of course, you'll need empty glass bottles that can store the blood. You can get the empty glass bottle recipe by defeating Christina the Sun Priestess, a level 44 V blood carrier found roaming around on the East side of the Dunley Farmlands. After defeating Christina, you will be able to craft empty glass bottles at an Alchemy Table with four pieces of Glass. Then, simply head over to your imprisoned Servant and select "Drain Blood" to fill the bottle with their 100% quality blood.

It's important to note that draining blood from a prisoner will deal damage and raise their misery level. Misery is a status effect that imprisoned NPCs get whenever you drain their blood, and it simply increases the damage they take next time you drain blood, making this action more harmful each time you do it. If you want to restore a prisoner's health and maintain a low misery level, you'll need to catch and feed them fish. If you fail to feed your 100% blood quality Servant, they will eventually die after losing enough blood.

That wraps up our guide on V Rising blood types and blood quality. If you're looking for other essential V Rising advice, take a look at our V Rising tips and tricks. If you're struggling against any of the bosses mentioned above, make sure you know how to increase your gear score in V Rising. If you're a big fan of Stunlock Studio's vampire-themed survial MMO and want a server with your friends, take a look at our guide on how to set up a dedicated server for V Rising.

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