Cell Mate: Covetous

Pixels are the full stops of the language of entropy.

So you know about Ludum Dare, the triannual make-an-indie-game-in-48-hours-using-one-word-as-inspiration competition? Well, did you know the Ludum Dare community also has something called Mini Ludum Dare? It’s the same idea, only it takes place many times a year and lets people play with rapid games development without the pressure and ceremony and whatnot. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t cough up some sharp stuff. I’m signing off for the night, but I give you Covetous, created for the theme of Greed. Sweet dreams.


  1. pupsikaso says:

    I didn’t have the gut to finish this.. =(

    • Gotem says:

      I did finish it and the poor man doesn’t have a gut anymore

  2. Blandford says:

    Oh deary me, that poor poor man.
    If I’m not sure I understand the “meaning” behind this game, does that mean I don’t belong on RPS?

  3. Billy says:

    Ludum Dare happens every 4 months, so 3 times a year, with Mini LDs in the months between, it’s great fun and there’s another one coming up next month!

  4. ZIGS says:

    This kinda reminded me of Eversion for some reason.

  5. Petethegoat says:

    I genuinely found that quite disturbing. I’m not entirely sure why.

    • HarbourMaster says:

      I suspect it’s because your brother doesn’t fight back at all. There is no challenge – and that’s what really makes it disquieting.

  6. TCM says:

    I can’t ever sleep again.

  7. airtekh says:

    Now that’s some weird shit right there.

  8. Alexander Norris says:

    The name “Ludum Dare” really bothers me. It should be “Ludum Aude” instead of being half-Latin, half-English.

  9. pakoito says:

    Disturbing…quite indeed.

  10. mwtb says:

    As a short development competition game I really think the bottom line is whether the outcome presents something interesting to be explored and not if it stands on its own. Does this represent an interesting game idea? The interaction mechanic dissolves from uninteresting to unnecessary as the player avatar and the targets grow. I’m given no choices except to stop playing and what there is of a narrative completely removes the player from the equation. It’s not even about “greed”.

    I think if you’re going to post these things then it would be better to also provide at least some level of criticism or reasoning why you think we should check it out. This LD entry is certainly a success from the perspective that it’s a complete, coherent and playable thing but putting it under the glare of an RPS post seems a step beyond what it deserves or can withstand.

  11. El Elegante says:

    My Latin is rusty, but ‘dare’ means ‘to give’ in Latin if I’m not completely mistaken. What’s wrong about that?

    • El Elegante says:

      That was supposed to be areply to Mr. Norris. Don’t know why it didn’t work.

  12. Freud says:

    That was like playing a student film. The music was very Pi-like.

  13. Shagittarius says:

    That does it I’m having an abortion.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      What’s the matter, do you not enjoy having a ever growing womb parasite?

  14. Shazbut says:

    There are two endings: one where you wait and die at the last screen and one where you break free.

    I thought it was impressive how you went from not understanding what was going on, to sort of understanding, to being worried where this was going, to being horrified, in the space of a minute. Lovely idea too.

  15. Duke says:

    It’s not half. ‘Dare’ is latin as well.

  16. GRYP says:

    Your latin isn’t up to scratch.
    ‘ludum dare’ means ‘to give free play (to)’ in latin.
    ludum is the accusative of game or sport etc.
    dare means to give (infinitive)

  17. GRYP says:

    That reply was to alexander norris, looks like reply didn’t work

  18. Davie says:

    I don’t think I can play this. The page image alone gives me the willies for reasons I can’t even begin to describe.

  19. Ben Abraham says:

    Oh god, oh god, oh GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!!!!

  20. bakaohki says:

    This “game” (overstatement) sucked (understatement).

  21. faelnor says:

    whether the outcome presents something interesting to be explored
    Well, that “game” is weird, gross and elicits at least some element of gut reaction in sane people. The outcome is already interesting.

    Oh and on a general but different rant, gaming communities these days really need a backlash against people bashing experiments for being “pointless pseudo-intellectual pseudo-art”, just like we got a late backlash against people claiming that Bioshock haters were morons.

  22. Sigh says:

    Well that was shit.

  23. Longrat says:

    I tend to go with the people that say that “artsy” games are pointless if they’re not really games. This isn’t a game, so it’s just an interactive disgusting and disturbing video.

    Would’ve been nicer if it were never made if you ask me.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      How is this any less a game than Pacman is a game? It is also a surprisingly good little horror story, told in a novel way.

      I thought it was suprisingly good. Thanks for the post Quintin.

  24. Santiago says:

    I liked it. I like this little pieces of interactive stuff with some communication purpose.

  25. clovist says:

    all together now people, can you say “dull”?

  26. kyynis says:

    At first i was like “I’m cancer”, then I was like “I’m embryo”, then i was like “Shouldn’t go to internet when drunk”

  27. DMcCool says:


    Yes. More like this please.