Section 8: Prejudice Lands On May 4th

For $15 the new Section 8 game is looking like a bit of a deal. There’s a five hour single-player campaign (I played an hour of it, and it was okay) and both a 4-player co-op and standard multiplayer campaigns. All for the price of cheap. You can check out my hands-on impressions here, too. The game probably isn’t going to be a classic, but it could be eminently playable with some flaws (burdened as it is by GFWL.) Anyway, it’s been dated and that date is later this month: April 20th. I mean May 4th. Which is next month. I hate next month. Stupid May.


  1. Farkeman says:

    aw my god NOOO!!
    my first exam is on 20th :(

  2. PatrickSwayze says:

    I really want to love this game, hell, just to like it would be enough, but the bayta for the last game just didn’t grab me.

    It’s like an amazing scifi model kit, put together by glue ridden child hands.

    • Ohle says:

      It’s actually quite a bit better than the first one — everything people complained about with the original has been addressed, basically, in the sequel… and it helps that it’s $15 :). TimeGate really wants to get a lot of people in, so hopefully you can check it out.

  3. abhishek says:

    Same day as Portal 2 then?

    • darthmajor says:

      That makes almost as much sense as releasing Fable 3 the same week as The Witcher 2 i guess?

  4. esoj says:

    only if you have a 360. pc release for section8 prejudice is actually may 4th.

    link to

  5. James Allen says:

    XBOX Live is April 20th
    PC is May 4th
    See here.

    • StingingVelvet says:

      Ha, what a pointless smack in the face a two week delay is. Also anyone making a multiplayer-focused release for the PC who uses GFWL is an idiot.

    • My2CENTS says:

      I’m 100% sure that Microsoft forced them to release the game as exclusive for X360. Anyway i thought the game was released already, probably this second beta phase was a bit confusing

  6. Heliocentric says:

    Seriously, I’d rather the games had gamespy. I remember in a group of 5 playing rome total war, 2 couldn’t see each other, but at least it was slimline.

  7. mod the world says:

    On the f├╝hrer’s birthday. Sehr gut.

  8. Farkeman says:

    whats next , no more dedicated servers ?

    • Ohle says:

      Dedicated servers are still a go. Even on the console versions!

    • Dominic White says:

      Yeah, you can even download a Linux-based dedicated server app for the PS3 version of the original game. The GFWL stuff is basically just used as a framework here, and DRM. The actual game servers are classically hosted servers reporting to a master server.

  9. Teddy Leach says:

    May 4th… How’s it going with destroying the oceans?

    • Navagon says:

      To be fair, John’s Crusade is against regional release date madness. Not platform release date inconsistencies.

  10. Navagon says:

    Well at least we’ll get an idea from feedback about the 360 version as to what we can expect from the PC version. But no, that won’t be their own stupid fault should sales be decreased by negative reviews. No. It will be the work of those pesky pirates.

    • Ohle says:

      Eh don’t worry, mate :). TimeGate isn’t the type of company to make excuses… hell, that’s why they went back and fixed everything that made the original a less-than-ideal launch. I think we can expect some solid reviews. Or else… uhh… something went wrong.

  11. Wolfhound says:

    I piked up the original Section 8 for pennies at the steam Christmas sale and was really disappointed. Unless they’ve totally overhauled the game I can’t see much appeal.

  12. WebFusion says:

    GFWL = DOA on PC.

    ….did these guys learn nothing from what GFWL did to their first release? No PC server operator in the world wants to touch a game with GFWL attached to it, which means virtually NO independent game community server support, which further means that the only servers you’ll find are the ones hosted by the publisher (which are never policed with an active admin presence)..

    Ah, well. I hope that fat check M$ gave them was worth it, because it will once again kill their game before it even has a chance.


  13. Sb3 says:

    I was really looking forward to this. Now that I see that it comes with GFWL attached, I’m not so enthused any more.

  14. Dominic White says:

    I’d just like to reiterate that the original Section 8 had a full classic dedicated server setup. No ‘rent from EA’ or ‘Sell your firstborn to Microsoft’. You downloaded a Windows or Linux server app and ran it, it reported to the master server and people joined as any other classic PC online game.

    And this applied even to the console versions. ANYONE could host a dedicated box. S8:P will be no different, so stop freaking out already.