Port Royale 3 On The Horizon

Too ship to be square.
Kalypso have announced that the third instalment of their 17-century Caribbean swashbuckling naval management game is set to appear in “Q2 2012”. As in other Port Royale games, you will be set with naval victory, but have economic and military options at your disposal. Kalypso have explained that this consists in two quite different paths: “Following the path of the adventurer will lead the player on a naval conquest where they must gain notoriety through raids, piracy, bounty hunting, plundering and conquering cities as they strive to build their new Caribbean empire. The route of the trader sees the player using their economic know-how to become the most powerful trading tycoon in the New World by setting up trade routes, building production facilities and developing cites.” The game will also feature multiplayer, so players can use these toolsets to go up against each other on the high seas.


  1. StranaMente says:

    Talking about naval battles, I was wondering, if you’re going to cover Pirates of the black cove (which is out now) I tried the demo but didn’t get much out of it…

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I believe we have an opinion coming, I’ll check.

    • digitalus says:

      I’m waiting for this, too.

      As for Port Royale 3, I hope they improve the combat a bit. I never really liked it in previous iterations.

  2. The Sentinel says:

    Jim! You did alt-text! How marvellous!

    I’m in the mood for something new. Pirate management sounds like a giggle. I’m off to have a look at the previous game…which is something you guys may want to consider when there’s no video of gameplay to watch for the new version? Tell ’em about the series’ history a little? Introduce them to stuff they may not have seen before? Just a thought that you are welcome to.

  3. Esoteric says:

    What else does Kalypso publish/make? I got Tropico 3 on the Steam sale and I’m loving it.

    • Premium User Badge

      gritz says:

      Patricians IV has really been scratching my nautical trading itch. By the time I finish with it, Tropico 4 should be out. Then once I finish that, I’ll be ready for more nautical trading in PR3. The Kalypso treadmill…

  4. ChainsawCharlie says:

    Port Royale 2 was great, except for the battles.

  5. PearlChoco says:

    Yeah, PR2 was awesome. Very atmospheric.

  6. Xercies says:

    Why was i not notified about this series before? It sounds really great

  7. rayne117 says:

    Bruce Springsteen’s best song IMO: link to youtube.com

  8. zakman says:

    This game looks interesting, and Port Royale 2 is currently available on Steam for $5. Is it worth it at this point, and at that price?