Where ESA Members Stand On SOPA


Apologies for the initialism-filled title, but for an explanation make sure to read the main post here.

This is to say that we’ve created a permanent page (I’ll link it from the text below the featured boxes at the top) to tell you where each member of the Entertainment Software Association currently stands regarding the censorious and extremely disturbing Stop Online Piracy Act. We’ve contacted all 34 members to find out their position, and will update the page as people get back to us. Please get in touch if you spot any of the companies making comments elsewhere.

You can read it all here.


  1. Squishpoke says:

    I appreciate RPS for paying attention to our American woes. :)

    • Vandelay says:

      The Internet is global (No Oceans!), so it will effect us all.

      Don’t take this as us Brits getting soft on you :)

      Thanks RPS for letting us know where they all stand.

    • MasterDex says:

      Yeah, this is most definitely a global concern. Any international folks who think this won’t affect themare sorely mistaken.

    • Damien Stark says:

      (Network engineer from the US)

      Short version:

      Each country may have its own physical infrastructure and Internet Service Providers, but the Root DNS servers (the ultimate authority as to which domain-name is register to which IP addresses) are controlled by the US. Since this bill explicitly focuses on modification of DNS entries, this bill is effectively an attempt by the US government to take action unilaterally against global domains it considers to be infringing on US laws.

      So yeah, not exactly a reasonable response to software piracy…

  2. Stellar Duck says:

    Thanks for this RPS and John. Important stuff.

  3. nimzy says:

    Capcom is in support of SOPA. No surprise there.

  4. jimbobjunior says:

    Stupid European Space Agency

  5. Ultra Superior says:

    SOPA has been updated and it looks much better, now. So good in fact, it has a chance to pass. Don’t know why they made banks immune, though. Oh…



    • Shooop says:

      What the hell could possibly make it better? There is no way to halt internet piracy/copyright violation through federal law other than “Hey we’ll charge you with a crime if we catch you” or “We’re going to shut off the internet.”

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Nothing I fear. Though I meant literally “LOOKS better”.

      As in – it is still a censorship, but this time they specified the “bad guys” more narrowly.

  6. Ith says:

    Eeesh, do a bit of research first…

    Trion announced they do not support it last month already…

    link to forums.riftgame.com

  7. CMaster says:

    Thing is though, even if the companies declare themselves as against it elsewhere, ESA lobbyists and representatives are using money for all ESA members to go to politicians and say “we support this bill in the interests of our members, who incluide X, Y and Z” – where X Y and Z are all of the above. If they want to not be represented as supporting this, they either have to leave the ESA, or pressure the ESA to switch tacks.

  8. Mercury_Man says:

    I don’t see Valve listed. Aren’t they a publisher through Steam?

    • koo slayer says:

      nope totally unrelated except for the large shipment of truffles marked Valve/Steam/Newell on the shipping crate

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Valve are against

    • Kaira- says:

      It’ll be a cold day in Hell before one gets an opinion squeezed out of Valve.

    • HoosTrax says:

      Why would VALVe be listed here? They’re not even an ESA member.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      Kaira- says:
      01/05/2012 at 17:57

      It’ll be a cold day in Hell before one gets an opinion squeezed out of Valve.

      Pack some mittens…

      I’m an evil artificial intelligence with a bad case of misanthropy, and even I’m against SOPA.
      link to facebook.com

  9. skalpadda says:

    Why did I think this was about the European Space Agency?

    • koo slayer says:

      prolly the high concentration of space battle games lately

    • jimbobjunior says:

      Their logos are surprisingly similar too; blue lowercase sans-serif letters and a blue circle.

    • Brun says:

      They probably thought SOPA was Stop Orbital Piracy Act.

    • Shooop says:

      Those damn space pirates. Hijacked our HBO satellites one time and we nearly missed The Sopranos.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      ESA – getting on equal ground with NASA since 1972.

    • Thants says:

      @Shooop: I think the same thing happened to me. I was watching the finale and all of a sudden it just went black.

  10. ComradeCommissar says:

    Thank you RPS, but perhaps some more information would help. Check out this youtube video, no i’m not trying to get views or anything, actually I am kinda.

    link to youtube.com

    Connect the dots behind who started piracy and who is now trying to stop it for immense profits. Thank you

  11. Megadyptes says:

    Whilst this is all nice and dandy it doesn’t actually mean or change anything and that page with the members of ESA and how they stand is nice and all but ultimately worthless. The big movers behind the bill are RIAA and MPAA, asking a few dozen publishers to stand against it is just pissing into the sea.

  12. Novack says:

    People, poke them all on facebook!

    • Novack says:

      I wrote on the walls of NVIDA, CAPCOM and THQ:

      Please stop support for the SOPA act. Until then, you are gonna be against the interests of all your customers, and fans.

      In all three they deleted my comment (of course).

      Do the same, poke this people, let them know, We Know.

    • koo slayer says:

      dude only 14 yr old girls and marketing departments use that website

    • Gary W says:

      Yeah dude, shut the fuck up or something like this will happen to you, and your credit rating will be affected.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      Hah! I now feel good about my ATi card!

    • Novack says:

      Whats the problem with who uses facebook… are you kidding? do you think that if the Marketing Department suddenly is busy deleting dozens of complains, no one else on the company will notice??

      This goes beyond your misplaced sense of superiority, so stop thinking like a “14 yr old girl”, and start using every posible way to pester this people to complain with our interests.


  13. Megadyptes says:

    Also, get back to your campaign to make retailers/publishers release games on the same day, Internet Without Oceans or Borders, or whatever. Or did you abandon that straight after proposing it?

  14. MythArcana says:

    Sheep flow over a cliff like a waterfall with these corporate games…

  15. mondomau says:

    If a publisher is part of ESA and is not actively lobbying the organisation that supposedly represents them to withdraw support, then they can blow all the hot air they like but they are supporting SOPA. End of story.

  16. jhng says:

    @JohnWalker — Thanks for getting involved in this and do let us know as more of the ESA members declare on the issue. It’s good to see someone calling them on it!

  17. Doddler says:

    It’s a bit of a tricky issue, I’m sure all developers would like a better mechanism to appeal against sites that offer their games for download. There is absolutely nothing one can do presently about a site giving away your hard work, its obvious these untouchable sites are very frustrating to developers. On the other hand, how much they support this particular bill really comes down to how much they understand how overbearing it is to the real problem and the lack of checks in place to prevent abuse.

  18. Devan says:

    Thanks for doing this, John!

  19. Baconator says:

    Someone needs to contact AMD and Valve.

    • zeroskill says:

      What has VALVe to do with this? They are not on the list of companies or organization that support SOPA. They also don’t fall under the umbrella of any corporations since they are a privately owned company.
      Gabe Newell has been outspoken about his views on piracy and on how to battle piracy in the past, saying the way to defeat piracy is to offer the best service possible. Also VALVe is one of the developers, among a number of indie developers, who have profited from viral marketing and word of mouth like no other (Minecraft being probably the game that had most success in this way), why would they want to shut down the internet. All their success is based on it. You have to understand, this bill, the SOPA, is initiated by mainly corporations with old business models (retail) that fear they are going out of business because they don’t have control over sites like youtube and their viral marketing, and are generally too stupid to adapt to the new markets like digital distribution and everything that comes with it, like having strong internet communities (cough cough E cough cough A)

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      Valve came out, sort of, with GLaDOS being against SOPA.

      I don’t know about AMD. Stupid-ass Google keeps searching for “and” instead of “amd.” I think Google’s help search thing is nice sometimes, but most of the time I’m searching for exactly what I type. Even using my refining skills still doesn’t yield anything, so maybe AMD hasn’t issued a statement yet? They’re not part of the ESA, though.

      Which, if AMD hasn’t released a statement, you should contact them and let them know that you, as a customer, are interested in their stance. Likewise with nVidia, who is an ESA member. Keep in mind that this is their technical line, which apparently also handles “feedback.” Try to use the linked contact for AMD so you don’t spam up support.

      As for defectors that I noticed weren’t listed or have changed their minds
      Epic Games

      Sony, Nintendo, and EA

    • Shooop says:


      They have a very large, very vocal fan base so them saying, “No we won’t stand for this” would add some fuel to the opposition.

  20. MichaelPalin says:

    A million thanks RPS.

  21. FoolsHope says:

    I doubt I’m the first one to point this out, but ‘sopa’ actually literally translates to ‘garbage’ in Swedish.

    Rather ironical considering the nature of the bill and the origin and media attention of thepiratebay…

  22. Xaromir says:

    I haven’t bought a song or a CD from a major label in over 3 years, but bought almost 80 new albums in 2011 alone. Dear ESA member – i can boycott you too. (Already on it with Ubi and EA actually for different reasons.) More people should, but i guess we will never completely stop half-ass’ery. :(

  23. Cryo says:

    Those pro-SOPA don’t even bother to hide their goals very well…

    • Xaromir says:

      Person without a clue, writing a book complaining about people without a clue writing on the internet? Oh boy…

  24. akeso says:

    What we really need to do is start organizing a boycott of any gaming company either in support of SOPA or any member of ESA which hasn’t taken an outright stance against SOPA.

    That is going to be the only way to get this changed, to make companies realize they have more to lose by taking this stance.