Abstrcat: The Cat That Got The Milk

Here is where you find download links and a video for a brilliant game that took me just over five minutes to complete. It’s a two-button scenery-dodger in which the scenery is a succession of angry shapes and forward motion is impossible to halt. It’s called The Cat That Got The Milk and I feel like it contains colours I’ve not seen on my monitor for ages. It’s an interactive art gallery of sorts, in the least masturbatory way. If you enjoy the nifty soundtrack, it’s available for free here. The game is free as well. Download for Windows here or for Mac here.

The video is fantastic and I saw it before playing the game. In fact, it’s what convinced me to play the game, but you might have more fun seeing everything for the first time as you play. And it only takes ten minutes or so. The choice is yours.

Thanks to Indiegames for the heads-up.


  1. lurkalisk says:

    Reminds me of Worker and Parasite… In a good way.

  2. Brumisator says:

    Not nearly as good as swift stitch
    link to swiftstitch.sophiehoulden.com

    • Chekonjakcom says:

      That’s definitely the more fast-paced game. Playing at a seven speed class requires the most difficult timing I’ve seen since IWBTG.

  3. Pyrosity says:

    Quite nice use of russian constructivism in that last segment.

  4. Rikard Peterson says:

    Certainly pretty, and the game itself got a bit interesting towards the end. I would have liked slower speed though. Now I skipped several levels because I couldn’t deal with the speed.

    • Wang Tang says:

      I quit after the third level. I think not the speed qas the problem (for me), but the unresponsive controls. Pretty though.

    • MondSemmel says:

      I don’t think the controls were unresponsive. Instead, I think the problem is that in this game, collision size either of the cat or of the obstacles is too big. My most likely explanation is that the collision size of the cat is, in cat, as big as depicted. That’s several pixels in length and width, and makes collisions much more frequent than they would otherwise be.

      I preferred Swift Stich, too, although I only played it on Speed 4.

    • Telzis says:

      I thought there was “something” wrong with the controls, too, but couldn’t identify it at first. Initially I blamed the responsiveness, but then noticed it couldn’t react any faster to my input as it already did. My guess now is that the hitbox is a little awkward, especially when turning (and especially in small passages). So that’s pretty much what MondSemmel said before me…
      On the other hand, I like the visual design and the soundtrack is great, therefore the fifteen minutes necessary for finishing the game was time well spent in my opinion.

    • kavika says:

      Unresponsive controls are a *huge* problem with playing this game.

      I tried it on my laptop which seemed to have a fine enough framerate (tho hard to tell when the motion is small). The video wasn’t choppy, and it ran in full screen well enough.

      Had huge problems starting with the last level in the first variation – the first *real* level they show in the vid. Couldn’t quite beat it. Skipped it and had more problems in the second level they show in the vid – again couldn’t beat it.

      I tried it on my desktop and the responsiveness difference was enormous. I got through the first of my trouble levels in 3 tries, and the second trouble level in the first go. Got through the whole set in 5 mins 40 seconds.

  5. dogsolitude_uk says:

    Mmm… Kandinsky… Or should that be Catdinsky?

    I’ll get me coat…

    • Wang Tang says:

      Let me cat you on your way out – as you should know, we are practically obliged to milk all the puns.

  6. Thomas says:

    At first i thought it was a spelling mistake, and then “Oh i see what you did there”.

  7. tomeoftom says:

    I’m sorry, but this was a complete waste of fucking time.

  8. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    That was a nice way to spend ten minutes. Though I wish the game would not ask me if I wanted to skip the level. I hate it when games do that.

    • kavika says:

      Agreed. I felt like it was asking if I want a bib to keep all the drool off my nice new shirt.

      Then I got off my puttering old laptop and gave the game a good spanking.

  9. kuzi says:

    For me, the Mac version didn’t start (icon bounced indefinitely). In case you run into the same problem: “chmod a+x /TheCatThatGotTheMilk_Mac.app/Contents/MacOS/ABST_NO2” from the console to make the executable executable fixes it.

  10. Gnoupi says:

    About cats, the MMO cat game from Terry Cavanagh just released: link to distractionware.com


  11. stahlwerk says:

    Article is missing “cat!” tag. Bleep bloop.

  12. pandora says:

    The trick for me was to use both hands. Quite a nice looking game. Too bad I god the last level in my first try, I haven’t had the time to take a good look. :3

  13. Kefren says:

    Nice game, took 7 mins somethign to complete. Annoyingly there was only one resolution – I use a 4:3 monitor and at first couldn’t realise why I died when I went off the right of the screen. I eventually changed my resolution to a higher one and could see that it hadn’t been showing the full screen.

  14. Koozer says:

    That is the worst pun.

  15. ERGlabs says:

    WASD! for the love of crispy bacon, why can’t I wasd? It’s just mean to have it in the input menu, and not allow us to use it.

    I can’t be the only one who’s brain has hardwired their directional rationale to those four keys.

    • kavika says:

      Move your keyboard farther left on your desk? :)

    • Initialised says:

      I can’t grab a keyboard without my left hand assuming the position. Arrow keys felt wrong and a little bit retro/naughty until ~level 5.

      All in all a pleasant ten minute gaming snack. Mildly frustrating until you get used to the controls ‘quirkyness’.

  16. kanaka says:

    No doubt that milk has narcotics!

  17. MD says:

    Nice. Not much to it as a gamey-game, but as an attractive little experience, it was good fun.