Loadsa Muties: Killing Floor 2 Announced With More Gore

Sure I took this from PC Gamer, and they can fight me to get it back.

Killing Floor is a pleasantly solid co-op survival FPS, blessed with chunky-feeling guns and ridiculous English accents shouting daft Britishisms. It also cemented Tripwire Interactive as one of my favourite developers for banging it full of new monsters, levels, and special events for years after launch in a way that only Valve match nowadays. Now, delightfully, a sequel’s coming. Imaginatively titled Killing Floor 2, it seems to have as its core new feature, er, buckets of gore.

Killing Floor 2’s mutant enemies each have 19 points of dismemberment so players can, say, blow chunks off a monster’s head until you see skull, then keep on shooting until that pops open to reveal brains. Right. Good. Lovely. Melee’s meant to be tarted up too, with different moves and combos to chop limbs off and paint walls with blood. Great.

The original had persistent levelling which gave classes new abilities, but it moved at a glacial pace past the first few. This time levels will flow more freely towards a higher cap of 25, but the perks they bring will be choices rather than an ever-accumulating list of bonuses. One Commando level, for example, will give a choice between dealing more damage and letting the whole team see enemy health bars. What other new features can I recklessly throw into this paragraph? Oh! Tripwire are reworking difficulty, so monsters on higher levels will be more aggressive with more abilities.

All these details and that screenshot up there come from PC Gamer, who have an exclusive on the announcement and a preview and all that jazz. We’re taking them, just like that. You got a problem with that, PC Gamer? What are you going to do about it, huh? Tonight. Midnight. The usual place. See you on the dancefloor, suckers.

One colossal concern of mine is that the only screenshots PCG have appear to be from a Parisian level. As a London resident, I am hugely concerned that my region and its many hilarious accents are all too often under-represented in media. Why, just the other day I observed a television programme set in The North, which I understand to be broadcast thrice weekly! Asked directly about this important issue on its Facebook page, Tripwire shamefully ducked the question. Crying “Beaucoup d’argent!” while hurling money at teammates just won’t feel the same as “Loadsa money!”

Killing Floor 2’s coming to Steam Early Access at some point, with mod support t’boot.


  1. ScubaMonster says:

    First Early Access game I’ll have bought.

  2. Monkeh says:

    Glad to see this finally getting a sequel. Really amazing how many stuff Tripware has added over the years, for free! Plus it’s just an awesome game to play, so I’ll be buying this as soon as it’s available.

  3. Shooop says:

    It’s finally happening.

    We asked for this.

    The dismemberment features are like Solider Of Fortune 2 – hitting different areas of the bodies makes different bits explode into bloody shrapnel. It’s going to be good.

  4. Bine says:

    (yes im a grown man). I cant wait! I loved the original a considerable amount and so far have enjoyed other games from this dev a lot. I bought a lot of the little addon things for KF1 and look forward to seeing what happens in KF2. If i can enjoy shooting up the monsters in KF2 like i did in the first one, awsome! :D

  5. strangeloup says:

    I suppose I should get around to playing the first Killing Floor at some point. I’ve had it for about 3 or 4 years.

    • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

      Do it!

      I just started playing KF for the first time in the last few months, and it’s quite a lot of fun. I highly recommend it. My only real complaint is that the graphics have aged terribly, significantly more so than UT2004, the game it was initially a mod of. Of course, that’s what makes the above screenshot so doubly delightful.

    • fuggles says:

      If you have it, try it. If steam had gifting you could have mine as in my opinion its an awful, awful game which prompted me to contact valve as I got sick of it being in my library as even the devs paying me wouldn’t cause me to play it again.

      I still want that feature on steam though.

      • shadybearfaced says:

        May I ask why you hated it so much?

        • fuggles says:

          I’ll keep this brief as I could get carried away: These were my views after I bought it on launch day, which I fully accept may have changed with the million and one updates they have been doing.

          The introduction of classes which means that no-one properly works together, you all just grind away at your ridiculous targets and hopefully survive unless the boss kills you outright. Add in awful voice acting, ugly, ugly graphics and incredibly tedious gameplay and you can see why I uninstalled it within a week of paying for it. What’s more, if you die or join half way through you have no money so can’t buy anything and so die more. It’s all so limited and each level plays the same – it feels like a mod for a bigger game.

          Basically I think it’s mechanically clumsy and the co-op was incidental in that you all grind in the same direction rather than have to work together like in L4D, which was just an infinitely better game to me. Irritating slowdown and poorly designed enemies also didn’t help, but still I made it to 7 hours!

          • El_Emmental says:

            The classes only start to matter later on.

            You’re 100% right regarding the very early games: classes don’t change much (a few minor stats changes) and everyone is just shooting zombies left and right. But as you level up, you go into Normal and rapidly Hard difficulties, and you realize how every class has its own very specific role.

            Failing to take into account, in your behaviour (co-op) and purchases (weapons) will only lead to a rapid death as the Scrakes show up in numbers, and Fleshpounds become regular guests. As the difficulty rises, the earlier anarchy where everyone was doing whatever they wanted disappear, and a solid co-op teamplay rises.

      • ScubaMonster says:

        You might still hate it anyway, but I would try giving it more of a chance and get a bit deeper into the game. First time I played it on a free weekend I didn’t see what all the hoopla was about. They had another free weekend and I sat down to play it more and I was totally sucked in. Now I have 209 hours into the game so far.

        • AngelTear says:

          Thing is, with KF low level play is immensely different from high level play, and if you can figure it out, maybe with the help of a guide, it becomes much more enjoyable at high level in my opinion.

          On Normal and Hard, the game is dominated by individual skills, and people who can aim fast and kite the wave, and if that was the game, I’d grow tired of it pretty quickly. But there’s a a lot of strategic depth in positioning and team composition, teamwork and target prioritization that doesn’t come out until you play at least on Suicidal, both because it isn’t really needed and even when it would facilitate things they just don’t do it, just like they don’t share the money when you die. Actually, being a mechanically mediocre player myself, I find suicidal and HoE easier than Hard, just because of how different it is played.

          Obviously, being a Multiplayer game, having or finding a friendly bunch of people to play with makes it so much more enjoyable. I had played less than 30 hours of the game in more than a year, but I played 150+ hours in a few months when I found that kind of people to play with.

      • Thermal Ions says:

        As a solo game it’s not at all appealing to a newcomer (YMMV), however as a co-op experience particularly with friends it’s a great time. It’s my most played game (700 Hrs) and the one I’ve maintained a dedicated server for the longest (almost 4 years).

        Looking forward to KF2. Wondering whether they’ll be able to fit it into our new R18+ rating here though, given the level of gore they’re talking.

  6. EvilLaufter says:

    Buckets of gore as a selling point.

    *childlike sigh of nostalgia*

    Oh, how I miss the 90s. The time before shooters became all about killing our contemporary men and thus making the joy of shooting people become them just falling down with a tiny puff of red smoke, not unlike having someone sneezing into a pitcher of kool-aid powder, instead of pushing the graphics and seeing just how many demon guts and entrails we can simulate with ragdolls at the same time.

    Oooooooo, look at are pretty wall textures and light beams! Boo I say! Boo! I’ll notice those wall textures while I admire the handiwork my shotgun did to the the bad guys in front of it!

    • furrymessiah says:

      Apparently, according to the article on PC Gamer, all the gore that you paint on the walls with your lead paintbrush will remain, in perpetuity, until the entire match ends. No more magically disappearing bloodstains! Huzzah!

  7. dethtoll says:

    I remember playing the original KF. And by original, I mean it was a mod first.

    The first version of the mod was great, really atmospheric, and very different from what it is now. But the second one, more closely resembling the current state of the game, I hated. It was horrendously unbalanced and broken in the name of “realism” (if you held a PISTOL you were slowed down to a crawl.)

    That’d be fine, except the mod developer was an egomaniac who took constructive criticism to mean sucking his dick. He did NOT like what I had to say and launched a harassment campaign against me on moddb for a year and followed me around to various parts of the site to insult me. He’s a big reason why I don’t go to moddb anymore.

    I don’t know where he is now but I hope it’s a shallow grave.

    The commercial game is playable at least.

  8. Megakoresh says:


  9. aliksy says:

    I had fun with it, but I kind of never liked the boss fight. You’d clear 10 waves perfectly and then the last wave is basically a different game. The amount of time between boss attempts is really long (since you have to clear all the waves again), which makes it hard to learn, too.

    I liked the idea of persistent leveling at first, but then I realized it meant my friends who got the game later had a huge disadvantage. Down with that sort of thing.

    • Jalan says:

      Agree highly. Add onto that, when playing multiplayer it’s entirely possible to just wipe out the Patriarch with ease before seeing any actual challenge for that final stage payoff and it just makes it a whole exercise in pointlessness. Some kind of option to set as to whether to fight a “boss” or a megawave would’ve been better.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      I don’t know, the game really does need an end game boss on the final wave, otherwise it would seem like an awfully anticlimactic way to end your game. I DO want them to make something a bit more interesting and cool than the Patriarch though.

      I would also like to see a server filtering option that lets you pick the maximum wave level you’re willing to join. They let you see the wave number now at least in the server browser. I believe there was a time when that wasn’t in there and it was a crapshoot on what wave you joined. (I could be wrong about that though). But I’d like to filter out games that are above wave 5 or whatever I choose.

    • Qazi says:

      Learning the Patriarch is basically the entire reason Short exists.

  10. Jalan says:

    They added in new enemies? I’ve had the full game for a number of years now and don’t recall them ever doing more than adding re-skins to the existing sets.

    I’m liking the re-design of the Fleshpound though. Something about the old one never seemed quite terrifying enough (kind of like he was a rejected concept sketch of a Cenobite or something) and seemed to, compared to the new look at least, belie his actual size.

    • shadybearfaced says:

      The rocket dudes (I forget their names) weren’t in the game on release, same with one other enemy type I can’t remember. Tripwire added them in an update at one point.

      • Jalan says:

        Husks – I suppose I bought the game after they stopped adding to the roster then.

  11. Scumbag says:

    While I am very interested in this, the first one being one of the greatest blind buys I’ve ever made, I’m somewhat hesitant to touch it on release. I remember reading some reviews of its release and people criticizing it for being a bit messy, plus I got Red Orchestra 2 on release and that mess was beyond horrid.
    May chip in further down the line. As much as I love Tripwire’s stuff, it usually needs a LOT of polishing post release.

  12. sianma41 says:

    Seeing as there seems to be mixed feelings on the first killing floor, I thought i’d just say that its one of my favourite games of all time and that I encourage anyone who hasn’t played it to try it out.

    I am very concerned about this seeming to be set in france though.

    • Jalan says:

      The first is a fun game overall, there’s just flaws mainly centered in execution. Over time TWI has lightened up a bit on restrictions and such (no more blacklisting maps, which in turn makes leveling a perk easier to a massive extent vs. the absurd mind halting grind it otherwise would be) which has helped make up for some things.

      Hopefully TWI don’t keep piling on the DLC each time they release a patch/major update to the game with the sequel though. I don’t necessarily hate DLC in general but TWI comes close to rivaling Paradox on the amount they push off the assembly line.

      • Thermal Ions says:

        Given most of the DLC is cosmetic (15 out of 18 DLC) I can’t understand why people would have a problem with it. The three weapons packs are optional from a gameplay perspective and are usually on sale 50-75% off within a few months of initial release.

        Don’t quite get sianma41’s concern about being set in France. Kind of make sense to have some different settings from the first game for some variety.

        • sianma41 says:

          I was being half silly, but I do truly love the British setting – I feel like it’s the charm, the heart of the game that without the game would still be mechanically great but it gives the game soul – perhaps they could do the same with france, but being british it just feels right that kind of familiar and over the top combined. I know that’s a terrible description of what I mean.

          I agree with you on the dlc though – given the amount of free dlc i’d say its fair enough to do entirely optional cosmetic dlc. I imagine many see it as a supporting the developers kind of thing.

        • Jalan says:

          Weapon DLC has never had a steep discount. Likely due to the fact that community modders take a cut out of those and if they went too steep everyone would be splitting a pittance.

          But, like I said, it’s not that I hate it, it’s just that when comparing it to actual content-based free updates to the core game, there’s been more paid DLC than not. Some developers take DLC to excess, TWI is no exception.

  13. derbefrier says:

    I got the first one in a bundle I think a while back tried it after reading about how great it was. I wasn’t impressed. Just another bland kills waves of shit until you die of bordedom type of thing. IT wasn’t completely horrible but felt more like a mod than an actual standalone game. I grew tired of the horde mode type of gameplay a long time ago so maybe its just me.

    • Jackablade says:

      That was pretty much my experience. I played with some friends who were big fans and found it unengaging to the point where I can only assume I was missing something absolutely fundamental about that game.

      • Nenjin says:

        I will say this about KF: fun balances on a knife edge in the game.

        When you start, you’re worthless. You play low difficulty, figure out how the game works and gain a few levels.
        You bump the difficulty, and therein is where the fun is best. You’re not uber or weak, and neither are the enemies. There’s tension as you try to survive, fail and learn. The perks are adequate carrots to keep you playing.

        Then you start to level up significantly. Buy the best weapons at discount. Figure out what camp spots neutralize threats the most. Start doing broken thing. The game starts to take on a predictable pattern of move –> camp –> kill –> shop –> move…

        You start counting the waves until the actual threats show up. And by the time they do, you’re brain is sort of numbed from watching the same corridor entrance for the last 5 minutes, unblinking. By now your team or friends are competent as well.

        So you bump the difficulty to max, and find it’s the same story, only the tough bits show up sooner and losing your focus is a massive penalty.

        I liked KF enough to put 500+ hours into it, but I seriously hope the formula changes somewhat in this way. There needs to be a game that is a blend of KF’s stand and defend, and L4D’s kill while moving designs. The KF mods that are basically story levels were a really nice change of pace, because it combined the satisfying guns, with the tough enemies, while making it impossible to stand still and guard your 2 points of access.

        Anyways, day 1 buy for me. KF was a huge surprise to me from such a small dev team. Not amazing, but well done enough and the theme and their hearts were in the right place. Plus, they’re not about nickel and diming users which I really appreciate. I bought RO2 out of loyalty, and while I enjoyed it, the game had and still has many issues. So I’ll get KF2 to support TWI, because even though Gibson has a big mouth and has a habit of alienating fans (whether for good or ill) I like the general philosophy they weave into their games.

  14. The Random One says:

    The leftmost zombie is getting jiggy with it.

    KF is great. It has a bunch of weird design decisions I wish they’d get rid of for 2 but they won’t and I’ll still play it and love it because it’ll still be great.

  15. Gwyddelig says:

    I might just have done a little sex wee in mah pants

  16. Prolar Bear says:

    …am I the only one who wants less gore?

  17. LuNatic says:

    Australia refusing classification in 5, 4, 3, 2…

  18. Darth Gangrel says:

    Is it just a multiplayer thingy or is there some singleplayer component here?

    • MobileAssaultDuck says:

      It’s about as single player as Left4Dead. You can play by yourself, but you’d be doing the same thing you’d be doing playing MP, just solo.

      • Jalan says:

        L4D has the advantage of “smart” AI to at least help you out of a jam when doing a solo run. KF has no such luxury (not by default, at least – I assume there’s been some mod that may accomplish something similar), which means that if you’re looking to play Captain “Difficulty? Shmifficulty!” in a solo game and are fresh to the game in such a way that you don’t know how to traverse the map well enough to escape from tight situations, you’re likely going to be killed before you make it through half the waves.

  19. Juan Carlo says:

    I completely never got the appeal of Killing Floor. It’s just so repetitive and grindy. I tend not to like co-op games that aren’t competitive, though. I’ve playe 1,000 hours of L4D2 team vs, but couldn’t get into Killing Floor or Payday.