Rebirth Reborn: Wanderlust Adventures

If you have ever played and enjoyed Secret Of Mana, you may already be aware of Wanderlust: Rebirth, a top-down action RPG with combat and graphics reminiscent of Square’s real-time battler. Wanderlust Adventures is a sequel/spin-off to Rebirth, expanding into a free-roaming open world, as the ‘Wanderlust’ of the title always suggested. The freedom of exploration aside, the big draw for Adventures is stronger online implementation. The game can be played with three chums cooperatively, or with up to eight players in competitive modes. Connections will be handled through Steam’s network API rather than, allowing for ‘seamless’ shenanigans.

A modern top-down RPG with open world tendencies wouldn’t dare show its face without randomised elements and Adventures is thrusting its face into full view. Dungeons are randomised at the start of each game and parts of the overland will be different on each playthrough as well. Unpredictability is a key feature, and the world will also contain dynamic monster attacks in the form of ambushes and the occasional Mini-Boss.

Pets are included as well, although not in the form of placid guinea pigs and friendly gerbils. Wanderlust’s companion system is, like so many in RPGs, all about the fighting.

Enemies have a small chance to drop a “Contract”, which – like the blueprints that can be turned in to craft powerful equipment – may be turned in to a Mercenary NPC in town to unlock a new companion.

Unlocked Companions can then be purchased and selected to follow (and help) the player as they travel the world.

Companions can be awarded experience by gifting them materials normally used to craft equipment.

There are more than forty enemies, almost of all of which can become allies. Monsters will be tougher during the dark hours and some will even be nocturnal, only emerging when the day/night cycle lobs a moon into the sky. It’s all coming to Steam in Autumn of this year, courtesy of the publishing know-how of Starbound studio Chucklefish.

Looks absolutely smashing.


  1. Greggh says:

    Too bad the gameplay (of the first one at least) was pure crap – compared to the Seiken/Mana series’

    • d2king10 says:

      Hey, Wanderlust developer here!

      Wanderlust Adventures is almost entirely rebuilt/refined from the ground up. We took nearly ALL of the feedback we got from Rebirth and addressed them in Adventures. Here is an old (relatively outdated) look at all the things we have changed/added compared to Rebirth: link to

      • Philotic Symmetrist says:

        Hi, I have a couple of questions:
        will you be adding in split-screen or shared screen local co-op? Online co-op is all well and good but it’s just not very convenient if you want to actually play in the same room with some friends and I can’t see any real reason why it wouldn’t be feasible- the implementation of co-op in Secret of Mana was extremely unpolished but was still really good.

        Will you be doing away with the Always-On DRM from Wanderlust: Rebirth?

        I looked at Wanderlust a long time ago but didn’t buy it for some reason which seemed really strange since I was looking for a co-op action RPG in the vein of Secret of Mana/ Seiken Densetsu 3 for a long time; Always-On DRM and a lack of local co-op probably would’ve been enough for my interest to dissipate.

        • d2king10 says:

          Q: will you be adding in split-screen or shared screen local co-op?
          This is something we have discussed many many times, and right now it would take a significant overhaul to do. There are a lot of challenges that come when trying to add splitscreen into a game. How would you handle inventory/menu management? The game is already so fast paced, would it hinder visibility in combat? Save system would have to be modified to accommodate multiple characters.

          It is a feature I would love to have in WA, but realistically I feel it would have had to be something we designed from the get go (an oversight for sure). I don’t want to write anything completely off though, who knows what we might find time to add near release/post-release. Sorry! :(

          Q: Will you be doing away with the Always-On DRM from Wanderlust: Rebirth?
          Currently Wanderlust Adventures will be Steam exclusive. So if you are okay with playing games on the Steam platform, then you shouldn’t have any issues. We had the DRM on WR because we initially launched, roughly 1 year, before our Steam release and wanted to find ways to sell the game on our own (we didn’t realize at the time how difficult it was to get visibility without Steam).

          • Philotic Symmetrist says:

            The other option for local co-op is multiscreen (something I always think should have become a standard on PC like splitscreen is a standard on consoles) since it is very common these days for people to have multiple monitors. The guys making Secrets of Grindea are planning on experimenting with an unofficial option to enable this in their game (basically, allow you to run multiple instances of the game which would connect to your own computer in multiplayer).

            That explanation for the DRM (and that form of DRM in particular) doesn’t actually make any sense. DRM has nothing to do with increasing visibility or being able to sell it on your own or being able to get onto Steam (even for games on Steam it is up to the developers whether or not they make use of the provided DRM), it’s just an extra hoop to jump through. It also just seems weird that the DRM on a copy bought directly from the developer would be worse than buying through Steam. Most indie developers these days seem to sell DRM-free copies of their games on their own websites (typically using the Humble Widget) and usually this will include Steam keys as well if the game is on Steam.

            All that said, I personally am fine with Steam since I already have an account; I may even pick up Wanderlust: Rebirth during the Steam Sales, assuming that the DRM there is just what Steam provides.

            Edit: just discovered Wanderlust: Rebirth is now on the Humble Store, although apparently still not DRM-free.

  2. Wolvaroo says:

    This is great news! I really enjoyed the original and ended up buying it for all my friends. I’m not joking when I was honestly thinking of playing it again just last week.

  3. mpOzelot says:

    Haven’t played the previous one, but been looking for something coop to play with friends for a while, this might be it.