Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 Is Great: GalCiv 2, CK2, Terraria…

Who will become the King of Fabulous (13)?

Humble Bundle are always going to be of varying quality – sometimes including only a single quality game with some bonuses, sometimes of no interest whatsoever – but the latest, titled Jumbo Bundle 2, is quite the bargain.

For the low, low price of whatever-the-hell-you’d-like you’ll get space 4X Galactic Civilizations II with its expansions, side-scrolling undead violence-applier Deadlight and isometric action RPG The Incredible Adventures of Ven Helsing. Beat the average price however ($6.32 at the time of writing) and you’ll also receive 2D survival exploration Terraria, combo-heavy high-skill fighting game King of Fighters XIII and the story-spawning strategy-RPG Crusader Kings 2.

The pay-what-you-want games are nothing to sniff at. GalCiv 3 is currently in Early Access beta (more on that later today), but GalCiv 2 remains one of the best 4X strategy games ever made. Here’s ex-journo now-dev Tom Francis’ excellent Gal Civ 2 war diary, which I’m reliably informed is required reading on the game. Meanwhile, Adam took a bite out of Deadlight in 2012 and found it acceptable while John had his eyebrows continually raised by Van Helsing.

If you’ve more money rattling around your internet wallet, beating that average price nets you the aforementioned better three. Terraria was one of the RPS games of 2011 and has been massively expanded through major patches 1.1 and 1.2 since, with still more to come. King of Fighters 13 is a beautiful beat-’em-up and regularly played competitively; here’s a video of the EVO 2013 top 8 tournament, one of the best ever, for all you’ll need to know about that game. And Adam is always ready to preach the virtues of Crusader Kings to the masses; the latest sermon is his ode to the game at the end of 2013.

Finally, if you are Godking Moneybags, richest person of all the internet, you can go for the full $15 option and get the HD remake of Age of Empires II and the Age of Empires III Complete Collection. They were never my favourite RTSs of their eras, but they literally made Brendan so they’re classics/horrors.

There’s also the usual tease of more games to be come. Grab as much of it as you’d like over at Humble Bundle anytime over the next 12 days.


  1. JFS says:

    These bundles keep coming in like landing fighter jets. The only game I’m interested in is CK, and I don’t even have time for it. How unfortunate, and how far we’ve come from the first Humble Bundles…all-good games, true PWYW, long periods between them. They were a sight to behold.

    • Emeraude says:

      How unfortunate, and how far we’ve come from the first Humble Bundles…all-good games, true PWYW, long periods between them.

      And, I feel compelled to add, no “redeem on Steam”.

      • Halk says:

        >And, I feel compelled to add, no “redeem on Steam”.

        This. HB is more or less dead to me for that reason. From time to time I go there and take a look, but all I usually see are Steam codes.

        This time, the only non-Steam game in the package is Deadlight. Not sure if that is enough to lure me in.

        • Chuckaluphagus says:

          The Humble Indie Bundles always have the option to download directly from the Humble servers or via torrents. It’s only the non-Indie game* bundles that have more limitations.

          * All of the book/music/video/cupcake bundles so far have all had direct download and torrent options as well.

          • Emeraude says:

            Yes, but the non indie bundles being a later rebranding meant a dilution of the overall brand for people that were checking them specifically for that feature.

        • Ace Rimmer says:

          And the only game with Linux support is (the oft-discounted) base CKII with a couple of unit packs. I suppose it’s only natural as Humble expands that DRM-freedom and multiplatform support suffers. So it goes.

        • Morph says:

          Whereas I wasn’t going to bother as I like all my games to be Steam based and I assumed they wouldn’t be. But now I’ve found out they are! Purchased.

        • PegasusOrgans says:

          What exactly is wrong with Steam? As an anti-DRM gamer, Steam really is nothing like the hated DRM us older gamers had to deal with…

          • jalf says:

            … it’s DRM. You’re an “anti-DRM gamer” who doesn’t object to DRM? How does that work?

            It’s DRM. You are able to play your games only as long as Valve grants you permission.

        • Atrocious says:

          Thanks for the hint! I never bought a humble bundle before, but since they allow to redeem on steam, I went and bought a game I already own, just to be able to add it to the steam downloads.

    • DrMcCoy says:

      Also multiplatform on every game.

    • FurryLippedSquid says:

      I remember when all’t this were naught but fields.

      • Emeraude says:

        “Can you believe that a great battle was once fought here on these very fields on which you so peacefully graze?”

  2. Stupoider says:

    Fond memories of reading a physical copy of Tom Francis’s Plan B that came with a PC Gamer issue years back. Always wanted to play the game ever since but I always missed it during sales. Now’s my chance!

  3. NicholasTimothyJones says:

    Picked this up earlier today just for Crusader Kings II. Not started playing it yet but looking forward to it very much.
    Which DLC are actually worth buying? I see a lot of unit, picture and song packs.

    • Great Cthulhu says:

      The big content DLCs are Sword of Islam, Legacy of Rome, The Republic, The Old Gods, Rajas of India, and Sons of Abraham. All of those are well worth having, though much of the content is only applicable if you play certain religions, countries, or governments. (But in those cases it can be essential. For instance, you can’t play merchant republics such as Venice without The Republic.)

      Sunset Invasion if you like the idea of Aztecs invading from across the Atlantic.

      Ruler Designer if you want to design your own ruler.

      The EU IV save game converter if you want to continue playing your realm in EU IV.

      I personally really enjoy the Dynasty Shields I/II/III DLC, but I’m a bit of a history buff. Your mileage may vary.

      • NicholasTimothyJones says:

        Thank you very much, that was a fair bit of very useful of information. I will probably pick up the larger content DLCs as I love to play as factions that vary a great deal from each other on games like this. Sunset invasion and Ruler designer sound like something I would enjoy too.
        I heard about the EU IV converter but I will probably need to buy EU IV first.

        Thanks again for the great information!

        • Great Cthulhu says:

          My pleasure. Enjoy the game! :-)

          • Great Cthulhu says:

            On the off chance that anyone is still reading this: the Humble Store is selling the CK2 DLC Collection at 50% off for the next 11 hours. It includes 3 of the big content DLCs and 18 of the cosmetic ones.

      • Carra says:

        Legacy of Rome is, for example, only useful if you plan to play with Byzantium. Plenty to do, even without addons. Still, it might also be fun to build up Rome again :)

  4. derbefrier says:

    I will probably pick this up for Van Helsing and GalCiv 2. waiting to see what they add first.

  5. Chuckleluck says:


  6. says:

    I’m still fairly “young”, at least when my steam library is concerned, so I often find lots of nice games from those bundles. Usually when I don’t want one of the games, I gift them on giveaway sites, now, though I took everything for me me me.

  7. Bobka says:

    I have all of these except Van Helsing, so I think I’ll wait until the second group of games is revealed. Alternatively, I will stop buying video games and start working on playing the roughly 200 unplayed games on my Steam list. Although to be fair I’ll probably never play some of them, because they where “extra” games in bundles I bought for the other games in the bundle.

    I really want to sit down for a game or two of GalCiv II again, though. It’s been a really long time. Maybe I should do that over the weekend.

    Oh, no, wait. Ludum Dare.

  8. MkMax says:

    dont forget the weekly bundle, One finger death punch for 1 lousy buck… im in love with that game … i think its my game of the year… of the decade … of all time

  9. Steven Hutton says:

    Wow, no one at RPS knows anything about Fighting Games at all, huh?

    It’s like, article, article, article, article, here’s a three hour video of people playing the game. Go.

    • Baines says:

      EVO 2013 was a good tournament, though.

      Though I felt kind of bad for the people playing against the CafeId team. I’d certainly have been bothered if my opponent required a makeshift partition shoved between us. Particularly in the early matches where they were a bit careless about setting up the partition, eating up a lot of space and sometimes shoving the nonCafeId player to the side.

  10. melnificent says:

    Remember when Humble Bundle used to have more than 1 game for Linux in a bundle…

  11. bill says:

    Seems like a great price for Crusader Kings 2 – I don’t think I’ve seen it that cheap before.

    That aside, why is it a JUMBO bundle? It only contains 3 PWYW games (and humble bundles seem to be including less and less PWYW games and requiring you to pay over the average for any of the decent games).

    It’s a good deal.. but the rate at which these bundles are coming out leaves me with no time to play any of the games… I must have 50 unplayed bundle games on my steam account, plus several android ones.
    That, combined with the way bundles seem to be devaluing games and harming small games makers (see Puppygames – whose game I got on an early humble bundle and have hardly played) is rapidly souring me on the whole bundle concept.
    I remember thinking the original Humble Bundle concept was pretty great.. and I can’t argue that it’s good value in terms of simple pricing, but I think I was wrong. The only bright side is the money they’ve raised for charity.

    That said, I’ve been waiting on a good deal on Crusader Kings 2 for ages…. dilemmas!