Party Based Action-RPG Kyn Out July 28th

Viking Seal, it does exactly what it says on the Kyn

We’ve not specifically posted about it before but I recognise Kyn [official site] from having put it into the exhaustive RPS Games of 2015 list at the start of the year. It’s a smashy, flashy action RPG that looks like Diablo but wants to play more like Baldur’s Gate. The upshot of this is tonnes of loot, enemies and explosive magic/vikings on top of more hardcore systems that emphasise party positioning and stat allocation. Hmm! It’s caught my eye with some fantastic enemy design in the latest trailer, embedded below.

I’m not sure if I’m more worried about Giant Stone Spike Shoulders or Brick Vikings, but either can stay on the other side of my magic spells, thanks. Those are quite the lookers as well and, according to the devs Tangrin Entertainment, have been added on top of Viking mythology as part of the world design. You’ll be exploring all the usual long forgotten ruins and teetering peaks as you quest to save the world.

Kyn uses a real-time with pause(ish, it actually slows time to a crawl) system for its combat which promises that “you will need to leverage the environment to create traps, defend areas or build up special attacks to outflank, outsmart and defeat your enemies.” It also implements hack ‘n’ slash elements, though details on exactly how aren’t given. On the loot front, there’s a crafting system boasting 100s of materials to create loads of different items.

It’s out July 28th basically everywhere.


  1. nearly says:

    I actually just played Krater for the first time yesterday and found myself wondering why nobody had made the same game but better. I mean, with the MOBA being the new MMO (that is, a new clone every week), I’m kind of surprised that no one started going after what seems like an interesting Dota/Diablo mash-up. Color me cautiously optimistic that this will avoid Krater’s pitfalls.

  2. Freud says:

    I watched the trailer but still don’t know what kind of game it is. I get that the combat is Dragon Age-like, but what about the rest of the game. Is there a story? Is it an open world game?

  3. ansionnach says:

    Ah, “Kyn”. Thought it was Krynn for a second. About time there was a follow-up to Champions, Death Knights and Dark Queen on Krynn!

  4. Lionmaruu says:

    hehe I think it’s funny you call this clunky gameplay mechanic (reminiscent of old computers constraints that apparently some people cant let go) an ACTION rpg.

    I can understand people playing turn based games, but I cant understand people playing this kind of game, I have been there, I am old enough to have played most of the games from 30 years to now and I dont miss it, not even a little bit. nwn? baldurs gate? diablo? hell no I wont go back to that stupid gameplay, games that put all the strain in your mouse-hand that’s just bad.

    But in any case as clicky clicky gameplay goes that’s good for it’s niche, hope they sell well to their public.

  5. Blazing Rykn says:

    So is this a game of pure mechanics or do I get to have a bitchen story with my party based tactical combat? Normally I wouldn’t ask but the words Baldur’s gate always make my ears perk up with false hope.

  6. Winterborn says:

    Any chance of a ‘Wot I Think’ or even an ‘Impressions’?