FTL-A-Like Battlestation: Harbinger Out Now

If you’re a fan of space games and own one of those fancy portable cellular telephones all the cool kids are carrying around these days, you may have already heard of Battlestation: Harbinger [official site]. After a warm reception post-release last August, developers Bugbyte ran a successful Kickstarter campaign a couple of months later to bring an “Extended Edition” to PC with new features and missions and such. That version is out now.

Battlestation: Harbinger poses a familiar conceit: we’ve reached an age where space travel is possible, humans aren’t very good at it, and alien lifeforms really don’t like us. Assuming the role of a young commander tasked with exploring enemy territories, you’ll take part in a hard sci-fi turn-based roguelike affair similar in style and makeup to the likes of FTL and Out There.

Here’s a man with a charismatic voice explaining how some of that works in practice:

Unlike some mobile-to-PC ports, the successful crowdfunding campaign has ensured Harbinger’s Enhanced Edition feels fresh, as it adds a string of changes to the original small screen variation. Notable changes to the PC adaptation include an entirely reworked interface; the introduction of three new races; environmental tweaks, such as the addition of black holes and electromagnetic storms; new weaponry, such as vulcan canons, photon torpedoes and death rays; and new ships such as the BSE Excalibur and the BSE Harbinger.

Battlestation: Harbinger is out now on Steam for the discounted price of £5.59.


  1. Tony M says:


    At !?!

  2. udat says:

    Bugbyte? Of Manic Miner fame?

  3. Premium User Badge

    FhnuZoag says:

    Hmm, it seems like while the ‘strategy portion’ of the game is turn based, the core of the game looks to be a RTS?

  4. grrrz says:

    I gave up on out there because despite having great qualities, it was a pretty poor pc port with no freaking keyboard shortcut. A great way to get carpel tunnel problem in a few hours.

  5. RED says:

    Looks a bit like SPAZ.

  6. Prinzmegahertz says:

    I own the IOS version and I must say that I can’t recommend this game. It’s a shallow grind, the battles are repetitive and offer virtually no meaningful ways for the player to affect the outcome except running to another sector once outgunned.
    I do not know what the enhanced edition offers that the IOS version doesn’t, but I’m pretty sure it’s not in the same league as FTL or Out there.

    • Maltose says:

      It’s not very deep, but you definitely have agency both before and during combat.

      1) Equipping your ship and applying upgrades to your equipment is super important.
      2) You can choose which part of the star map to jump into, which will affect who close the enemy is when combat starts, which can be very important depending on how you’ve setup your ships.
      3) Secondary/blue weapons have firing arcs (main/red weapons do not), so positioning is important to defend against missiles and fighters
      4) Weapons have maximum ranges, so you can kite/be kited by enemies (AI is not very smart though).