Rapture Reborn: A BioShock Remastered Gallery

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Almost ten years after we first daddied and kindlied and golfed, BioShock has today returned in an apparently fancy-panted remastered version, aka Bioshock: The Collection [official site]. Sadly it’s not in the best of shape, in terms of what we PC folk tend to demand from our settings menus and whatnot, but perhaps a more overriding question is but how does it look?

I shall show you, in thirty different ways. A few thoughts of my own just beneath the cut too.

If you’ve not used one of our galleries before, these are the ropes: click yon arrows below each image to progress back and forth, or use cursor keys. You can also click on each image for a full HD version, which I highly recommend doing for these.

For your delightful information, these were captured at 3440×1440 then downscaled to 2560×1080 for sanity’s sake (and then again to 620 pixels wide for the non-fullscreen versions). I’ve also cropped a handful of the images purely to remove dead space or to focus on something interesting.

Unfortunately the majority of these shots do not have anti-aliasing turned on and have anistropic filtering limited to 4x, due to a bug that locks out ultrawide resolutions if one has the temerity to change any of its woefully limited other settings. That’s resolved in the last 10 or so pics though, once I’d worked out how to circumvent the problem by editing the ini file (as detailed here).

The game generally sat at my monitor’s native 75Hz / 75 frames per second on a Radeon R9 Nano, so no performance quibbles, mouse-smoothing aside. Does it look significantly better than the original? Well, yes and no. Textures are the main thing that jumps out at me – a whole lot sharper, on everything from character skins to posters on the wall.

Definitely makes Rapture more striking and the game more modern-looking – last time I played the original it was visibly dating. I’m not sure if much has been done beyond that, though. There was a feeling that shadows and lighting were amped up somewhat, but this may have been just a knock-on effect of the new textures seeming to augment detail throughout.

Sure, I could wish for shinier, and the giant squid in the underwater descent sequence at the start looks kinda boxy, but no real complaints. The art direction and the canny use of shadow makes it’s a great-looking game, particularly when running at a more cinematic 21:9 resolution. (Although sadly this remaster clearly hasn’t been made with that aspect ratio in mind: the outside of Jack’s shoulder is missing, leaving just a hole, when wielding some weapons, as the screen was originally designed to chop off way before that point. )

What strikes me most when playing the remaster is that its horror credentials have shot up. It looks/feels so much creepier now, as things flicker and mutter in the dark and faces don’t look quite so much like rice-pudding. BioShock’s atmosphere was always its true crown jewel, and I think it might just be hitting harder than ever before in that respect.

Anyway: scroll back up to the top then have a browse of the gallery to see what you think.


  1. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    I’ve just found the first episode of the director’s commentary, in which Ken Levine and Shawn Robertson talk about the game’s art style worked well with its technical contraints: art deco tends to feature a lot of relatively simple geometry, the underwater setting allows for spectacular views while providing a plausible reason for the limited draw distance, etc. Really interesting to think about how technology shapes the kind of game-spaces that become iconic.

    Also, I’d forgotten how fucking creepy this one is. The gibbering of the splicers who haven’t seen you yet is so well done.

  2. w0bbl3r says:

    Just a shame about the regular crashing to desktop me and many others are experiencing.

    • Xan says:

      They still haven’t fixed the crash to desktop? That was my main issue with Bioshock 2 and I hoped it was fixed in the remastered edition…

      • fray_bentos says:

        Just lost 1.5 hours of progress 8 hours into Bioshock 2 remastered due to a crash; my first crash. I refuse to fire the game up again. The autosave must have been corrupted/been overwritten during the crash, leaving the most recent save as 1.5 hours earlier. Arrrrrgggggg. Take heed, take heed.

  3. Distec says:

    I was hoping it would end up looking better, but no real complaints here. It gives me a good enough reason to replay the first game and get my feet wet with the sequel.

    The key bindings are a bit fucked, however. My keyboard’s volume controls are linked to my save menu and plasmid screen for some reason, and these don’t even show up as proper bindings in the options.

    Also, there’s a 50% chance whenever I save my control settings that the game will start showing me Xbone controller prompts and the mouse no longer works in menus. That’s… pretty disappointing.

    • RimeOfTheMentalTraveller says:

      Have you disabled XBox controller support in the options? After I did that, I stopped getting console button prompts. Game runs well and smoothly otherwise, and the achievements, director’s commentary and DLC are more than enough replay value for me, although I played it just three years ago in October.

      • Distec says:

        Oddly enough, disabling them is what turns them on.

        Half the time.


    • Al Bobo says:

      I have all those and also a new one, which appeared, when I reached the wharf. Whenever I touch some object, be it a body, ammo box or a trash can, they start to slowly move towards one direction like the whole map is tilted. Objects still obey the law of gravity, but they really want to go in that one particular way. It is amusing to watch how bodies pass the glass barriers into sea :)

  4. sweenish says:

    Are the galleries always a mess? With the constantly changing vertical resolution, the arrows jump quite a bit, and that gets really annoying.

  5. Marclev says:

    Could we get the equivalent screenshots from the originals, so that we can actually see if it looks much better or not?