Chuck Tingle’s Daffy Sexy FMV Game Hits Kickstarter

You can find some mighty strange sexystuff on the Internet. So a friend told me. I wouldn’t know about that. Not that I’m friends with sex people either. It was someone on the bus. Four rows behind me, okay? Anyway! Amongst the mighty strange sexystuff is the work of Chuck Tingle. The Hugo Award-nominated pseudonymous writer’s short stories include Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt, I’m Gay For My Living Billionaire Jet Plane, and Pounded In The Butt By My Book “Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt”, and now he’s working on an FMV game with Zoe Quinn. ‘Project Tingler’ will be pay-what-you-want but has turned to Kickstarter for funds to finish up.

Project Tingler is an FMV date-o-adventure game inspired by the absurd worlds and ideas of Dr. Tingle’s stories. I’m not familiar with his work either intimately or intimately but I’ve heard good things about how warm and friendly the stories are and how eagerly they embrace the absurd as mundane. I do not know anyone who has masturbated to completion to them; I don’t think they’re that sort of story. Unless you’re really into living billionaire jet planes, bigfoot pirates, chocolate milk cowboys, space raptors, gay unicorn bikers, living diners, or constantly changing thoughts on the ongoing mystery of Chuck Tingle’s real identity.

The Project Tingler team is lead by Zoe Quinn, who floated the idea to Tingle on Twitter in January. A few riffs and nine months later, we have bad CG sets with statues of bottoms, studs in smoking jackets, and ripped unicorns in hotpants:

Project Tingler is looking for $69,420 [nice -ed.] on Kickstarter to finish development. The game will be pay-what-you-want when it comes hits Windows and Mac in “early 2017”, but backer rewards include beta access, votes on plot points, and so on.


  1. forddent says:

    I remember hearing Zoe talk about wanting to do an FMV game on I think an episode of the Bombcast shortly before all the GG garbage started, and I am so immensely glad that now she has finally made it happen.

    • pepperfez says:

      And, even better, made it happen in maybe the most ludicrous way possible.

  2. Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

    Hang on, so you were comfortable discussing kinky sex games with someone four seats behind you? That implies a really loud conversation. There could have been children on that bus, young lady!

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      At first I misinterpreted it as meaning she was having sexy times on the bus. Alice you tart!

    • TobleroneRoloCombo says:

      May be guilty of the same quite a lot…

  3. int says:

    This is the kind of game I would back… away from… slowly… then quickly.

    • Eight Rooks says:

      I don’t have much interest in his writing – either as weird erotica or… surreal exploration of more thoughtful, personal themes? More power to him and all that, I’m just pretty sure it’s not my thing. But his response to the unsavory individuals who voted him onto the Hugo Award noms (to try and troll them) is absolute gold – that alone means I’m happy to see this getting made, even if I doubt I’ll ever play it.

    • King_Rocket says:

      Lean into it, it’s going to be great experience.

  4. Freud says:

    Is it tongue in cheek?

  5. inspiredhandle says:

    $69,420? *eye roll*

    • spacedyemeerkat says:

      I’ve seen several comments like this. But can you explain to this out of touch 43 year old what the significance of the number is, please? (The 69 part being obvious in isolation!)

      As for the Kickstarter video pitch… ugh, ugh and thrice ugh. Is the topless man meant to be post-ironic?

      • Harlander says:

        Here, become enlightened.

      • Premium User Badge

        subdog says:

        420 is a reference to Chuck Tingle’s son’s street address in Billings, MT, two blocks from the public library.

        And 6/9, while it certainly has prurient implications, is the supposed date that Chuck’s wife was lost at the bottom of the frozen lake. This obviously raises many questions, since lakes in Montana are generally not still frozen in June.

      • inspiredhandle says:

        As far as I can tell… Yeah?

        I have no idea. The whole thing is stupid. I feel a tinge of resentment over the fact that this amount of funding can be amassed for something so (imo) crap.

        • Beefenstein says:

          “I feel a tinge of resentment over the fact that this amount of funding can be amassed for something so (imo) crap.”

          I’m sorry but the entire world isn’t built for you.

          • inspiredhandle says:

            apology accepted.

          • Jalan says:

            It might have been built for him, but rumor has it the world was built AROUND the Crimson Chin’s chin.

      • spacedyemeerkat says:

        Ah, thanks all. Good responses.

        I feel enlightened :)

  6. Smion says:

    Maybe sexism and joyless prudery is good after all.

  7. melancholicthug says:

    This reads like a much-awaited sequel to “Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties”. A modern classic of our times.

  8. 65 says:

    Tingle’s So Bad, It’s Good humour tends to go really stale, really fast. Stretched out over the length of a game this sounds rather horrid.

    • Beefenstein says:

      Maybe people only read/play when drunk, in the right mood, or simply do so in small amounts. Tingle’s writings are very short, aren’t they.

      • colw00t says:

        I think they’re generally about 10,000 words.

        I find the Tingle twitter to be far more entertaining than the books, though. It’s quality Weird Twitter.

  9. Samudaya says:

    I worry this might end up like ‘Hurt Me Plenty’ and the other Robert Yang games. They were played by straight people to make fun of ‘pervy gay stuff.’ Youtubers obviously didn’t help. And this project is purposefully meant to be ‘the worst, most ridiculous bs.’ Gay guys and gay sex may yet again be the joke here.