Monday morning machinima: watch the Saxxy winners

What use are Saturday morning cartoons? Who’s even around to see those? Mate, what I need is Monday morning cartoons. Some short fun cartoons around 10 on my first day back at work sounds just the ticket. So come on, let’s enjoy the 2016 Saxxy Award finalists and winners. Valve unveiled this year’s finest Source engine machinima on Friday night after I’d already flicked a match into the RPS treehouse and walked away growling “See you in hell!” as it exploded behind me (I didn’t look, obvs – I felt the heat), which means they’re handily here for me today as I sit on the floor amongst ashes.

The Saxxy Awards, to remind you, are Valve’s competition for short films made with their free Source Filmmaker. Most of them are Team Fortress 2 skits but you’ll also find some original things, a little Half-Life, a smidge of Payday, a touch of Left 4 Dead, and even some Mother Russia Bleeds. Oh and the Saxxy Awards themselves are, naturally, virtual statues of a shirtless Australian, which winners receive as a melee weapon in TF2.

I’m always surprised by how violent some of the Team Fortress 2 films seem, even for a game which often sees you blown into bits with helpful little signs pointing out your organs. It’s a fine line, innit.

The full lineup of finalists and winners are this-a-way. You can discover the winner yourself, but here are three of my favourites:


  1. Pilgore says:

    There’s so much more machinima out there, yet it’s all Source Filmmaker now. In some way Valve killed off the bigger machinima scene with SFM. Would love to see a machinima awards that is including all forms of machinima, engines and animations. Make no mistake, the majority of machinima out there is still digital puppetry.

  2. Ghostwise says:

    *Looks in horror at what’s below the article*.

    I sense that blocking this new Revconvent garbage while still whitelisting adverts is going to be a royal pain in the nethers.

  3. headcrab says:

    Last year’s winner is still amazing:

    • welverin says:

      I did not care for that one, and was rather disappointed The Winglet didn’t win.

  4. welverin says:

    I saw the headline and was left wondering when the voting was.