In Genesis Noir, Earth is shrapnel aimed at a god’s heart

Genesis Noir [official site] is a game that takes place “before, during and after The Big Bang”, and it stars “a watch peddler stuck in a deterministic hell and “an alluring jazz singer who attracts all who come close”, among others. She’s called Miss Mass. These are precisely the kind of characters I wish television shows and games were about more often, instead of angry space marines, miserable antiheroes and glum superheroes. If people insist on travelling through time, trap them in loops of absurdity rather than having them beat up their evil temporal-twin. Genesis Noir looks weird and wonderful, and oh so stylish.

I think it’s a point and click game, of a sort, though it might be less about puzzles than it is about expecting the screen to vomit gorgeous continuity errors all over you whenever you press a mouse button. Here’s the plot:

“A love triangle gone askew as cosmic beings quarrel in the dark nether of pre-creation. Confrontation and a shot fired. A Big Bang. The birth of the universe, an expanding force of destruction, the Earth a fragment of shrapnel hurtling towards the fragile heart of a god.”

Creation as a noir mystery, the Earth a bullet propelled from The Big Bang and fated to send a god into The Big Sleep. It might be a little more like an Amanita game than a traditional point and click puzzler, judging by the description over on the official site:

“With an emphasis on exploration, simple interactions, and generative art, Genesis Noir tells a cosmic story with tactile gameplay.”

Genesis Noir come to Windows and Mac via a Kickstarter due sometime soon.


  1. Chaoslord AJ says:

    “These are precisely the kind of characters I wish television shows and games were about.”
    Might try Neil Gaiman’s gloomy Sandman comics.

  2. InfamousPotato says:

    That is one killer title.

  3. April March says:

    Ooooo, this is very much up my alley.

  4. anon459 says:

    Looks awesome, but the upside-down cursor will take a little time for me to get used to lol.

  5. DantronLesotho says:

    The screenshots don’t do the game justice; I was so-so on that until I watched the video and now oh mah gah I am going to have to play this. It looks wonderful.

  6. charlypar says:

    Can’t wait for the game to be released! I love games like this (Machinarium, Botanicula… – one of my favourites!)
    Charly @OffiShine