Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition prematurely ejects launch trailer

Gearbox are so excited about releasing Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition [official site], the (slightly) prettied-up and expanded re-release of People Can Fly’s 2011 fun trickshot FPS, that they’ve shoved the launch trailer out two weeks early. You big sillies! It’s not a great trailer — nor were the original’s, mind, almost putting me off playing it — but I do welcome the reminder that Full Clip is due on April 7th. That’s soon. Where is 2017 going so quickly?

The Full Clip Edition has “updated models, environments, animations, and a new rendering mode, all running at a smoother frame rate than ever before–with 4K resolution support on PS4 Pro and PC–and lavishly remastered audio effects,” Gearbox say. It also adds new mode Overkill Campaign, which lets players go back round through the campaign with all weapons and skillshots unlocked from the start.

In a curious move for a remaster, Gearbox have enthusiastically proposed making Bulletstorm worse by adding Duke Nukem as a playable character with new voiced lines of his own. Don’t worry: he’s sectioned off in DLC currently offered as a pre-order bonus.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition will cost £29.99/$49.99 when it hits Steam on Friday, April 7th. That’s double what the original cost before it was pulled from sale. It won’t offer a discount for folks who already own the original edition either. Gearbox head honch Randy Pitchford said on Twitter, “Not possible – completely different publisher, era, platform (they were Games for Windows only), product/sku, etc.”

I don’t like Bulletstorm enough to pay £30 for an update myself but it is a decent game. I had a great time trying to rack up megapoints with creative kills and the campaign moves at pace through a campy cussfest with some jolly exciting huge set pieces.

I suppose I’d recommend it to folks who missed it the first time and whose wallets bulge, ripple, and strain as three tenners cursed by a witch try to escape their leather cage and burrow into your leg to live as blooddrinking parasites. I’d recommend you get rid of those any way you can, really.


  1. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    I do remember when this came out (I played a couple of hours on console) thinking that Bulletstorm was the game that Duke Nukem Forever was trying and failing to be. It’s big, and bombastic and silly, but ultimately a lot of fun.

  2. Vast_Girth says:

    I completely loved Bulletstorm when it first came out and was hungry for more when I finished. Nothing similar came along for ages but recently Doom 3 has scratched a similar itch gameplaywise, but Bulletstorm was more varied and actually pretty funny.

    I don’t see the point in buying this if you already own the original. I would snap up a full sequel in heartbeat though

    • mavrik says:

      For some reason it’s region locked on Steam though and I can’t seem to find it from other sources… so I guess I’ll buy it even if I played the original. Revisiting crotch shots could be a great break from other serious games.

  3. Michael Fogg says:

    BS is good bargain bin material (or 0.99 sale), not ‘remaster’. Who needs a rerelease of a game barely six years old, not old enough to be in any way nostlagic to anyone.

  4. c-Row says:

    Well, if people won’t stop preordering you got to make it as unattractive as possible until they eventually learn from it. Awful choice of trailer music, too.

    However, I can’t help but think that the skillshots could be great in a multiplayer environment as well, combining your own actions with those of your coplayers, ramping up points by kicktossing enemies back and forth.

    • Kollega says:

      Actually… there is multiplayer in the game, which is exactly this. It’s not campaign co-op, but a score-attack multiplayer mode where you fight waves of enemies, and can only get to the next one if you score enough on the one you’re dealing with. I played some of it on the original, and it’s actually pretty great fun. One of the reasons I’ve been waiting for the remaster is to have a Steamworks-enabled multiplayer in the game.

  5. Darth Gangrel says:

    Bulletstorm has always seemed like a great Serious Sam-style game, but GFWL and backlog has held me off. I’ve always enjoyed going through those games with everything unlocked, so this Overkill campaign mode sounds great, even if it’s just New Game+ with a new name (something that should have been there from the start). I’ll wait until it drops in price and then goes on sale. There is always Shadow Warrior 2 if I want to play something similar.

  6. Jane Doe says:

    Atrocious trailer, even though I love the game.

    Maybe it will get the success it deserves this time by releasing it on Steam instead of the dead horse that GfWL was back in the day.

    And there is always this faint hope of a sequel …

    • brulleks says:

      You’re not kidding. I heard two seconds of the music and had to stop watching.

    • Guvornator says:

      One of the reasons the first game didn’t shift enough units was it’s terrible marketing, so it’s that they’ve nipped that in bud oh no wait they’re fucked. Hard to feel sorry for them, though, as this appears to be a glorified patch. This is a shame, as Bulletstorm had more imagination and verve than many other blockbusters and generally provided spectacle without making the player a passenger. A sequel would be splendid, but if this is them testing the water I think that prospect is pretty remote.

      Should anyone want to get the game up and running, here is how link to answers.ea.com

  7. Antongranis says:

    Yeah, im not buying something called “full clip edition”.

  8. Premium User Badge

    Nauallis says:

    What a weird developer, Gearbox. They only have two original IPs, Brothers in Arms and Borderlands, and they’ve made a business out of remastering other, often defunct companies’ games, which so far they’ve done well, with Homeworld. But on the flipside they also like to acquire IPs that are terrible and should’ve been left to die, and made new entries that have been downright awful. I have no idea what to expect with this… and while I usually loathe other commenters that force their price-point opinions on others, $50 is a hard sell, especially for an entirely single-player story-only FPS.

  9. Kollega says:

    Yeah, this trailer is completely horrible. The game, though? It’s not. It’s actually one of the best shooters I got to play in my life. Bulletstorm is a goddamn Tarantino movie in game form, a smart and deep game pretending to be “just dumb fun”. It does so many things so well: the skillshot system encourages creative improvisation in combat without overwhelming the player, the gameworld is a beautiful pulp fiction environment all the way to the end, the story pulls off both ludicrous crass humor and earnest character drama, General Sarrano is a villain who you actually love to hate (like Handsome Jack done right), the score attack mode is perfect for playing ten or twenty minutes if you don’t feel good enough for the campaign… I’m sure I could go on and on. It’s just that good.

    And, speaking of the price… yeah, $50 is overly steep, and I don’t know why Gearbox haven’t lowered it to $30 or something – but as luck would have it, in CIS countries the game only costs half of that, $25… and I’ve been waiting for this remaster for something like five years, there’s no way in hell I’d avoid buying it.

  10. Hoot says:

    Really enjoyed it when I played it the first time around. A pretty inventive and under-rated gem of an FPS.

    However, charging 25-30 quid for a barely perceptible remaster is daylight robbery. I was expecting something along the lines of “original owners receive the remaster for free / 5 quid” (like Bioshock, you know?) but Gearbox must be out of their collective trees if they think charging full whack for a remaster of a 6 year old game is anywhere near sensible.

    Making the game playable without the parasite that was GfWL attached to it is worth a lot, but nowhere near the asking price.

    I’ll wait for it to be cheap as chips on a Steam sale down the line. I’ve got too big of a game backlog anyway.

    EDIT :- WTF were they thinking with that trailer music? Good grief.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      To be fair, Gearbox never saw any of the money from the original release, since they didn’t publish it, so while 50 dollars is a lot (30 dollars would be more reasonable), I understand why they’re not giving it away for free or just a few quid to owners of the original. They need to get paid for their work.

      With that said, I’ll probably until it’s 5 euros on a sale, since like you (and mostly everybody it seems) I’ve got a big backlog.

      • malkav11 says:

        They also didn’t make the original game. So while I would be sympathetic with them asking original owners for a few bucks (say, $5-10) for the work they did remastering it, $50 is completely unreasonable. And it’s not unprecedented for a company that’s taken over an IP and done a remaster to just outright give the remastered version to owners of the original: see Nordic and the Darksiders Warmastered and Deathinitive Editions.

  11. Premium User Badge

    MOOncalF says:

    The game is damn good fun and trailers don’t do it justice, a demo would be better I think. After all they took the time to create Duty Calls.

  12. Caiman says:

    People Can Fly are awesome. Pity though, because I refuse to give Gearbox any more money. Charging 50 bucks and refusing any kind of sweetener for previous owners (arrogantly, too) is what I’d expect. Adding Duke Nukem (even as DLC) is the final insult. Shame the original isn’t available anymore for those who haven’t played it.